The Complete List of my Favorite Bioregulators to Fundamentally Target and Treat the Root Cause of Aging and Dis-EASE

If you’ve been reading about the wonderful world of Bioregulators and are ready to employ them to fundamentally regenerate your biological and organ systems, you’ve come to the right place.

As many of you likely know, I’ve been using Peptides therapeutically since 2004 and learned quite a few things along the way.

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Bioregulators on the other hand are a whole new class of naturally occurring biomolecules that help to enhance diverse cellular processes.

They are fascinating substances in that they are tissue specific by communicating with sections of DNA that then activate genes designed to optimize cellular regeneration.

They function as cellular mediators to help regulate gene expression and to improve protein synthesis.

It is no wonder they are now all the rage among leading biohackers and researchers desiring to slow and ultimately regress aging.

Over the coming months here in 2023 this page will continue to be updated with more and more articles on optimizing your organ systems using specific bioregulators.

In January we wrote this broad overview on bioregulators titled What Are Bioregulators and What Do They do?

We also covered the amazing blood vessel bio regulator Ventfort in April and right after that article we covered the incredible Pineal Gland Bioregulator: Pinealon.

I highly recommend you watch my Podcast with Phil Micans titled Bioregulators: The Sick Care Killers They Don’t Want You to Know About

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