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Why being MINDFUL and SPIRITUALLY FIT is essential



If you desire to achieve high-levels of productivity AND happiness, you need to practice being MINDFUL and SPIRITUALLY FIT.

In this day and age of high speed internet and apps that compete for your attention with entertainment, you need to be mindful to be able to get any thing done at all. And if you’re not careful, these things will eat the joy out of living. You won’t notice it at the moment though. But one day, when you raise your head and look around, you’ll notice decades have passed and all you did was endless terabytes of entertainment and you’ll have nothing to show for all that lost years.

So get serious and learn to be mindful with this short book.

Learning to be mindful will lead to increased productivity.
It’ll teach you to be aware of the moments you are spending away from your life’s important goals and mission. When you catch yourself getting lost in scrolling mindless videos instead of getting back to work, you’ve won the moment. But you need to keep winning these moments throughout the day for the day to really matter. Being mindful teaches you to catch yourself during such distractions very often.

This will result in your goals actually being accomplished! Among the thousands of people who can only start a project but could not finish it, you will be the exception. You will be able to finish what you started. You will be the one who can visualize a goal, create plans and then go about bringing it to reality.

Growing up, we all had so many desires. But we end up accomplishing none, or very few of them because of our inability to get things done. When you learn to be mindful, your productivity will skyrocket and your desires will all be realized.

Learning to be mindful will only make you happy.
Happiness is seeing life’s exceptional beauty and unlimited power in small ordinary moments. Being mindful will teach you to notice the small, but important things in life and will make you pause and appreciate it.

Being mindful teaches you to be grateful. No matter how much you think you have it bad, there’s always something that you’re taking for granted and something that deserves your notice and appreciation. Being mindful will lead to being grateful, which will in turn lead to being happy. You don’t need to spend a penny for happiness.

What’s in the book?

■  Easy to learn and easy to do mindfulness techniques. Techniques taught by Jay and Bill Donahue
■  Thoughts are things. Thoughts become things. An intro to Quantum physics. And how you can use it to get what you want out of life.
■  The power of Affirmations. AKA Conscious Intent. At this point, you’d be stupid to question their effectiveness. Several successful people. living and in the past, have used them to achieve a truly marvelous and unbelievable life.
■  Taking ownership of your REAL Identify. Learn what it is and how to identify and associate with it once and for all, so that manifesting becomes stupid easy.
■  The importance of achieving Universal Consciousness. The whole Universe is within you, just as you are in the Universe. Learn how this knowledge will decimate all hatred from your mind and how it’ll finally lead you to this amazing thing called “Unconditional Love”.
■  “The Gift is in the Shit”. Learn how to derive contentment from your own soul and mind which you can control, instead of seeking it in the external world, which you can’t.

Click the “I want this” button right now to get book and change your life.

I have been listening to your podcasts and reading your articles since 2014. In this time, I have optimized my health and dramatically improved my quality of life.

After reading Why Being Mindful and Spiritually Fit Is Essential, I have realized that I am missing spirituality and need to focus on soul development.

I would really appreciate any suggestions you have.As of right now, I don’t yet practice any inner work, so I plan to im

This book is amazing Jay. I love seeing how many people are “waking up” around the world. Thank you for being such a great light in the darkness, Jay.

Your message of raising our vibrations is so important.

When enough of us reach the love vibration and work on staying in that state, it will change the world.

Thanks for all that you do,

—— Matt

Thank you for bringing this short but amazing book to the world!

Tears of joy are streaming down my cheeks as I read it.

This is an ultimate life saving humanitarian gift to everyone who seeks to actually live robust and optimized!

Making authentic connections which will create a path for men and women to live their best chemistry, psychology, and physiology!

Deep gratitude for you and your professional companions who are
changing the world for the better… the actual way it’s meant to be!


—— Deanna Hoffmann

Due to the nature of the product, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS for this purchase unless you experience an ACT OF GOD that requires me in good conscience to refund you.

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