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What’s Keeping The Masses from Consciousness? w/Trish Causey

With the third dimension unraveling as we speak, the awakened are set to raise their consciousness to a fifth dimension.

Those of us on a higher level are about to enter a Golden Age, but where does that leave everybody else?

While more beings than ever before are beginning to awaken, many are still in the early stages of their enlightenment, and some haven’t even begun the journey of raising their consciousness. 

What’s still keeping people in low vibrational states, and what can be done to change that? 

In this episode, ArtistAlchemist, SacredSex Shaman, and Abundance Master Coach, Trish Causey shares how trauma keeps us from consciousness, and how to heal it for good. 

The great awakening we’ve talked about for a long time is upon us.
-Trish Causey

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  1. What’s causing so many souls to hold on to their trauma
    As souls are reincarnated, some will choose to go through trauma to experience the polarity of what happened in their previous lives. However, we all have freedom of will, so we can decide if we want to continue down that path or turn away from it.
  2. Why the awakened have been subject to abuse across multiple lifetimes
    Throughout the ages, the elites have been aware of the awake, and they’ve done everything in their power to suppress us. The abuse we’ve faced has been designed specifically to make us question ourselves, rather than the existing structures.
  3. How to use trauma to guide our healing
    Our uncomfortability at any given moment shows us what needs to be healed, so embrace triggers instead of shying away from them.

Guest Bio- 

Trish Causey is an ArtistAlchemist, Trantrika, Talk Show Host, and Abundance Master Coach.

She first began documenting her own sexual awakening as a blogger in 2011, and later went on to coach readers on their relationships.

Today, as a self-described SacredSex Shaman, Trish is deeply passionate about helping people anchor love, passion, healing, and consciousness into their lives and relationships.

Trish has a background in musical theater, speaks frequently at events, and is the author of the upcoming book, INTACT: Men as They Were Born to Be

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