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Trinfinity8: Achieving Universal Healing Through Mathematical Algorithms

We know enough about the 3D world to confidently state how powerful our own intentions are when it comes to manifesting abundance.

The same holds true for health: Our own beliefs are what simultaneously enhance and limit our body’s healing processes.

Therefore, mind is the greatest builder and emerging scientific evidence debunks the idea that genes are the main determinant of health.

It follows that our biology is controlled by what we beLIEve and what we consciously choose to think.

But in today’s consciousness-deprived environment, sometimes our own minds aren’t enough to power through generations of trauma and self-sabotaging emotional addictions.

We need help from the Golden Age in the form of high-end tech to assist us in re-awakening our unlimited potential for fully optimized health.

Which is why I am honored to feature Trinfinity8, the energetic healing technology pioneered by Kathy J. Forti, Ph.D. 

She is an ancient wisdom teacher with a very profound story to tell, and an even more profound discovery into a self-regulated anti-aging process that rivals what was rumored to be possible during the time of the lost city Atlantis.

Trinfinity8 will go alongside RASHA consciousness-coherence technology and THINK Interfaces’ brain-training technology and The VibraGenix as MUST-HAVE technology for raising your frequency now and into the future.

Keep reading to see why I’m so excited about what Trinfinity8 can do for humanity!

And make sure to check out the recently published podcast I did with Dr. Kathy Forti!

What is Trinfinity8?

The awe-spiring story behind the genesis, science, technology, and widespread recognition of Trinfinity8 is explained in breathtaking detail within Dr. Forti’s book Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys into the Mystical.

But to summarize her story in a few sentences, I’ll focus on the key points of the story…

Dr. Forti had been running a successful private practice in Los Angeles as a clinical psychologist up until May 15, 2003.

One unfortunate night, she was walking to her car door and she felt a strange sensation in her chest area.

She thought nothing of it until her vision suddenly went blurry a few hours later and her heart stopped.

Dr. Forti quickly realized she was in the middle of a near-death experience, characterized by her travelling through a horizontal tunnel with light at the end:

“Unlike other near-death experiences, I was not aware of angelic beings or departed love ones in the tunnel. There was no celestial music, psychedelic colors or light beings coming to greet me. I had no life review. I had the distinct feeling, more than once, that I had done this before and no longer needed the welcoming band. I was alone and my consciousness was very focused.

I had a clear, all-knowing feeling that the tunnel I was in was an energy conversion device that allowed one’s energy to be sped up or slow down depending on the density of the plane you were departing and/or entering. I knew the Earth plane was a lot heavier and denser than where I was going. The tunnel was helping me synchronize my energy body.”

She decided not to go into the light, and that death was unnecessary… which allowed her to come back to her physical body.

Despite this supernatural miracle, it didn’t take her long to realize she was in the middle of a stroke:

“… my whole left side was completely paralyzed and the rest of me felt very weak. I couldn’t move, and I was alone without help. There’s that brief moment of panic when you realize you can’t reach a phone, no one is there, and how helpless and vulnerable you truly are”

This is when Dr. Forti’s life took a completely different trajectory; she suddenly became obsessed with quantum physics and mathematical algorithms, working with her guides (a.k.a. higher spirits) to develop a “spiritual device” based around these two fields:

“Trinfinity8 is not a medical device.

It does not “cure” disease.

However, it helps shift the body into a higher vibrational state where all healing and rejuvenation is possible.

Then, the body can do what it’s naturally intended to do, which is function optimally and prevent disruption of energy in the subtle bodies from manifesting in the physical body.

Encouraging as that may sound, it does not short circuit or prevent a person’s karma.

It is my experience that sometimes people need their illness as part of their soul’s growth plan.

Trinfinity8 is not a magic bullet for everyone.”

The name Trinfinity8 comes from — according to the book — “a merging of the words trinity + infinity coupled with the number eight symbolizing rebirth, regeneration, infinity, and for me (since I was born on the 8th), a symbol of success”.

But unlike most pieces of technology where hard real-time data is generated for analysis, Dr. Forti’s guides INSISTED this device was specifically focused around raising one’s vibration and nothing more:

“It will allow the person the opportunity to connect with their own divinity, should they be open to it…. the technology should NOT have any scanning, diagnostic, or testing ability.

