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The Path of High Enlightenment & Multidimensional Existence w/Wade Lightheart

Physical optimization makes a bigger impact when it moves along with spiritual optimization.

How does dealing with a less than optimal microbiome, and experiencing digestive stress impact our overall optimization?

Where is humanity in the spiritual enlightenment journey?

What were the most transformative experiences in our guest’s life that changed his spiritual trajectory?

On this episode, I’m honored to be joined by author, speaker and digestive health specialist, Wade Lightheart, who shares his journey and all the facets of optimization that matter to him.

If you have a spiritual practice or doctrine, and a way to follow, it gives you a context and perspective and a way out of the suffering. -Wade Lightheart

At the start, Wade shared how he got to where he is today, and the life experiences that shaped him.

Next, we talked about the emerging and frightening trend of digestive health related issues so many Americans are facing.

We also talked about how society is moving into a new world and why technology is paving the way.

We also discussed:

  • What it takes to have a fulfilling life
  • The link between a healthy diet and metabolic flexibility
  • The moment that transformed Wade’s life spiritually

Three Takeaways

You cannot maintain metabolic flexibility if you have dysbiosis and an inflammatory gut.

If you don’t take extreme and drastic measures to eat clean, your health will be incarcerated.

If you consume food that does not get digested properly, it becomes food for the bad bacteria lining your digestive tract(microbiome), which is why you wake up with brain fog, crusty eyes or low energy.

We’re on the precipice of a massive vibrational revolution.

We are multidimensional beings but we’re forced to look at things in a linear way.

Guest Bio-

Wade is an author, speaker and the CoFounder and Director of Education at BiOptimizers, a digestive health company. He is the host of The Awesome Health podcast and also serves as an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute. Few alive have traveled farther or crusaded harder on behalf of helping individuals transform their digestive health, wellness and overall lives than Wade T. Lightheart.

After competing in Mr. Universe and his health failing him following a competition victory, Wade began to search for answers. In the process, he learned so much about what makes digestion work, along with other principles that form what he calls the AWESOME health system. Wade is a 3-Time Canadian All Natural Bodybuilding Champion who competed as vegetarian, former Mr. Universe Competitor.

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Books Mentioned

Bringers of Now

Many Lives, Many Masters

Power vs. Force

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