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The Power of Peptides & How to Use Them Effectively w/Stephen McCain

Peptides have accelerated the optimization space by at least half a century.

While allopathic medicine plays catch up, people are fine-tuning every aspect of their wellbeing, doing what was impossible a few years ago.

Peptides are powerful and capable of many things, but they are also heavily misunderstood and misused.

Some people want to jump straight into them without getting the basics in check, and that’s a mistake.

What’s the right way to approach peptides?

In this episode, 2x Olympic Gymnast and Human Optimization and Performance expert, Stephen McCain and I discuss where the world is today, and how to get the most out of peptides. 

The news is designed to play with your mind 

-Stephen McCain

Three Things We Learned 

  1. The last place you want to be when things go south
    How do we escape the low vibration and victimhood energy in the big cities?
  2. 50 years ahead of allopathic medicine
    How have peptides made what used to be impossible totally doable?
  3. Earn your carbs
    Why do we have to align our starch intake with our training?


Guest Bio

Stephen McCain is a 2x Olympic Gymnast, World Champion Silver Medalist,

Hall of Fame inductee, and has performed on every continent except Antarctica, as well as film, television, and commercials in Hollywood, CA.

Stephen has a passion for Human Optimization & Performance and helping others achieve their goals with health & fitness. At 50, Stephen believes it’s possible to redefine the limitations of age. 

You can learn more about Stephen at

You can also send an email to [email protected] and [email protected].


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