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How to Opt-In To Taking Care of Your Own Wellbeing w/Shane Dowd

For years, people have dealt with injuries and other ailments by going to a specialist and having them take care of it on our behalf.

However, many of us are tired of ‘opting out’ of our wellbeing.

How can we empower ourselves to take care of our own health?

We’re lucky to live in a time where we don’t have to outsource all our needs anymore.

With the help of the right education, we can learn how to become more in tune with ourselves. 

Aside from reclaiming power over our bodies, what are the benefits of becoming more self-aware?

What are the first steps we can take towards greater mindfulness? 

In this episode, Founder of gotROM, Shane Dowd shares how to regain control of our health.

Use the amazing capacity the brain has for pattern recognition, so you can stop negative responses in their tracks.
Shane Dowd


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  1. At some point, everyone experiences an injury or a health setback. By being in touch with how we feel physically and mentally, we’ll be better equipped to handle problems as they arise. 
  2. Don’t get caught up on finding the ‘right’ way to meditate. What we should be striving for instead is the ability to zone in on our present states. 
  3. Self-observation gives us the power to recognize patterns in our feelings and behaviors. When we know how we feel when we behave a certain way, we get better at stopping poor decisions.

Guest Bio- 

Shane Dowd is the Owner and Founder of gotROM and After suffering a traumatic injury in 2010 due to an underlying hip condition, Shane has done an intense study of various healing modalities. In 2013, he began sharing his system and methods with thousands of athletes. Shane is passionate about helping others build injury-free, athletic bodies because everyone deserves a body that works. 


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Books mentioned on this episode:

The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield

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