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Heal Your Inner World to Change Your Outer World w/Oliver JR Cooper

With so much going on in the external world, many of us have shifted our focus outwards.

The problem is, when we put our attention on the outer world, we neglect our inner selves.

We hold more power over ourselves than we realize, but by agonizing over the events of the past year, many of us have got trapped in the cycle of renouncing control.

What would happen if we reclaimed our power, and how would we do that in the first place?

In a world filled with so many distractions, is zoning in on our inner selves even a possibility?

In this episode, author, transformational writer, teacher, and consultant, Oliver JR Cooper shares how to awaken in a time of turmoil.

The key to overcoming external drama lies in looking at what’s taking place within us.
-Oliver JR Cooper

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  1. How our inner world impacts our outer world
    Human beings, collectively, are holding onto so much unintegrated trauma that when something happens in our external environment, it triggers our wounds. By working on the issues within ourselves, we can decrease and even eliminate the outer drama we experience. 
  2. The importance of acknowledging our trauma
    Many of us can’t bring ourselves to talk to others about what we’ve gone through, and often that’s because we don’t want to admit it to ourselves. When we accept that we have trauma, it’s easier to move forward.
  3. How to maintain a state of mindfulness
    Unfortunately, there is no one-off solution to awakening. We have to consciously and intentionally work on our inner selves over time to see a positive change.

Guest Bio- 

Oliver JR Cooper is an author, transformational writer, teacher, and consultant.

He first got onto the path of self-awareness in 2003, when he lacked self-confidence and felt he had no control over his life.

Over time, he came to the realization that childhood trauma was the root of his issues, and began journaling as a way of coping.

He later began writing articles on psychology, and to date has written 2535 articles on the subject.

Oliver is passionate about helping others and believes in finding personalized solutions to help all his clients overcome their unique struggles. 

To find out more about Oliver, his books, and his courses, visit:

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