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The State of Men’s Health & The Importance of Nutrition Education w/Dr. Bob Harding

The average guy doesn’t take his health seriously, but has serious health problems. What changes can you implement to really turn things around? What is the biggest problem in our educational system? What are the benefits of weight training and building muscle? On this episode, Dr. Bob Harding talks about personal health, the health of the nation and why he’s leaving the sick care model and transitioning into functional and integrated age management medicine.

There is a huge opportunity for corporate America, the food industry, the education system and the medical community to improve diet. -Dr. Bob Harding

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At the start of the show, Dr. Harding shared how he took control of his health, and what’s causing the metabolic crisis in men. Next, we talked about the shortcomings of the educational system when it comes to nutrition. We also discussed a few steps you can take to be healthier, the importance of limiting your screen time, and why we should take advantage of the availability of information on the internet.   We also discussed:

  • The sugar addiction crisis
  • Why muscle is the greatest deterrent to diseases of aging

People are getting sicker at a younger age, and it’s because of how little they know about their health and all the negative impacts of their lifestyles. The only thing you can do as a physician or as a patient is to take ownership and be proactive. We must control our carbohydrate intake, set ourselves up to become insulin resistant, weight train, get enough sleep, and decrease blue light exposure. These steps will change your health forever, no matter how old you are. Guest Bio Dr. Bob is a Men’s Age Management Physician with an Integrative and Functional Medicine perspective. Go to for more information or email [email protected]. To Get YOUR FREE PAPERBACK COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!


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