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What is Really Going on in the World Right Now – Jay Campbell interviews Magenta Pixie

This week I am joined by Magenta Pixie, the incredibly talented author behind “The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame”, “Masters of the Matrix” and several other highly insightful books on truth and awareness aka WHAT IS.

Magenta does incredible work channeling a higher dimensional, divine intelligence known as ‘The White Winged Collective Consciousness of the Nine’. 

Today’s Friday bonus podcast is for those seeking to understand the overarching impact of this planetary lockdown as interpreted in this eye opening conversation with Magenta. 

The sudden impact of Covid-19 has brought many questions to mind.

  • What the hell is going on on Planet Earth right now?
  • The Ascensional Timeline vs the End of Days Timeline?
  • How can this happen without the dismantling of the 3D World and Systems ( meaning physical upheaval, civil unrest, martial law, ww3 etc?
  • What can we do to prepare for a totally changed future reality?
  • Is the Ascension still happening and is our Doppelganger DNA still restructuring?

There are a multitude of different ways to interpret what is happening.

We always want to look at the potential, most probable future, which in this case, is a beautiful Ascensional-Paradise timeline.

One where we are freed from oppression and moving towards a higher vibration Golden Age.

However, this does not come free of conditions. 

We are in the middle of a timeline war, and the universe is playing out all of the possible quantum choices. 

The combined consciousness of the individuals on the planet, along with the planet herself, create these quantum versions of reality. 

Think of it as The Law of Attraction aka the Law of Resonance globally manifested.

There are groups of individuals, both human and non human, that are working to manifest the timeline that they want (Ascensional Timeline (Positive for Humanity) vs the End of Days/NWO Timeline (Negative for Humanity)

As the starseeds, lightworkers and wanderers here on Earth maintain control of the global law of attraction (as they have since about 2012) the dark energy forces are working to hijack the beautiful ascension timeline that we are on in order to manifest a darker, New World Order where vaccinations are forced and people are ID chipped.

There are many different extraterrestrial beings that evolve from a particular DNA structure. 

Humans have evolved from hominid species, others have evolved from feline, avian, reptilian or others.

There are certain individuals, many of them of reptilian DNA nature (Reptilians as many know them), who have evolved along a different evolutionary path and developed elevated predatory energy. 

These Dark Energy Beings give orders to a lower vibration human hierarchy, and according to the divine channel of Magenta Pixie (The Nine), their black box shadow matrix core technology has been dismantled in the last 1-2 years.

These individuals being ordered by the Dark Energy Beings (Reptilian types among others) are  involved in politics, Hollywood, Main Stream News, Science and Education. 

They make up what is known as the Deep State aka The CABAL.

These dark human individuals answer to groups above them, and they in turn answer to other groups above them.

Everything is highly compartmentalized. 

Some of the highest levels of these select individuals then do communicate with the Dark Energy Beings (usually inter-dimensionally or via off world locations). 

These Dark Energy Beings are many shapes and forms. (ET’s, Reptilians, AI etc)

Most of the low level cabal members are not aware of how any of this compartmentalized communication is done. 

They have been blackmailed, indoctrinated and brainwashed since birth. 

Many have alter egos that are turned off at night so they don’t recall what they do by day(Clockwork Oranging). 

They are psychologically programmed through MK Ultra experimental technology and methods.

As of now, the Dark Energy beings and their inverted shadow matrix control structure has been destroyed. 

They are not able to psychologically control anyone as previously. 

Their shutdown of the global economy and attacking with the bioweapon Covid-19 is a desperate, last minute act. 

Even though this is a desperate act and their time is running out, we cannot just dismiss their power.

We have to recognize and respect what they are (as an “opponent” of sorts) for their thousands of years of oppression of humanity.

We are now in what many would understand as, the collective Dark Night of The Soul. 

In order to manifest a positive timeline, we have to adjust our minds to think that “we’ve won”. 

We do this from placing our consciousness in the 5th dimensional location of NOW. 

This means when we emerge from this lockdown we will emerge into a new reality of our own creation. 

We have to decide collectively what we truly want.

Do we want to move into a reality where we have individual freedom and liberty?(A resonant and coherent vibration)

Or do we want to swap one matrix simulated program for another – another simulation of an NWO where the Dark Energy Beings and their inverted shadow control structure still holds power? (Dissonance and Incoherent vibration)

If we raise our vibration to one of love, then the dark energy manifestation cannot influence the timeline anymore. 

COLLECTIVELY moving to a vibrational timeline of unconditional love where our latent DNA will further evolve into its original crystalline version allowing us to create a new Golden Age.

I hope you found this conversation helpful.

If you did not and it doesn’t resonate with you at all, that’s perfectly fine too.

If you are not familiar with Magenta Pixie’s work, I highly recommend you check out all of her books on Amazon and also her Youtube channel.

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