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All Things TRT & Optimization w/John Romaniello

Testosterone levels for the average man begin to drop about 10% per decade. What are some of the misconceptions and misnomers that are getting in the way of people using it? Why is the idea that testosterone causes prostate cancer such a huge myth? How do side effects come about when you’re on TRT? On this episode, we talk all things TRT with fitness expert and best-selling author, John Romaniello.

For the vast majority of individuals, testosterone supplementation is not a question of “if”, but of “when”. Once you look at it through that lens, you ask yourself: ‘Why am I waiting?’ -John Romaniello

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At the start of the show, we talked about the importance of establishing your testosterone baseline and how low you should let it get before looking into doing TRT. We also talked about why biochemical uniqueness is the ultimate determinant, and the importance of finding the right needle size to reduce scar tissue. John also talked about mitigating fluctuations, and why getting less than 6 hours of sleep for as little as 14 days can have a catastrophic effect on your natural testosterone levels. Towards the end, we talked about the use of peptides.

With the advancement of technology and resource accessibility, the stigma [of testosterone] gets reduced over time. I believe this will make it necessary for doctors to become more and more educated on the topic. -John Romaniello

We also discussed:

  • Testosterone and increased quality of life in the short term vs. decreased longevity in the long term
  • The difference between sexual dysfunction and decreased libido
  • Why TRT does not cause cancer
  • TRT and depression

From age 30, physically speaking, everything is on a downward slope. All you’re doing by optimizing is decreasing the grade of that slope. If you do testosterone right, there are no side effects and you won’t need other medications unless there’s a medical need. Testosterone in high amounts exacerbates things to which you were already prone, which can explain the side effects. Some of the benefits you’ll experience are reduced “brain fog”, increased cognition and clearer thought patterns– and this is just the beginning. The correct testosterone optimization protocol can correct many issues. So get your blood work done, and find the right doctor to support you. Guest Bio John Romaniello, one of the most highly regarded experts in the fitness industry, has written for publications from Men’s Health to Fast Company and has been featured on programs such as Good Morning America. Follow him on Twitter @JohnRomaniello or go to for more information. To Get YOUR FREE PAPERBACK COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!


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