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The Happiest People Are Also the Healthiest: Paul Burgess Shares How to Be Happy Every Single Day

We live in a world where everything is centered on instant gratification, but there’s no quick fix for health and happiness.

If we want to lead more fulfilling lives, we have to dig deeper- but how?

How can we stop looking for the easiest way out when everything around us moves at light speed?

Is it even possible to slow down and just be anymore?

In this episode, functional nutritionist, Paul Burgess shares why our first step to thriving lies in changing our beliefs and behaviors. 

We have a cultural expectation where everything is fast, and that is transferred to our health. The problem is, our bodies have 5000-year-old software and it’s never been upgraded.

-Paul Burgess

Three Key Takeaways 

  1. How our belief systems impact our health
    How have our childhoods and family dynamics affected the way we approach wellness?
  2. How to shift focus to genuine fulfillment
    Sure, having a bunch of ‘stuff’ can be fun, but is it making us happy?
  3. The importance of being a neutral observer
    How can we stop other people’s opinions of us – bad and good – dictate the way we live our lives?

Guest Bio- 

Paul Burgess is a functional nutritionist at Paul Burgess UK.

Driven by a desire to help people become not only healthier but happier, Paul is passionate about finding the links between behavior and wellness.

Paul is the host of The Athletic Fitness and Nutrition Podcast. 

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