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The Ultimate Men’s Hormonal Health Bundle



Why not become the BEST Man you could be?

These are ALL of my best works on Men’s Hormonal Health put into a single BUNDLE.

Getting and following even 10% of the advice here will put you at the top 0.1% of men in the world in terms of health.

How much more impact would you be able to make in your loved ones’ lives and your surrounding world if your health does not degrade as you age?

How much more of YOUR potential you’ll be able to realize with a peak, hormonally optimized body?

Would you want that?

I put together ALL of my best hormonal health-related intel into this giant thing called…

“The Ultimate Men’s Hormonal Health Bundle”

It’s everything you’d ever need to live your fully realized health.

Here’s what is included in this giant bundle 👇👇👇:

#1) [NEW 🔥] Breaking down the God Stack [PDF and Webinar]

Learn all the supplements and drugs my wife and I use to keep us looking better and younger as we age. There is nobody on planet earth putting out this kind of transparent and in-depth information for ageing Men and Women.

This is a 1-hour webinar I did for my private premium membership FullyOptimizedHealth members explaining the God Stack I recently published on my site. The webinar has a lot more details and context than the article.

This alone is easily worth $99.


#2) Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible [Ebook and Audiobook]

If you just woke up to the reality of low testosterone in your life, and have been rummaging through the internet for raw truth and a voice of hope, then this book is everything you need to get started on a new (amazing) journey.

TOT Bible is the world’s number one book on the topic of Therapeutic Testosterone for Lifelong health and happiness. More than five hundred five-star ratings on Amazon. Thousands of testimonials and lives changed for the better.

600 pages and 20 chapters of solid information about this master hormone.

The Audiobook is read by yours truly and is broken down into individual chapter mp3 files. Easy to play them directly on phone with the Gumroad app.

#3) TOT Decoded [Ebook and Webinar]

In this 2.5-hour webinar, Daniel Kelly (friend and business partner) and I talk about the tip of the spear Testosterone Optimization Therapy as of July 2021. This is very advanced information and a precursor to my TOT Decoded Course which launched 5 months later.

The webinar’s purpose is…

 To show you how to utilize therapeutic testosterone long-term to completely transform your life (and all done within the context of health and longevity)

 To teach you why optimizing your body’s natural levels of testosterone before starting Therapeutic Testosterone is paramount.

 To disprove the negative propaganda in the mainstream medical community about therapeutic testosterone

 To teach you the 10 Commandments of using TOT for long-term health and safety

#4) Vetting Your TOT Doctor [PDF]

Let me save you thousands of dollars, years and a ton of frustration when you decide to begin living the Testosterone-Optimized life.

Simply googling “best TRT Doctor in ”, and trusting the doctors in those internet-suggested clinics is a recipe for heartburn down the years.

Your doctor needs to be an expert in this matter. He must’ve treated hundreds, if not thousands of patients with therapeutic testosterone in his career.

Read the 10 questions (and answers) in this PDF. Ask your newly found doctor these questions. From their answers, you’ll know if you’ve found your TOT/TRT doctor.

Beware all the inexperienced doctors out there. Do NOT risk your health based on internet reviews.

#5) Estrogen – A Master Regulator of Bioenergetic Systems in the Brain and Body [Ebook]


The scientific information as it regards to the necessity of having healthy levels of Estrogen when undergoing Testosterone Optimization Therapy.

Empirical proof that blocking estrogen, only causes harm.


#6) Testosterone Resistance Syndrome (TRS) [Ebook and Webinar]

In this Presentation Dr Keith Nichols and I gave to the SWIS Symposium in Ontario Canada in 2018, we detail the specific case of TRS which is a clinical syndrome characterized by signs and symptoms of testosterone deficiency in combination with a NORMAL serum testosterone concentration.

And we show you that it is all due to EDC – Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical.

It also covers how to combat this issue, the truth about Bio-identical Testosterone, serum versus free testosterone levels, various Testosterone administering mechanisms and our recommendations. And the Prostate cancer myth.

#7) The Natural Testosterone Boosting Myth [Ebook]

More scientific proof regarding the scam that is Testosterone Boosting Supplements.

If you are a man buying Test Boosting supplements, you must read this PDF to once and for all prove you from throwing away your hard-earned money.

#8) Testosterone Therapy & US Veterans [Ebook]
Read this if you are a veteran or know somebody who is. It could be potentially life-changing for them!


