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True Doctoring: The Future of Medicine and Healthcare w/Dr. Merrill Matschke

The current healthcare system isn’t patient-focused, it’s revenue-focused. How is this current model putting patients at a disadvantage? What much-needed changes can be brought to medicine to make things better, and what kind of doctors do we need to fulfill this? On this episode, Dr Merrill Matschke shares on his transition out of the modern medical system.

True doctoring takes time, but there’s gotta be true compassion and true interest. – Dr. Merrill Matschke

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At the start of the show, Dr. Merrill shared why he’s transitioning out of traditional medicine, and how he got into cenegenics. He also talked about the current issues with traditional medicine and what is needed to solve them. Next we discussed the two-tiered medical system, and what it will take for people to finally take their health seriously. We also spoke about;

  • Whether medicine is replacing the human element with automation
  • Why it’s so important to take responsibility for your health
  • How greed has led to the current health crisis we’re seeing

In the current state of healthcare, patients aren’t getting enough time with the doctor for them to be helped. The future of medicine is having doctors who care, who want to work with patients on an individual basis in the amount of time necessary to help them. Additionally, people have to take personal responsibility for their health to counter the biological assault being caused by our lifestyles. Without this we will continue to see a decline in health. Guest Bio Dr. H. Matschke, MD is a Board Certified Urologist who also has an interest in preventative medicine. Follow him on Twitter or @MatschkeMD or email [email protected]. To Get on the waiting list for your FREE COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!

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