It would just be a one-way delivery system.

It would not be biofeedback in nature, where it scanned for health information and gave back information in the form of numbers, percentages, or a diagnosis.

This is not about judgment, but about connecting to your own higher guidance and your own divineness.”

I understood this on many levels.

Too often, test results lead to us to thinking ourselves into the very illness we are trying to avoid.

If test results tell us we are unwell, we can become unwell, even if we were feeling great prior to the test.

The mind is a very powerful thing.”

After several falling outs with inventors who had taken tens of thousands of dollars of her investment money and failed to deliver a solid product, she spent five years investing all of her money and living off her inheritance without a single paycheck to produce Trinfinity8.

Her big pay-off came in 2009, when she debuted her technology at the annual International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) conference.

The positive feedback she received and the growing organic interest in her product turned Trinfinity8 from a kooky gadget into something that had real power to raise our spiritual and physical health from the lowest levels of vibration to the highest.

You can get the quick 5-minute summary of Dr. Forti’s amazing discovery story in the video below:

How Does Trinfinity8 Work?

There are multiple moving parts to Trinfinity8’s cutting-edge software and technology, so allow me to break each of them down.

Mathematical Algorithms

Taken directly from Trinfinity8’s webpage on its proprietary algorithmic technology:

“Trinfinity8 is the first system of its kind to use a personal computer to deliver non-invasive rejuvenation programs based on mathematical codes, vibrational energies, and fractal formulations that are in harmony with core energetics that encompass all of nature.

Trinfinity8 leads the way in using pure quartz crystal rods to directly deliver information to the body in a language it understands—math.”

And to give some background on why this is important, let’s review what algorithms are and how they relate to healing the body.

From Chapter 8 of Dr. Forti’s book:

“[An algorithm is] a step-by-step procedure for solving a mathematical problem.

If you assemble a set of numbers (information) together, where each number’s vibration affects matter differently, they can then be combined synergistically to create a desired result (or solve the problem).

That’s the complex definition…. Basically,they are a set of instructions to follow to get a specific desired outcome.”

“…everything that exists in our universe has a unique mathematical signature.

Every number encompasses vibrational energies that affect all matter.

In essence, EVERYTHING is about math and math affects EVERYTHING”

“…even our DNA is mathematically coded and in order to speak to it, we need to speak to it in a language it understands–which is math.

DNA is our internal programming software. It’s our biological Internet”

Following this logic, it turns out that everything you can think of — minerals, vitamins, gems, elements, etc. — each have their own unique mathematical signature, meaning they too can be programmed to be “delivered” to your body as information.

And this forms the basis behind each of the healing programs offered by Trinfinity8 (more details on that later):

Behind each individual program, such as Energy Boost, might be 50-100 different coded algorithms. By the time I would finish with all the coding there would be well over 5,000 different algorithms. No program was ever alike. Numbers were given for basic elements, solids, liquids, herbs, minerals, vitamins, even emotions before being translated to binary code (0+1) sequencing, which is the language of computers.”

Think of it this way: Vitamin C has a mathematical code to it.

If you can find a way to stream that code to your body, Dr. Forti claims it is the equivalent to taking Vitamin C.

So let’s really as simple as creating the right recipe, putting the right ingredients together, and having your pie!

Quartz Crystals

The mathematical information is passed flawlessly into your body through the double-terminated quartz crystal rods you hold in your hands, and the rods attached to your computer via the Trinfinity8 system.

Through your chakras, meridians and nerves, the universal healing codes can enter your system directly without any interference or wasted storage in the crystals themselves.

In Chapter 11 of Dr. Forti’s book, she explains why she had to choose a very specific type of crystal:

These crystals have faceted points at each end– one end to take in the information and the other end to quickly release it to a person.

Throughout the centuries, double-terminated quartz crystals have held a unique place in the realm of healing…

Modern-day healers use them in psychic and spiritual ceremonies and claim they can help people at a distance to heal.

Crystals appear to be very effective in amplifying positive thoughts and intentions”

“Pure quartz crystal is free of the impurities of trace elements, and I had never seen crystals so flawless that they looked like clear polished glass.

