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You Can’t Shine Your Light When You Have Darkness You’re Refusing to Heal w/Rachel Fiori

There’s so much darkness in our world, and the truth is, it’s merely a reflection of the inner turmoil of billions of people.

A lot of how we’re taught to “heal” isn’t healing us at all.

It’s actually making us more entitled, bitter and keeping us trapped in a lower level of spiritual maturity.

How do we actually go about getting rid of our traumas and their subsequent behaviors and coping mechanisms?

Why is radical responsibility so critical to bringing more of our society into the light?

In this episode,  Mystical Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Author and the CEO/founder of Masters of Self University, Rachel Fiori joins me for a deeply profound conversation on the path to a truly awakened planet.

If you’re not willing to take responsibility for every aspect of who you are and how you show up, you will not have a life that’s free from suffering.

-Rachel Fiori

Three Things We Learned 

  1. Why writing down our traumas isn’t enough to truly heal us
    How do we transmute the negative programs running on autopilot inside of us and actually get rid of them for good?
  2. The sneaky ways evil works through us
    Why is the “good vibes only” approach so counterproductive and even damaging?
  3. The poison of entitlement
    Instead of focusing on what we deserve, how do we shift towards how we can serve?

Guest Bio

Rachel Fiori MSOT is a Mystical Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Author, Elite Coach for High Profile People and Couples, and the CEO/founder of Masters of Self University.

As a channel for sacred wisdom, Rachel’s teachings offer eager students a direct no-nonsense plan to liberating transformation and self-empowerment.

She is also the #1 Bestselling Author of “Mason’s Way: The 20 Universal Ways of Oneness Taught by the Spirit of an Enlightened Dog”.

With a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, (specializing in mental, emotional, & behavioral health), a BA in Business/Corporate Communications, and through the use of her abilities of psycho-energetic healing and vibrational medicine, Rachel has spent the past 24 years healing people from across the world at the soul level.

Rachel’s wisdom of transformational-healing, energetic alchemy, her methods, and her reputation are unprecedented.

She is the key to opening people’s multidimensional, or enlightened consciousness.

She does this through using The Universal Ways of Oneness™ that the Universe has gifted to Rachel to activate enlightened consciousness within humans, and are the Ways meant to lead us into the New Golden Age of Harmony.

Rachel is the only spiritual teacher in the world that channels and heals with the Universal Ways of Oneness.™

For more information, head over to and follow @rachel_fiori on Instagram.

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