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Agents of Change and TOT: How to Use Medications to Build the Ultimate You


Anyone who commits to Testosterone Optimization Therapy shows a strong will to improve themselves and allow their body to reach its ultimate potential. However, having help along the way certainly doesn’t hurt, and “agents of change” are substances that can provide this assistance. When you take them along with TOT, you can radically alter your physique and enhance your performance. Agents of change can be supplements, exotic substances and even medications that can help bring about a healthy lifestyle change. If you want to learn how to use medications to build the ultimate you with TOT, keep on reading! We’ll list medicines that can be used exactly for that purpose:  


As a medication dubbed a “wonder drug,” it’s no surprise that Metformin has an excellent reputation. It is a medication that’s being used primarily as the treatment for diabetes. However, recent findings such as that of a long-term study Targeting Aging with Metformin seem to cast it in a little different light. Specifically, researchers are now looking into Metformin’s ability to delay the onset of age-related diseases and conditions such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. A closer look reveals how Metformin works and its recommended use:

  • It enhances insulin sensitivity and lowers blood levels of insulin;
  • It reduces the formation of advanced glycation end-products that dramatically accelerate the process of developing heart diseases;
  • It inhibits the liver’s ability to release glucose into the bloodstream;
  • It has shown life-extending qualities in people with diabetes that use it;
  • The recommended dose for men is 500 mg twice a day on an empty stomach.


Cialis is a drug that’s often connected with erectile strength enhancement for older men, but it can be for much more than that. Any aging male whose goal is to improve their life optimization with TOT could benefit from taking Cialis. It might be just as effective as Metformin when it comes to delaying aging. Here’s how Cialis works and how to use it:

  • It opens the blood vessels for increased blood flow;
  • It helps with benign prostate hyperplasia;
  • It reduces inflammation in the body and lowers the buildup of plaque in the arteries;
  • It’s a cardioprotective drug;
  • It increases lean muscle tissue in healthy aging men;
  • Recommended daily dose is 2.5 to 7 mg.

Energy Memory Focus

Energy Memory Focus is the strongest over the counter nootropic you can find. It’s great for improving your focus during intense work tasks and improving your energy levels while reducing appetite. As such, it’s a great supplement to take on fasting days before early morning cardio. Optimal dose is between 2 and 5 capsules on an empty stomach, depending on your size and how sensitive you are to stimulants.


Another nootropic and a wakefulness medication, Modafinil provides you with an energy boost before a workout and helps you stay awake and focused. Its powerful effects come from it being a dopamine reuptake inhibitor (DRI), which makes it possible for Modafinil to increase dopamine production while slowing down its breakdown at the same time. It explains it can cause an elevated mood and an enhanced sense of self-being. But take care with dosing, and limit it to 100 mg per day for specific purposes. Talk to your physician about the TOT Bible, which details the use, benefits and the latest research on TOT and agents of change. Feel free to discuss those topics with your doctor, and ask for medications that can improve your life with TOT. To Join the World’s #1 Premium Access Group For Optimizing Your Hormones and Long Term Health, Click Here! 


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