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The “God Stack” For Fully Optimized Health In 2022

Want to know what yours truly is taking RIGHT NOW for reaching and maintaining high-performance health? 

This article is going to reveal my updated “God stack” of Golden Age agents I’m using in 2022 for molecularly altering my body, mind, heart, and soul.

Two and a half years ago, I wrote an article about the top 3 agents I’m taking for optimizing my longevity.

But a lot has happened since then, especially considering it was written right before the COVID-19 pandemic started.

And times have changed… which means I’ve had to elevate my ‘age prevention game’ in order to keep up with an increasingly faster-paced yet more toxic-ridden world.

This stack I’m about to share with you isn’t just about “losing fat” or “building muscle” — the “God stack” is engineered to create a brand new meta human via select biohacking agents.

NOTE: This article is a very short yet high-level summary of what I’m taking and the dosages I’m using. Every section will have a reference article if you want to get deep into the scientific intel of how and why certain agents work (along with side effects and other useful info). 

“God Stack” Agent #1: Therapeutic Testosterone

For a comprehensive explanation of this agent, read The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible.

If you’re a long-time reader of my content, I don’t have to explain why testosterone takes and retains the #1 spot.

(And if you’re still looking for an explanation, my guest article on Ben Greenfield’s website is all you need)

But as I’ve explained in The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Decoded course, the rapid decline of the average male’s natural testosterone levels still rages on.

We can certainly continue to blame endocrine-disrupting chemicals, but by and large, the pandemic-induced “work at home” lifestyles have exponentially increased the incidence of unhealthy habits.

More smoking, higher alcohol consumption, chronic stress levels rising, increased body fat gain, decreased physical movement… I could go on forever.

Testosterone has been — and will be — the lifeblood and foundation for every single facet of health:

Long story short: Testosterone optimization therapy is a game-changing lifesaver for people who have a clinical need for it via symptoms first and blood work second, while working alongside an experienced doctor who knows how to optimize a man’s hormonal levels.

DOSE: Everybody’s dosage will be customized to their health needs as we are all N of 1, but you absolutely MUST use one of the two methods below (to ensure optimal results):

  1. Subcutaneous daily or EOD injection of a testosterone ester such as cypionate or propionate (I spent 18 years using every-other-day injections for a total of 150 mg of injectable testosterone per week)
  2. A compounded trans-scrotal testosterone cream (200 mg of testosterone per gram of cream 200 mg/g with Versa base or HRT base) applied 1-2x/day to a clean, shaven and dry scrotum*

*DO NOT use a “gel” on your balls because it will burn like hell for 3-4 days straight. If it’s not the cream, and it’s not at the 200 mg/g concentration, you won’t properly optimize your T levels and the cream is unlikely to maximize the effects you’re looking for.

Hopefully one day we’ll have an oral version (YES, A TRULY EFFICACIOUS ORAL TEST BOOSTER) that does all of the above equally as well, if not better. 😉 

“God Stack” Agent #2: Desiccated Thyroid

For a comprehensive explanation of this agent, click here.

Desiccated thyroid is my go-to for keeping my thyroid gland in excellent health.

This small yet powerful body organ is responsible for regulating your metabolic rate, alongside other important bodily processes such as heat production and heart rate.

In fact, poor production of thyroid hormones (T1, T2, T3, T4) by your thyroid gland is what leads many people towards unexplainable hair thinning, loss of cognition, and a seeming inability to lose weight.

But where many people go wrong is either through extreme crash diets that don’t “reset” your thyroid hormone production relative to your ideal body weight…

… or abusing the use of synthetic thyroid hormones to artificially increase your body’s fat-burning rate while in a caloric deficit (the same way bodybuilders abuse testosterone via supraphysiological doses).

That’s where desiccated thyroid comes into the picture: It’s a naturally derived mixture of all four major thyroid hormones that DOES NOT interfere with your body’s regular thyroid hormone production.

The side effects are fewer compared to synthetic T3 or T4, and they’re just as useful for people suffering from inferior thyroid hormone regulation.

DOSE: 30-60 mg (I prefer Armour Thyroid) taken 1-2/xday, once in the morning while fasted and a second dose in the mid-afternoon if I need it. 