This would make it easier to quickly stream the codes through the crystals, without storing the information”

“… lab-grown crystals, due to their clarity, do not store negative energy.

Since my crystals were double-terminated, they took in information, any information for that fact, and quickly released it.

The information resonated through the crystal at one pointed end and rapidly released through the point at the other end to the person holding it.

The crystals held onto the information only long enough to transmit it, meaning nanoseconds”

The only true downside to using these crystals is that it takes a month to grow each quartz crystal rod from start to finish… an expensive and timely process that starts from a seed crystal and ends with the grown product being delicately cut and shaped.

If regular crystals were used, all of the mathematical information would be taken and stored within the crystal without transfer to the user (due to their cloudiness and striations).

I learned quartz crystals could be lab grown–an expensive and timely process.

It took me months of searching to find a lab in the world that could grow the size and specifications of crystals I was told I needed.

I learned it takes a little over a month to grow each crystal using a hydrothermal method

Solfeggio Healing Tones

When Dr. Forti was developing Trinfinity8, her guides informed her very early on that her system could not be based on frequencies like many other energy-healing technologies were at the time (and still are).

From Chapter 8 of her book:

I became aware of the subtle energy differences between frequencies and mathematical information.

Frequencies, or a unit of frequency known as a “Hertz” (Hz, after its discoverer Heinrich Hertz), are measured in cycles per second. It’s a standard measurement.

However, number-based information or algorithms are different.

They are “non-Hertzian” in nature.

Unlike Hertzian wave frequencies, they reside in the realm of what is known as “subtle energy.”

This non-Hertzian energy is being proposed as a “higher dimensional energy” consisting of pure information patterns, which mediate communication between all cells in the body.

This higher dimensional energy (also known as divine, scalar life force energy) is believed to be associated with health and the natural healing process.”

However, she was wise enough to know that sound would play an integral part in any healing process, so there was no good reason to exclude it completely.

From Chapter 10 of her book:

Sound is a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious world.

It speaks to us on many levels and can evoke feelings of love, fear, bliss, agitation, and a myriad of other emotions.

Indeed, the quickest way to enter the energy field is through sound frequencies and our ancient brethren knew this and used it.

Centuries ago, certain sound frequencies were used in the Gothic churches and incorporated into the sacred Gregorian chants.

They were called Solfeggio frequencies, and these tones brought about a resonance in the body that had strong healing and transformational properties”

These Solfeggio sound tones in Trinfinity8 enhance the transmission of mathematical information to our cells by making them more receptive to the information.

You’ll be able to choose from multiple musical selections that naturally expand your consciousness through a more rapid reprogramming of your body toward the positive change you seek.

(For more information on Solfeggio healing tones, read these two articles)

Fractal Resonator

You also have a stunningly beautiful video component to the Trinfinity8 that you watch while using the device, and it comes in the form of gorgeous geometric animations that play unique patterns depending on which program(s) you use.

According to the official Trinfinity8 website:

“Quantum physicists are discovering that enlightenment is the charge you attract when your thought patterns get fractal. (A fractal is a geometric shape that can be split into billions of parts, yet each part contains an exact replica of the whole.) The Science of Fractals allows phase conjugation and a unified field for waves or people. 

Here is how these fractals play into the overall restorative experience:

“As you hold the transmitter rods and listen to the Solfeggio harmonics, enchanting and mesmerizing graphic interface screens play across your monitor.

These state-of-the-art fractal animations evolve out of patterns in Sacred Geometry, the underlying mathematical order of the universe.

These mathematical building blocks are recognized by your brain and mind as constructive, life-enhancing energies.

The Trinfinity8 fractals work synergistically with the algorithm codes which play behind the fractals.

Fractals set up a coherent energy field that amplifies whatever information it is coupled with. 

This allows the algorithm codes to come through to the person even stronger.”

But as with the other structural components of Trinfinity8, Chapter 9 in Dr. Forti’s book explains why she chose to use fractals in the first place:

“Fractals are created using simple mathematical equations, which are then fed back into the equation creating similar patterns that repeat in an infinite feedback loop.

Fractals are like those Russian Matryoshka dolls—a doll within a doll within a doll to infinity.”

“Everything in nature is fractal and so is consciousness.

If you have one thought over and over again, you are fractalizing that thought and giving it more energy.

