2023: My New Interview with UltimateHuman.Org

February 1, 2023

I AM happy to report that I’ve recently hit #1 in multiple categories (Men’s Health, Alternative Therapies and Alternative Medicine) in multiple countries on Amazon with my newest and 6th book:

“Optimize Your Health with Therapeutic Peptides.”

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, be sure to tap the link above! 👆 

As part of this book release & launch, I made some time to share my latest thoughts on biohacking, health, and wellness…

So, alongside other leading health pros, I took part in a brand new interview series to talk about my KNOWINGS.

I also revealed what I AM most excited for in the future of anti-aging, longevity, and performance.

We covered things like:

  • What I would change about the modern-day healthcare system
  • What I wish more people knew about health & wellness
  • And much more…

Don’t miss it!

Go read the full article here:

UltimateHuman.Org Interviews Jay Campbell

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