Learn how Testosterone Optimization is an effective, but never-spoken-about treatment for war veterans suffering from all sorts of health problems after they return home from duty.

We have failed our Veterans, and our pathetic attempts to help them aren’t working. They did their duty to protect the freedoms we all hold dear, now we need to do our duty and look after them.


#9) The Stone Cold Truth About Anabolic & Androgenic Steroids [Ebook]

“Does taking Testosterone make me a Steroid user who’ll die in a few years of a heart attack?”

Tell me this question isn’t nagging your mind since the time you’ve been reading about how awesome therapeutic testosterone is 😉

You’ll learn all these in this book:

■ Don’t Ask About Steroids Until You Understand Steroids
 A Brief Mention of AAS Drugs (The Most Popular Synthetics)
 Do Anabolic Steroids Make a True Difference?
 The Biological Differences Between Testosterone in Men and Women
 Does TOT Count As Steroids?
 Difference Between TOT and AAS
 Potential Negative Side Effects
 The Effects of AAS on Mood
 What About the Increased Strength and Size?
 How Much Muscle Can I Expect To Gain?
 Low Responders and High Responders
 The Downside to Taking Steroids


#10, #11) Two TOT Decoded Q&A Webinars I did (separately) with Dr Brandon Chastant and Dr Keith Nichols

Both of these webinars from December 2021 are as good as anything ever recorded concerning Q&A when working with a Doctor to optimize your Testosterone.

The last 30 minutes of each Video is GOLD and must listen to understand the importance of working with Doctors of this calibre when it comes to enhancing your long-term health and vitality.


#12) A Day in the Life of Jay Campbell [PDF]

Peek into my life to see how I manage my time. My life’s most important things are put on a calendar so I don’t miss them ever.

See how I’m able to run multiple businesses, meet people, write stuff, interview people, workout, and practice spirituality, while also spending quality time with my wife and kids.

This is a 2-page PDF showing the full-day calendar schedule of my mindful and physical training, nutrition and fasting day strategy.

Looking at this will inspire you with ideas to keep your hours busy (which leads to stress-free days).

TWELVE Books and Webinars. Hundreds of pages and hours of audio and video content – ALL serving the singular goal of transforming you into a hormonally Fully Optimized Man!

Click the “I want this!” button to get it all now for the launch price of only $99.

NOTE: Price goes up next week to $150, and then to $199 a week after that.


Testimonials for The Ultimate Men’s Hormonal Health Bundle

So, I turned 47 last year and not that 47 is considered a milestone, but something “clicked” and I started wanting to take better care of myself. As a big part of that “switch” I started to research everything. There is SO much good information to sift through but I ultimately ended up hearing about Jay Campbell from a podcast. After listening to him, I immediately knew he was on to something, with his and his team’s research on testosterone

This bundle isn’t a sit down and all at one time, plow through it, because it is PACKED with great and more importantly NEW thinking and research.

If you’re interested in learning about testosterone, how to take ownership of your health, specifically around the benefits of regulating your testosterone levels, you need to buy this book bundle.

Honestly, I feel like I probably know more than my doctor about my own levels, after reading all of this

All of the information is a continual reterence.

—— Jason L

This really explains in a beautiful user friendly visual way the power and the how to of optimizing your hormones which are the key to life – quality of life!

The nutrition and supplementation info found inside these resources is worth the price alone.

The knowledge in this bundle will change your life and possibly save your life if applied.

It will keep you from living in the pharmaceutical hell the standard medical matrix tries to put us all into by teaching you what you need to know to live a healthy optimized lifestyle.

I can not recommend this highly enough!

—— HWL

If you’re going through life feeling like you’re heading up hill, short of a couple cylinders, all the while lacking the alertness you used to thrive on, then this information is for you.

If you’ve had your Testosterone checked, and it’s barely on the chart, but your Dr. says “don’t worry about it, you’re in the normal range”, then this is DEFINITELY for you right now!

Jay has done an outstanding job explaining things in Lehman’s terms that are understandable to all, while still giving great detail on the science, including all the reference material that was used in his research.

I believe my NEW Dr. whom I just recently met with for the first time has given the best complement to Jay’s info when he explained to me with pleasant surprise that I far and away had a more firmer understanding of what was happening in my body, and what the potential solutions were than virtually every other patient he speaks to.

All of the knowledge he spoke of came to me from Jay’s works!

—— Anthony Free

Due to the nature of the product, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS for this purchase unless you experience an ACT OF GOD that requires me in good conscience to refund you.

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