Repeating patterns of thought make it more meaningful and give it power, substance, and form.

“Be careful what you dwell on” has a basis in the science of fractals.

Some call it the Law of Attraction—what you dwell upon you draw to you, but behind it all is the science of fractacality, and it’s quickly becoming the new science of life.”

The YouTube video below covers a lot of the background information behind how all of the technology powering the crystals, tones, fractals, and so on date back to ancient Egypt and possibly earlier:

Potential Health Benefits of Trinfinity8

While not every single rejuvenation program offered by Trinfinity8 is featured on their website, here are the ones you should know about:

  • Stress Reduction – helps you become more relaxed while getting rid of deeper physical and emotional blockages
  • Healthy Nutrition – a great choice for people who need a cleansing bodily rejuvenation (i.e. feel and look younger) 
  • Skin & Hair Rejuvenation – the title says all, with many people observing gradual hair growth and clearing up of skin
  • Face & Beauty – perfect for people who want to tighten up their skin, give themselves a more glowing appearance, and reduce wrinkles on their face
  • Slim, Trim & Fitness – a great aid to accelerate the results you’re already getting from diet and exercise
  • Sculpting – specifically targeting certain areas of your body you want to fix

There are well over 5,000 bio-energetic rejuvenation formulas programmed in their 70+ programs that cover all imaginable facets of health.

But some health benefits caught my attention when I was doing my podcast with Dr. Forti and I want to share them here.

(NOTE: If you want to know about some of the programs NOT featured on the website, reach out to Dr. Forti using the contact information at the end of this article)

Anti-Aging for a Youthful Appearance

Two stories from Dr. Forti’s book stand out to me in this regard.

The first is from an older woman who found her grey locks of hair suddenly turning darker:

“An older woman named Janie called me one day, very concerned.

Her beautiful silver grey hair, which she loved, was turning darker at the roots.

At first, she thought it was her imagination, but her hair stylist confirmed it and wanted to know what she was doing.

“I’m not doing ANY Trinfinity8 hair rejuvenation programs,” Janie insisted, “So I don’t know why my hair is changing color.”

I didn’t know either.

“What programs are you running?” I asked.

“I’m running Balance Endocrine System for adrenal gland support,” she reported.

Oh—it now made strange sense.

One of the key signs of adrenal exhaustion, due to stress, is premature graying of your hair.

As her adrenal glands got stronger, her hair started growing back in its original color.

This was incredibly astonishing.”

As amazing as it is, nothing compares to Dr. Forti being (literally) the FACE of what Trinfinity8 can do for an aging woman:

I am forever in awe and amazement at the stories and lives that have been changed by the Trifninity8 Codes.

It has kept me young, vibrant, and healthy.

No one guesses my age correctly anymore.

They always guess 10-15 years younger than I am.

In Los Angeles, the cosmetic enhancement capital of the U.S., when people learn my correct age, they always ask: “Who does you?

It looks so natural.” No plastic surgeon “does me.”

I have never used Botox, Restylane, fillers and/or collagen (except the algorithm for collagen).

Balanced energy automatically slows down the aging process better than any surgery or skin cream, and without any toxic side-effects.

I like how I look and who I am, and this technology from the Gods has helped me in more than just physical ways.”

She looks phenomenal for someone who is 70 years young — no makeup needed as her anti-aging programs have naturally slowed down her aging process!

Unconventional Self-Healing

Dr. Forti is someone who eats her own home cooking.

And to prove her device works as well on herself as everyone else, she volunteered herself as a test subject when she injured herself in 2019:

“On March 17, 2019, St. Patrick’s Day, I fractured my distal right fibula after stepping down off a high curb following a fabulous spa foot massage. I knew immediately upon falling that it was broken. To make matters worse, it was my driving foot making it impossible to be mobile! The medical experts told me it might take 6-8 weeks, even longer, as those over 60 are slow to heal. I’m 66 and wasn’t buying that prognosis.”

“…I used a 60 minute program that focused on reducing inflammation, rejuvenating lymph, stimulating the immune system, strengthening bone, muscle and tissue repair, and super oxygenating the body… This 60-minute protocol was done with daily remote sessions with the crystal rods being placed on x-ray photos of my broken foot.”