Please make sure that (a) You have a CLINICAL need for desiccated thyroid, and (b) you are regularly doing the blood work for the biomarkers described within the reference article. 

“God Stack” Agent #3: Metformin

For a comprehensive explanation of this agent, click here.

Discovered in 1922, we’ve had this plant-derived agent available to us for exactly 100 years.

Its primary use is as an anti-diabetes drug for increasing insulin sensitivity, lowering systemic inflammation, and decreasing glucose absorption.

Yet it does so much more for already-healthy humans who seek fully optimized health: Extended lifespan, multiple mechanisms for anti-cancer activity, protection against cognitive decline, improvement of bad gut health, and the possession of cardioprotective properties.

I still hold the opinion that Metformin is a God-given “therapeutic wonder drug” for enhancing human longevity and vitality.

Yet the past 60 years have shown that Metformin is surrounded by constant misinformation, in spite of being safer and far more extensively studied than 99% of pharmaceutical drugs.

Much of the false intel about Metformin can be explained by:

  • Inappropriate dosages used
  • Misleading context about the human populations used (almost always these studies are done in diseased and co-morbid patient population groups)to make certain conclusions in select studies
  • A failure to read the fine print of what regulatory agencies have said about it
  • A complete misunderstanding of basic pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

There are really only two conditions where Metformin’s benefits do not outweigh the risks:

  1. Your kidneys are SEVERELY impaired (if only slightly, there are many instances where Metformin is still clinically OK and optimal assuming patient lifestyle modulation)
  2. You are a top 1% powerlifter/strength athlete competing in the most elite events the world has to offer, due to slight reduction of maximal power output from M-tor regulation

And if you have to ASK yourself whether you are an elite-level athlete or not, there’s a near-100% chance you belong to the latter.

DOSE: 500-1000 mg 2x/day for men, 250-500 mg 2x/day for women. Take the first dose in the early morning while fasted, and the second dose right before dinner. 

“God Stack” Agent #4: Melanotan 1

For a comprehensive explanation of this agent, click here.

This peptide is singlehandedly the best pharma compound in existence for consciousness expansion and melanin boosting.

Ancestral researchers and shamans always knew about the connection between melanin and vibrating at a higher frequency, and the work of Dr. Frank Barr was instrumental in validating this connection.

It has helped me attain a much more still state of mind where I am calmer and more grounded, certainly more than anything I have achieved through intense meditation.

There are indeed other health benefits to be conferred, such as…

  • An even yet not-too-dark skin tan (via increased melanin production)
  • Treating skin diseases such as vitiligo
  • Protecting against neuroinflammation and UV-induced damage to your DNA

But by and far, this is what optimizes my spiritual health better than any pharmaceutical agent I’ve ever used in my lifetime.

The only major downside is that you can only get it as a prescription drug (under the name “afamelanotide”) for treating erythropoietic protoporphyria.

As such, you can no longer get it for cheap from research chemical companies like I used to back in the day (15 vials at $10/vial would last me a YEAR).

You’ll need a doctor’s script to get it, not to mention it’s incredibly expensive nowadays.

DOSE: 0.25 mg injected subcutaneously 1-2x/week, for a maximum of 8 months consistently before cycling off for 3-4 months (if you use it for skin tanning, you’ll need a slightly higher dose alongside regular sunlight exposure. )

What About Melanotan 2?

While I’ve previously written about the peptide Melanotan 2 and its health benefits, I no longer recommend it as I believe it has zero purpose. 

If you read the article, I mention that Melanotan 2 has a nasty habit of making your skin Oompa-Loompa orange. Not a healthy browner skin tone… you literally look like an unsightly cartoon character.

While both Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2 produce a “browning” of melanin, Melanotan 2 has a disturbing effect of taking the act of skin tanning a few steps too far.

(There’s a reason it’s called “The Barbie Drug — look up what happens to people who abuse it)

Whereas Melanotan 1 will give you the desired darker color you’re looking for.

