The Role of Hormones & Solar Patterns in Global Cycles of Culture & History w/Roy Barzilai

Jay Campbell

By Jay Campbell

March 12th, 2019

One thing we typically underestimate is the interconnectedness of our global habits, behaviors, and phases in culture with hormones like testosterone and dopamine. How can we map The Age of Enlightenment, The Great Depression, and even the progressive virus we see today alongside the solar patterns and hormone levels? Is there a solution to this? On this episode, I’m joined by researcher, author, and independent scholar, Roy Barzilai, who shares on a very overlooked field of study that is vital to understanding our society and the challenges we’re facing.

If we neglect or abandon the science of hormones and solar cycles and how it shapes our history, character, and personality, we will remain impotent to doing anything about it. Roy Barzilai

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At the start of the show, Roy shared on his background and how taking a reductionist approach has destroyed the scientific establishment. Next, we talked about the cycles of history and why hormones play such a huge role in that. We also discussed how bad the next economic crash will be, and the link between increased addiction and low numbers of mood hormones. We also discussed: – The connection between solar activity and the Independence of man – How we’ve gone from an age of enlightenment to anti-reason – How mental health manifests in male and female brains  We have a lack of hormonal balance in our society which is causing massive and far reaching issues in how we relate to each other and how the world functions as a whole. In the past, increased solar activity increased enlightenment because of rising testosterone, serotonin and dopamine. Now the opposite is happening. With declining rates in mood hormones there isn’t much to motivate and make us happy. This doesn’t mean it is out of our control, though. We just have to pay attention to these patterns to know how to change them. Guest Bio: Roy Barzilai is an independent scholar, researcher and author of Sex Wars – How Hormones Drive Gender, Race, & Culture Conflicts and two other books. By exploring the intellectual history of Western civilization, Roy seeks to reach a greater understanding of the human mind. As a financial analyst for more than a decade, Roy became aware of the herd mentality in financial markets. He studied the Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior and the new science of Socionomics, focusing on how change in social mood affects society, its ideas, philosophy, culture, and economy. To learn more and to get Roy’s books, go to for more information. To Join the World’s #1 Premium Access Group For Optimizing Your Hormones and Long Term Health, Click Here! 

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