“…After 10 days (March 27) the doctor removed the cast and put me in a boot and gave me crutches to use. I no longer needed a knee scooter to get around the neighborhood to get to my local Starbucks. Two days after I got the boot, I ditched the crutches. Three days later I removed the boot and used an ace bandage for support when walking and yes DRIVING again!

“At FOUR WEEKS, I went back to the orthopedic surgeon for new x-rays. He said, and I quote: “Wow! You really ARE a fast healer. And your range of motion is excellent!”  I owe it all to the miracle of self-directed healing.”

Promotion of Positive Behaviors for Health

Dr. Forti directed me to an interesting study conducted by her colleague, alternative doctor Dr. Norm Shealy, using her Trinfinity8 technology in obese patients.

The results were quite intriguing:

“Norm recently completed his study on five patients who did a total of 58 minutes of treatment each week, over 8 weeks, using a Trinfinity8 weight loss protocol [patients were 30-150 lbs overweight].

Dr. Shealy reports there was an average weight loss of 5 pounds each without any change in diet or exercise!

One patient lost 12.5 pounds. All participants stated that their appetite decreased and they felt better

r. Shealy was very impressed with the results:

‘A weight loss of one-half to one pound a week is an ideal marker for long term success!’ he says.

He also says that he plans to include Trinfinity8 in his clinic practice, combined with a nutritional support program.”

The most important thing to emphasize is Trinfinity8 HELPED people lose weight, mostly through enhanced appetite suppression and a more natural inclination to engage in healthy habits such as taking better care of the body and mind through diet and exercise.

Reversal Of Biological Age

While this last finding is a pure N-of-1 result, it doesn’t surprise me given Dr. Forti’s ability to look in her early 50s while being 70 years of age.

At a conference several years ago, another doctor by the name of Dr. Michael Kessler ran an interesting experiment on an older man to see what would happen to his biological age:

“A 68-year old male conference participant was independently tested by conference testing exhibitor Dr. Michael Kessler (who had no affiliation with Trifninity8 at the time).

Kessler had the male participant establish a baseline Omegawave reading prior to Trinfinity8 use.

His baseline registered a biological age of 76 (eight years older than he actually was).

After one 15-minute Trinfinity8 session (#1), the man’s overall health improved by 36%.

The next morning the same participant was re-tested to see if the Trinfinity8 benefits held.

Results showed that the man had continued to improve by 42%.

The participant then had a second 15-minute Trinfinity8 session (#2) and his scores improved even more by 48%.”

Where things get weird is what happened to the man when tried Trinfinity8 for a third session AFTER using a competitor’s product:

“The participant then decided to see what would happen if he tried a different company’s therapy device at the conference (name excluded).

He was re-tested after this other therapy session and his scores dropped getting worse.

Wondering if Trinfnity8 would correct this score drop, he returned to the Trinfinity8 exhibitor booth and had a third 15-minute session #3 with Trifninity8, but this time on the INTENSE setting.

He then walked over to Dr. Kessler’s booth and was once again re-tested.

On Trinfinity8 intense mode his functional health scores improved by 68% and his biological age had dropped to 58 (making him register younger by 10 years)”

More information can be found in the video below:

Other Benefits

I could go on writing this section forever but I’m going to keep it brief.

If you want to dive deeper into the science behind what energies are emitted by Trinfinity8, read these two published findings (here and here) on the official website.

The numerous testimonials on Trinfinity8’s website also feature positive results that include the release of emotional/subconscious blockages, fixing of psychological issues, healing physical problems, reducing pain, and many more issues and conditions.

Last but not least, here are some physicians vouching for this Golden Age technology:

How To Use Trinfinity8 Technology

Whether you order Trinfiniy8 for your own house or use it in a doctor’s clinic (more on that at the conclusion of this article), here is a sneak preview of what you get:


You have the Trinfinity8 device itself, the quartz crystal rods, the USB cable, the USB software stick, a 2-year warranty (not featured in picture), and a training manual (not featured in picture).

The device and its accompanying software are compatible with both PC and Mac, but check the website to make sure your computer fits the minimum specifications.

All of this leads us to the big question of this article:

How exactly does one use the Trinfinity8 system to absorb the information transmitted by its rejuvenation programs in a noninvasive way? 

