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The Right Way to Train As You Get Older w/Jay Ashman

A lot of people just can’t face the fact that they’re getting older, and their bodies are not the same. Many respond by training too hard. Why is this so dangerous and how does it threaten your long-term health? What is the mental shift from competitor to normal gym bro? Why is telemedicine the future? On this episode, fitness expert Jay Ashman shares the importance of playing the long game with your training and talks about bouncing back after a major health scare.

The older you get, the less pliable your body gets and the slower your recovery gets. -Jay Ashman

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At the start of the show, Jay shared on his upbringing and what it was like working as a bouncer. Next, we talked about the right way to approach training as you age. We also talked about why so many impressionable kids have the wrong idea of fitness and weight training, and why it’s so important to take the slower process to strength. We also discussed:

  • Optimization therapy and why we need it
  • Why telemedicine is the future
  • How Jay reshaped his life after a serious health scare
  • Intermittent fasting and why we don’t need to eat as much as we do

It’s necessary to train with longevity in mind– not just the short term gains of pumping as much iron as possible. The right way to do it is slow and steady, not hard and fast. The wrong approach will destroy your body and only lead to pain. Why wouldn’t you consider a progressive dosage of testosterone in addition to mitigating other risk factors? The ultimate goal is to build muscle, the greatest deterrent to aging. Guest Bio Jay is the owner and head coach of Ashman strength. He competed in strongman in the early to mid 2000’s never finishing lower than third in an amateur contest. His last contest in 2010 ended with a second place finish. After his competitive career was over he went through an eye-opening heart scare. Once he got through that he transformed himself physically and mentally by dropping 30 pounds of unneeded weight and focusing on the synergy between hard training and health. He is a former PT manager in NYC at Equinox and in Long Island at Big Al’s Fitness. He was also the former Director of Athletics at Gorilla Pit in Mentor, OH and the Head Strength Coach at BrewHouse Barbell in OKC. Currently he works at City Gym in KC where he trains athletes and people who wish to be their physical best. Go to for more information. To Get YOUR FREE PAPERBACK COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!


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