The Truth About Naturally Elevating your Testosterone Levels w/Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

June 5, 2020

It’s a popular belief that men can naturally increase their testosterone by using methods like exercise and diet, which begs the question, is there a shortcut to increasing your testosterone? On this episode, we discuss this with writer and trainer Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes and also discuss politics and the future of America.

Any type of external increase in natural testosterone is transient at best. -Jay Campbell

Listen to the full episode: At the start of the show, we got right into the main topic – how men can naturally boost their testosterone. The real truth about elevating your natural testosterone is:

There is no external way to elevate testosterone and even though some experts suggest diet and exercise, these things won’t make a meaningful and lasting difference. Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

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We also discussed the loss of real alpha men and the growing crisis of masculinity.

The loss of masculinity has created a culture where people are happy to go with the masses and lack the inclination towards leadership, risk taking and decision-making. Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

If your testosterone levels are low, there is nothing external you can do with lifestyle to significantly elevate it in a meaningful way. Exercise and diet have a greater effect on your mood and disposition than on your actual physical body. What has fostered the mindset that it’s possible to boost externally is the media’s need to give us a quick solution. If you’re expecting true physiological changes you’ll be disappointed.

There’s no substitute for taking exogenous testosterone – it will always be your best and most effective option. Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

Guest Bio Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes is a personal trainer and writer. For the last 8 years, he has made health, fitness, and all subjects thereof his area of focus and study. His primary aim is improving the health and lifestyle of as many people as possible. Go to for more information. To Download Your FREE PDF COPY of the Amazon Best Seller: The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual, Click Here! To get your FREE PAPERBACK COPY, Click HereThe TRT MANual has helped hundreds of thousands of men around the world reclaim their health and vitality. Don’t suffer in silence a moment longer! PS. As an added bonus, upon finishing the book-once you provide a Thoughtful, High Quality Review on Amazon (hopefully 5 STAR), we will send you our new unreleased eBook 7 Lies You’ve Been Told About Testosterone for FREE.* (To receive book, email [email protected] a screenshot of your posted review.) Get the TRT MANual FREE

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