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The Key To Collective Trauma Healing Lies in You w/Alyse Bacine

No matter who we are or how much work we’ve done to heal, there will always be some kind of trauma in the wings, waiting to be triggered.

The question is, how do we work to become more conscious of it?

How can we turn our healing into a constant, so we’re ever-evolving?

Is there a way to help others, or even the greater collective, deal with their trauma?

In this episode, CEO of Alyse Breathes, Alyse Bacine shares the healing techniques she’s used for herself and others.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they can heal their trauma on their own. Doing the work is certainly helpful, but if you want to make real progress, you need to invest and commit to it. -Alyse Bacine

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. The first step to healing
    There’s no one-stop shop for healing trauma, but what can we do to start the process?
  2. How to help heal people strapped to fear consciousness
    It’s not always easy getting through to people whose views are different from our own. Should we even try to heal those who attach themselves to a victim’s mindset?
  3. How to give love while maintaining our resonance
    Sympathy may seem like love, but it can take a toll on our own consciousness. How do we offer compassion without giving all our energy away?


Guest Bio- 

Alyse Bacine is a mentor and coach for spiritual entrepreneurs.
The CEO of Alyse Breathes, Alyse discovered breathwork at the age of 19, and is passionate about helping others transform their lives through the practice, so they can make a bigger positive impact on the world.
Alyse holds a Masters Degree in Counselor Education. 


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