But there are three other side effects of Melanotan 2 which I believe are far more severe and more frequent than what’s being reported…

  1. Mole formation and darkening, which may accelerate the development of life-threatening skin cancer depending on your genetics
  2. Increased erectile function to the point of priapism (i.e. an erection lasting several hours to the point of extreme discomfort and pain)
  3. Feeling nauseous

The last one is especially pertinent to me as I was foolish enough to combine Melanotan 1 and a microdose Melanotan 2 prior to a trip I took two months ago in Miami as I was prepping for a photo shoot to promote the Positive Muscular Failure course.

What happens is that you feel fine after your morning injection, but 5 hours later you feel like throwing up.

This effect kicked in while I was mid-flight and it could not have happened at a worse time.

I spent the entire ride locked in the airplane bathroom, hurled over the toilet, experiencing spastic convulsions (i.e. dry heaving)… I felt like puking but nothing came out.

In summation: My article on Melanotan 2 still stands with respect to scientific accuracy and completeness, but in practice I am no longer recommending it. 

“God Stack” Agent #5: Microdose of Human Growth Hormone (Genotropin)

For a comprehensive explanation of this agent, click here.

Human growth hormone (HGH), not to sound like a cliche, literally does damn near everything.

From the time you are born and throughout adulthood, it helps grow your muscles and bones, regular the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, and maintain body composition, along with ensuring every major organ except your brain grows to an appropriate size.

It also happens to be a very frequent weapon in the lives of people focused on life extension and age prevention.

The simultaneous building of muscle and shedding of stubborn body fat makes it an ideal choice for muscle gain without the normal body fat acclimation.

As I mention in the reference article, there are numerous agents and peptides which increase the production, secretion, and “pulse” of HGH.

But if you’re going to use HGH, there is only one kind I recommend, and that would be Pfizer’s Genotropin prescribed to children and adults with growth hormone deficiency:

“Genotropin is a recombinant human growth hormone (also called somatropin). It has the same structure as natural human growth hormone which is needed for bones and muscles to grow. It also helps your fat and muscle tissues to develop in the right amounts. Recombinant means it is made using bacteria instead of being taken out of human or animal tissue.”

True pharma-grade hGH is what I call “the nectar of the gods” for anti-aging.

(Not all ‘Pharma-Grade’ hGH is created equally however and experienced users of ‘other brands’ will be able to understand this distinction once they’ve used Genotropin. Norditropin GH from Nordisk is also a high quality hGH that compares similarly to Genotropin from Pfizer.)

When hGH is micro-dosed appropriately, it is a life-extension agent that DOES NOT interfere with your body’s natural production of hGH while sleeping. (There are people who will debate this statement but it’s up to the end user to determine via IGF-1 laboratory readings upon use and discontinuing of use)

DOSE: 2 IU’s a day injected subcutaneously and best taken in the early morning while fasted, avoiding food 30 minutes before using it and 1.5 hours after using it. I take it from Monday-Friday and cycle off during the weekends, and perform cardio within 15-30 minutes of using  for maximal fat loss. (Most women can get by with .75-1 iu’s dosing in the same way)

“God Stack” Agent #6: Tesofensine


Image of Jay 6 weeks after adding Tensofensine to the ‘God Stack’ from mid March 2022.

For a comprehensive explanation of this agent, click here.

Once a failed pharmaceutical candidate for treating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the unintended “side effect” of rapid weight loss turned Tesofensine into a superstar candidate for getting shredded to the bone.

But what makes it unique from other fat loss agents is its multi-pronged approach:

  • Reduced physical hunger AND reduced mental cravings via reuptake of dopamine and serotonin
  • Increased basal metabolic rate (i.e. thermogenic), likely through noradrenaline reputake
  • Lowered levels of risk-associated biomarkers such as “bad” cholesterol
  • Sustained weight loss (i.e fat tissue loss, waist reduction) that proves superior to existing weight loss drugs on the market

Yet it also happens to increase BDNF production, which strengthens your direct connection to source consciousness while elevating your mood and increases overall cognition.

Better long-term memory, a clearer mind, stronger ability to focus on difficult tasks, faster speed of learning… all from a single growth factor produced in your brain.

While the majority of fat loss agents only focus on 1-2 of the above aspects related to fat loss, Tesofensine does them all and does each one exceptionally. 

I’ve been using this drug for the past 2 months and I am the leanest I have ever been with the least amount of work.

If you’ve ever seen my recent pictures I took for Positive Muscular Failure, that’s the power of Tesofensine in action.

