Why Preventative Medicine Beats Traditional Healthcare + How to Incorporate It into Your Life w/Aaron Grossman

September 6, 2016

The American healthcare model has taken the power out of the hands of doctors, and ultimately the average person has suffered the consequences of this shift. How can we avoid the bureaucratic nightmare and get the quality of care that sustains our health? This week we talk to doctor and founder of CHEKD.com Dr. Aaron Grossman about preventative healthcare and how to get the best care in this system.

You have to have a doctor you trust, local to you, that you can negotiate with to work with you out of pocket and have them on your speed dial. -Jay Campbell

Listen to the full episode: At the start of the podcast, Aaron introduced himself and shared the professional and personal journey he took that created his interest in preventative medicine. He grew up in a family that was into it and his own father ran a nutrition focused business, and this undoubtedly planted the seeds. After going to medical school, he realized that the practice was logistically set up in a way that did not suit him or really help people, and he switched to psychiatry. Next we talked about the current state of healthcare in America, and Aaron shared that 81% of doctors want to extricate themselves from medicine because the system in place isn’t working. We turned the discussion to preventative medicine and why it isn’t a field hospitals are interested in. The current system makes money when more people are sick, overweight and using pills.

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The average doctor is not talking about preventative medicine because there’s no money in it, and a lot of people have the image of doctors as the people that know everything, so they just follow what they say. Why should people take their healthcare into their own hands and what can the average person do to ensure they are taking care of their health in the best way? Aaron described the current system most hospitals are running –

it’s one that’s driven by the comfort of doctors. This means a lot of patients become numbers in the system and that leads to death in many cases. If you’re healthy, the last thing you need is to be a number in the system. Take your health out of the bureaucracy of the current healthcare system and take it into your own hands. This is where personalized healthcare comes in.

We go onto talk about the conception of Aaron’s service, CHEKD.com and why it’s necessary. We discussed the importance of knowing what’s happening with your own internal biomarkers.

Even if you work out, eat healthy and take supplements, if you don’t know what’s happening internally, you’re not going to get the full benefit. “Everything you do is meaningless till you understand what’s really going on biochemically.

CHEKD.com takes the difficulty out of getting your blood work, and through it, you can avoid the bureaucratic nightmare and get the service you deserve. Thanks to the current state of healthcare, the image of the white coat doctor who knows all and does everything to save a patient is gone. The process of getting standard care is fraught with difficulties and people ultimately end up as numbers in a system, and they don’t get the attention or quality of care they need to get better. You can avoid this by taking your health into your own hands and adopting a preventative health mindset. You’ll never have to get stuck in a system that’s working against you. Guest Bio Aaron is the founder of CHEKD.com – a personalized blood and lab testing service that comes to customers on-demand. He decided to use his medical education to create an affordable at-home personalized blood testing system. To Download Your FREE PDF COPY of the Amazon Best Seller: The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual, Click Here! To get your FREE PAPERBACK COPY, Click HereThe TRT MANual has helped hundreds of thousands of men around the world reclaim their health and vitality. Don’t suffer in silence a moment longer! PS. As an added bonus, upon finishing the book-once you provide a Thoughtful, High Quality Review on Amazon (hopefully 5 STAR), we will send you our new unreleased eBook 7 Lies You’ve Been Told About Testosterone for FREE.* (To receive book, email [email protected] a screenshot of your posted review.) Get the TRT MANual FREE  

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