Fortunately for you, this device and the included software was designed to be user-friendly so that anybody can pick it up and use it immediately… even if you don’t use the instruction manual!

Here are the general instructions:

  • Pick and choose what program you want based on your individual needs
  • Turn the machine on
  • Put your headphones on (noise-canceling ones are best)
  • Hold the two quartz crystals in your hands
  • Stare at the fractals being generated by the software

The coded data will be transmitted through the USB port of your computer towards the digital-to-analog box that’s plugged into your computer… the data then gets sent to the body via the crystal rods you are holding.

While the instructions seem super simple, there are several caveats you need to know about…

Use it 1-2x per week for 30-60 minutes at a time, or only as needed. For something like a back injury, you can use a healing program every day to speed things along.

No physical exercise or working at the computer while the program is running. Dr. Forti recommends turning off the Internet during your session, and it’s best to treat it like a meditative experience since you have to be holding the crystals for the entirety of your session.

You can place the crystals on different parts of your body. For something like a knee injury, you can use the many programs in Trinfinity8 (swelling reduction, anti-inflammation, pain reduction, tissue repair, etc.) while putting the crystals directly on the site of injury.

Your session can be customized in numerous ways. Session duration, intensity of energy you take in, the order in which your chosen programs play, etc.

Results will highly vary depending on you, your conditions, and how often you use Trinfinity8. Changes can happen from a few hours to a few days after a session. Some people have spiritual experiences, others feel a meditative calm, and subtle energy effects such as warmth and hand tingling have been reported.

Where to Buy Trinfinity8 Technology & Test it For Yourself

I want ALL my readers and subscribers to experience the Trinfinity8 technology first-hand.

So if you’re interested in being part of the movement where technology is used to ENHANCE consciousness and not the other way around, there are three things you can do…

1) Try the Trinfinity8 Energy On-The-Go smartphone app for iPhone users

This $3.99 app available on the Apple App Store is a small sampler of how powerful the technology powering Trinfinity8 can really be.

While wearing your earbuds/headphones, you put your thumbs on your screen and hold them there while mathematical algorithms are streamed to your body via the screen and audio.

Like the real thing, the app will also display geometric fractal images while using one of the four included programs:

  • Balanced energy – makes more energy in your body available for use throughout the day
  • “I feel good” – puts you in a more positive mood for happiness, love and forgiveness by boosting endorphin production
  • Libido boost for males/females – Improves desire, stamina, arousal, and sexual energy

Think of this as a portable solution that helps you feel better and less stressed, but DO NOT fool yourself into believing it can replace the real thing.

The YouTube video below will show you what it’s like to use the smartphone app:

2) Find a clinical practitioner who is qualified to offer you a Trinfinity8 session.

This is a great alternative for people who want to use the Trinfinity8 technology without having a device in their own home.

The featured doctors can do in-person sessions or remote sessions (in which the energy will be sent “virtually” to your address).

However… do keep in mind that not every available doctor offering Trinfinity8 will be featured on this page due to censorship concerns.

So if you want to know whether a doctor knowledgeable about Trinfinity8 exists in your area, contact Dr. Forti herself following the instructions below…

3) Fill out the contact form on the Trinfinity8 website if you want a one-on-one session from Dr. Forti, a remote session from Dr. Forti, or a device for your own house. 

Call 310-367-2735 or email [email protected] and mention my name (Jay Campbell) to receive a 10% discount ($800 value)!

If you go for the last option, you will get free software/hardware upgrades for life

Alternatively, use the contact form if you have any questions or concerns that haven’t been answered in the FAQs.

I’ll end this article with a quote from Dr. Forti’s book that exposes why no healing modality will help you unless you CHOOSE TO BE READY TO HEAL:

“Receiving is something a lot of us have trouble with.

Giving is easy, but truly allowing the healing to take place requires a letting go.

Acceptance also entails submission to a higher power.

Being open to receiving opens a very powerful conduit.

Unfortunately, on an unconscious level, some of us don’t think we deserve such a gift.

We consciously say we want to be healed, but can actually block it from happening by our underlying negative beliefs.

What I learned was that you had to ask your own guidance to come in and work with you, and you had to really want to heal from a soul’s perspective.”

As always…

Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!

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