The only place you can get Tesofensine is through Peptide Sciences, and it’s the ONLY time I will recommend this vendor.

Your other option is to get a script from a doctor, but you’re looking at ~$1,000 for a 90-day supply!

DOSE: One 0.5 mg tablet first thing in the morning while fasted every day, The research shows this medication continues to produce results 6 months into use so my recommendation is to use it during the months of the year you want to remain the leanest. 

“God Stack” Agent #7: Melatonin

For a comprehensive explanation of this agent, click here.

The only time I’ve ever done an extensive look at Melatonin was as a possible preventative and early treatment option for COVID-19.

Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties, combined with its over-the-counter availability, made it a useful agent alongside ascorbic acid.

But emerging research suggests it is far more useful for many other applications:

“Some studies have shown that melatonin may also be effective in breast cancer, fibrocystic breast diseases, and colon cancer. Melatonin has been shown to modify immunity, the stress response, and certain aspects of the aging process; some studies have demonstrated improvements in sleep disturbances and “sundowning” in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

The antioxidant role of melatonin may be of potential use for conditions in which oxidative stress is involved in the pathophysiologic processes. The multiplicity of actions and variety of biological effects of melatonin suggest the potential for a range of clinical and wellness-enhancing uses.”

Yet you won’t go wrong using Melatonin to reduce jet lag symptoms and improve all aspects of deep sleep (falling alseep faster, staying asleep, resetting your circadian rhythm, etc.).

Not much more to say here, other than I’ve grown fond of this agent for the reasons stated above.

DOSE: 10-30mg taken 90 minutes before bed (according to recent research, higher doses of Melatonin appear safe for human consumption. Experiment first by starting low and going slow with regard to adjusting your dosage upward)

BONUS: Fasting Every Other Day

For a comprehensive explanation of this agent, read The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet.

If you can fast for 20 hours a day, 3-4 times a week, you will radically alter your body composition with or without the agents I’ve mentioned so far.

You can indeed get down to 5% body fat and be peeled… but it will just be a bit harder.

As I wrote in my book, there are numerous proven health benefits of fasting:

  • Lower risk of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Extended lifespan
  • Decreased blood pressure and cholesterol readings
  • Reduction of insulin resistance
  • Faster metabolism

If you’re approaching a fast as I teach in The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, or Guaranteed Shredded for rapid yet extreme fat loss, the trick to melting stubborn body fat is catecholamine activation (i.e. increased production of epinephrine and norepinephrine).

Here’s the simple explanation of why this is important:

“To burn, or “mobilize,” fat, your body produces chemicals known as catecholamines. These molecules travel through your blood and “attach” to receptors on fat cells, which then triggers the release of the energy stored within the cells to be burned for energy.

Now, fat cells have two types of receptors for catecholamines: alpha- and beta-receptors. To keep this simple, beta-receptors speed up fat mobilization, whereas alpha-receptors hinder it.

And here’s the big difference between “regular” and “stubborn” fat: Fat that is easy to lose has more beta-receptors than alpha-, and fat that is hard to lose has more alpha-receptors than beta.”

The stubborn body fat doesn’t come off unless your body is in fight or flight response mode, which is when you “attack” your most troublesome fat-accumulating areas.

Fasting 20-24 hours does exactly that.

CONCLUSION: Go Forth And Become A Meta Human with the Ability to Look Like This!


Jay (51) and Monica 50 both consistent users of the God Stack

I’ve given you the “God Stack” of must-have compounds for optimizing every single facet of health — 7 Golden Age agents and a dietary practice that goes all the way back to our primitive hunter-gatherer days.

Of course, just using these agents and sitting on the couch won’t be enough.

You need to have the basics in place — cardiovascular training, intelligent weight training, a clean diet, deep sleep, and a well-constructed plan for achieving your fitness goals.

But these agents can make an already-difficult journey of cellular aging far easier to complete… and at a much faster pace.

As always…

Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!

PS – For even MORE agents in my “God Stack” not featured in my articles, join The Fully Optimized Health Private Membership Group.

It’s your greatest opportunity to fully optimize your health, gain total access to myself and network with high-level men and women looking to 10X their life.


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