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Success Stories

Carl J.

I made the decision to begin to loose weight on
January 11, 2018.

That lead me through serendipitous events to stumble on to your Youtube channel and all I can say is, WOW.

I began devouring your content like a machine.

I just knew that I had to get optimized.

You kept me motivated and inspired through out the entire year.

I have 60 [sixty] fucking pounds of fat off my body
because of your motivation and my determination to be disciplined and stay focused.

I am now also working with Dr. Keith Nichols, who is helping me with my hormonal optimization.

I am a man, who has FOREVER been changed by the work and dedication of men like the both of you.

I weep from a grateful heart, as it is all I have to offer.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope and a light to men like me! THANK YOU!!!


“I started following and working with Jay after seeing him discuss his books on twitter, and picked up the
TOT Bible.

I was blown away at his depth of knowledge and level of detail, supported by study after study.

After seeing the level of material Jay was putting out,
I also picked up “Metabolic Blow Torch Diet”, and it was at the same level, mind blowing info.

I could go to a hundred doctors or trainers and not get the same level of knowledge.

Jay’s personal help and coaching gave me a huge jump start in getting my testosterone optimization dialed in!

As you can see, it worked exactly as he told me it would!

Mike M.

Jay, I’ll try to put into words what you’ve meant to me this year.
I found you in January and started my transformation in March.
I purchased the Metabolic Blowtorch Diet and the TOT Bible to begin my journey.
Just 6 months ago I weighed in at 248lbs.
I felt horrible and I knew I needed to change.
My initial bloodwork came back with a total testosterone score of 116 ng/dl.
I followed the intermittent fasting plan outlined in the Metabolic Blowtorch Diet and immediately started TRT with doses of Metformin and Dessicated Thyroid.
I quickly lost 15 lbs in a matter of weeks.
I started feeling better and looking better as well.
Fast forward to today and I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt at 195 lbs.
I probably have another 10 lbs of stubborn lower belly fat to melt and I know that won’t take long either.
However, for as big as a physical transformation that I’ve gone through, nothing compares to how I feel.
I have energy throughout the entire day now.
No longer do I yawn or get fatigued halfway through the day.
I’m 37 and I feel like I’m 20 again.
My libido couldn’t be higher as a result and my latest bloodwork has come back with a total testosterone score of 1,100 ng/dl.
What a difference your body can make when it’s optimized and working for you instead of against you.
Having lived this lifestyle now for the better part of the year, I can honestly say that’s it’s not a fad and it’s here to stay.
Thank you Jay Campbell for all that you put out on a daily basis aiming to improve men’s lives no matter where we’re all starting from.

Dennis P.

As a 47 year old man, working with Jay Campbell and following his fasting protocols found in his books the Blowtorch Diet and Guaranteed Shredded, I was able to dramatically reduce body fat in less than 4 weeks.

His diet specifically targeted the fat around my midsection and chest which gave me the noticeable results I was looking for.

I was reluctant at first because I didn’t know if I was going to be able to follow the fasting intervals due to hunger pangs. After the first couple of days I was hooked. Quite honestly, the fast adaptation happened within 4 days I barely even noticed it.

Not only did I hit my physical goals, but I also experienced some amazing cognitive benefits. When following Jay’s fasting protocols, I felt energetic,
refreshed and my cardio and weight lifting sessions were great.

I have totally adopted this dietary approach as my lifestyle now as it’s so easy to follow and convenient.

If you’re reading this testimonial right now, I can’t recommend Jay’s lifestyle more strongly for meeting your health and fitness goals.

Carl J.

5 years ago at the age of only 28 I found himself suffering the anguish of low testosterone. I was anxious, depressed, with no sex drive and had completely lost enthusiasm for life.

Under Jay’s guidance and mentorship I saw an incredible transformation – not only in my physique, but my entire life. My physical transformation served as a massive catalyst for change, as I went on to set up my own successful coaching business and write a bestselling book on men’s health. I now teach Men these same revolutionary principles each and every day!

If you’re reading this right now, and find yourself in a similar place, I guarantee Jay can help you too!

Carl J.

Thank You For Helping Me Change My Life for the Better!

This week marks one year for me following your training, diet, hormone and mindset protocols.

You have no idea how much your influence has helped me become a better human being!

Thanks again!

Sonny A.

Jay Campbell is one of the leading experts in the world within the realm of health and fitness.

This has long been established and was made official when he released The Definitive TRT MANual in 2015.

His newest 4 books measure up to the Jay Campbell Standard because they are each REVOLUTIONARY.

Jay has clearly done his research and his readers’ before/after progress pics (including mine) show the effectiveness of his fasting diets.

Tom I.

Prior to working with Jay, I was floundering in search of a new direction.

As a 52 year old, I have put a lot of time in the weight room but was in need of massive fine tuning a fresh start.

It’s nearly impossible to find a leveled knowledgeable practitioner in the science of Testosterone Optimization.

Jay has always been a bold voice advocating a sensible approach in the context of health and longevity.

He guided my protocol every step of the way. Jay would fine tune my regimen both nutritionally and with regards to optimizing my TOT protocol but only when I needed it.

The results as you can see for yourself have been spectacular.

Jay, thank you for everything!

Steve G.

As a 48 year old man and successful entrepreneur, I’ve taken my fair share of ‘Test Boosters’ etc.

I reached out to Jay and then began a program with him for a year.

I started at 12% body fat. We optimized my hormones (I switched Doctors to one in his network)and he had me massively clean up my diet.

I experienced substantial increases in strength in many major lifts.

The final two weeks Jay also prepared me for a photo shoot.

I followed his protocol to the letter and successfully dropped my body fat % to 5.5% and had amazing energy the entire time.

Jay’s plan was 100% backed by science and it worked exactly as he said it would.

Josh B.

As a 34 Year old Man seemingly on top of the world and GM of a large successful auto dealership, behind closed doors I felt anything but. The energy I had in my 20’s was gone and I was feeling run down. Thankfully I knew of Jay from a mutual aquaintence. I reached out to him and within one phone call I knew I was working with a person who was going to change my life. Jay advised me on Testosterone Optimization Therapy while also connecting me with a Doctor in his network.

Between following the recommendations of my Doctor and Jay’s mentorship and protocol observation, I was able to not only put on 15 lbs of muscle (while dropping body fat), I completely transformed my social and dating life to heights I had not yet previously achieved.

Working with him taught me to replace my nagging anxiety with a steady, optimistic confidence. So much so, I even met the love of my life and married her.
Jay has truly helped me realize nobody has to accept getting older without the ability of getting metabolically younger. I look better now at almost 35 than I ever did in my teens and 20’s.

If you are a man who wants to go from good to better, or better to best, I recommend you work with Jay Campbell

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