How to Find the Light in a World Filled with Darkness w/Robert Stanley

June 6, 2020

We are living in interesting times in 2020, and it’s abundantly clear that as high vibrational beings, we have to do what we can to help others wake up to our current reality.

How can we help bring others into the light and where can we find people willing to be awake alongside us? Is there any way to stay optimistic in the midst of all the chaos?

On this episode, Founder and publisher of, Robert Stanley, shares how to find the light in a world filled with dark forces. 

Reach out and connect with others – that’s what makes life so beautiful. -Robert Stanley



Three Takeaways: 

  • Love begins at home. If we want to help bring others into the light through love and compassion, we have to be loving and compassionate towards ourselves first.
  • Actively choose the light to find others who resonate with us. We will always be connected to others in the web of light if we decide to be there.
  • Look for the good in the world. Every malevolent thing we can imagine is happening, but we can choose not to be involved. Life is beautiful when we choose the light.


Guest Bio-  Robert Stanley is the Founder and publisher of He is also the host of The UNICUS Radio Hour on KGRA, as well as the author of Close Encounters on Capitol Hill and Covert Encounters in Washington D.C. He is passionate about modern and ancient mysteries, and has travelled to 59 countries and undertaken extensive research in his quest for unique information. Robert’s ongoing discoveries are regularly reported about on television, radio, print media and the internet.  To find out more about Robert, head to:   

Check out this incredible episode full of knowledge bombs from Robert Stanley here.

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