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When Should You Take Supplements


In a perfect world, you all would eat complete protein with every meal, eat vegetables daily, drink clean water, get solid sleep, have some fruit perhaps, or whole grains, or organ meats, exercise, and sweat often, get regular sunlight, have hobbies that de-stress you, have a supportive social network, and altogether enjoy a healthy and abundant life. The reality is that what I just described may be the dead opposite of how you actually live. Or half opposite. And in that case, yeah, supplements are probably going to be useful. Our lifestyles are deficient across so many areas that we do end up having to “fill in the gaps”. Supplements is an umbrella term. It could be protein powder, fat burners, stimulants, nootropics, appetite suppressants, multivitamins, minerals, herbs, fish oil, joint support, sleep aids, and much more. Whether you need to take ANY of these things is dependent entirely upon yourself. I always make the point, there is no mandatory supplement that you MUST take. Mankind has survived without supplements for 99% of human history. Supplements often fall into the “silver bullet” category of products. People want to believe in magic, they want holy grail solutions, they want a pill they can take. Unfortunately, that’s not how health works. At all. Supplements CAN be useful, and they CAN be necessary at times. But this is 50/50, situation dependent. Situations in which supplements could be utilized; -General health-taking a multi-vitamin MIGHT be relevant if you know you don’t eat your vegetables. Same with taking fish oil. -micronutrient deficiency-Vitamin D, Vitamin B, magnesium, vitamin K, zinc, and any other possible micronutrient that you may not be getting enough of -Protein supplementation-Protein powder is CONVENIENT, and that makes it USEFUL -Energy booster-caffeine falls into this category, as do most stimulants and nootropics -Case by case injury, illness, high-stress situation-This applies to everyone. There is no universal supplement I recommend anyone take. Rather, it is circumstantial, and requires auditing your diet, lifestyle, training, and then making some estimations of what could be beneficial. Are there supplements that are useless and a waste of money? ABSOLUTELY! But I’d basically be sending you a list of 100 and 1 things it if that were the subject of this email. What supplements should people take? I can make general suggestions based on the average lifestyle and health issues that Americans have. -I think a protein powder is useful for most people -I think most Americans are likely deficient in Vitamin D, based on current evidence Beyond that, everything is guestimation, and there is both evidence and counter evidence for my guesses. I suggest things on a case by case basis, not population by population. This is why I hate getting asked the question of

“What supplements should I take??

=I HAVE NO IDEA. This is akin to randomly asking a doctor what medication you should be on. Except he knows nothing about you, has never examined you, and will never see you. Any question that falls into this “sight unseen” line of questions is a shitty question. And supplements for what? All of this said, if you have questions about supplements, ASK. If I don’t know the answer, I can likely refer you to someone that does. And since someone is going to ask anyways, here is the list of the things I recommend the most: My Recommended Supplements

  1. Whey Isolate Protein Powder – Its protein powder. Its useful. You probably need more protein in your diet anyways. Use the discount code AJAC235 for 5% off. Get the chocolate or vanilla flavoring
  2. Creatine – ANYONE can take creatine, Male or female. If you exercise consistently, consume 5 grams daily with plenty of fluid, or 3 grams if you are female. The benefits are extensive
  3. Vitamin D – Most people are deficient. Consume with a fatty meal for best absorption, 2000ius a day
  4. Zinc and Magnesium – Something many people are also unknowingly deficient in. Topical absorption is the best method of delivery. You can also consume it orally before bed. I prefer the spray.
  5. Fish Oil – Very good for joint health, and hair skin and nail health
  6. Multivitamin – I don’t actually recommend multis too often, but people always want to take them. This is the brand I’d buy from
  7. Coffee – Yes, coffee isn’t truly a supplement. But it has caffeine, it’s packed with antioxidants, and you probably drink it already. So good job.
  8. EMF – The best over the counter nootropic I’ve ever used. You will be like a laser for hours on this stuff.
  9. RED – This is an anti-inflammation, anti-stress adaptogen supplement that combines a few very effective ingredients into one product. Very effective if you are caffeine addict and at a “tired all the time” state of life
  10. Testosterone Booster-There is ONE on the entire market that works, Aggressive Strength Test Booster. I’ve used over the years at various junctures when my lifestyle suffered, and I know for a fact it works based on my own blood work. It is important to understand this is only recommended for younger guys who don’t want to potentially interfere with their fertility. TRT for those with a clinical need is still the ultimate solution.


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