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No Free Lunch: The Macro Level Effects of Modernization on Our Population w/Dr Aaron Grossman

As a species, men are 33 years from having NO SAY in the population dynamics of this world. How can changes be made on a macro level to change the path we’re on? How are women being affected by modernization and contraception? What is synthetic estrogen doing to our environment? On this episode, we are joined by Dr. Aaron Grossman and we discuss these insights.

We’re about to have a very uncomfortable conversation on a mass level about what our choices as humans have done to the environment and the direct effect it has on us. – Dr. Aaron Grossman

Listen to the full episode:

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At the start of the show, Aaron gave us an update on and trends he’s noticing with patients. Next we talked about the alarming study that said men are rapidly losing their ability to be reproduce. We also discussed how contraception is negatively affecting women, and towards the end of the show we talked about when you should start considering testosterone. We also discussed;

  • Why we need to take a harsh look at the reality of the medical system
  • Why you don’t automatically qualify for testosterone
  • The importance of dialing in your lifestyle

Because of our environments and habits, men are rapidly losing their ability to reproduce and women are experiencing menopause way too early. All the choices we’ve made have led us to where we are, and it’s important to understand that if something isn’t organic, it will have a macro effect on our health and the health of future generations. We have to remember, there really is no one size fits all approach, you really have to optimize based on what works for you. You only have one vessel, so guard the best version of you. Guest Bio Aaron is the founder of – a personalized blood and lab testing service that comes to customers on-demand. He decided to use his medical education to create an affordable at-home personalized blood testing system. Follow @AaronGrossmanMD on Twitter. To Get YOUR FREE COPY of The #1 New Release on Amazon-The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!


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