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The Predator Class Wants to Suppress Our Consciousness: Here’s How to Fight Back w/Dr Barre Lando

We’re in the midst of a war of the cosmos, and the only way we can fight back is by tapping into our consciousness.

The question is, how do we do that in a world where the predator class is intent on suppressing every attempt to raise our vibrations?

How can we awaken when nearly every aspect of our present reality is designed to keep us asleep?

In this episode, Founder of Alfa Vedic and one of the original visionaries of the cosmic awareness movements, Dr Barre Lando shares the key to consciousness.

All the chaos we see is by design. -Dr Barre Lando

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. Who is behind the suppression of consciousness
    Is there anyone in particular pulling the strings, or is pinpointing our suppressor not that simple?
  2. The BIGGEST battle we face when attempting to raise consciousness
    Is it incumbent on the awoken to contain the zaniness of those perpetually vibrating in victimhood?
  3. Why challenges to consciousness raising aren’t automatically negative
    Are the challenges we face barriers, or are they doing more to strengthen us than we realize?

Guest Bio- 

Dr. Barre Lando is the founder and formulator of Alfa Vedic, an off-grid health co-op in Northern California.

A decades-long private practice Integrative Medicine clinician, Dr. Lando is revered amongst his peers for his innovative clinical strategies.

Now retired from clinical medical practice, today he dedicates his time to internal martial arts and health consulting.

Also, Dr. Lando is creating formulations for his herbal company and developing innovative medical protocols based on the principles of Wave Form Physics.

Dr. Lando is the host of Alfacast.

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