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Finally: A Clinically-Proven Way To Reverse Erectile Dysfunction from the Privacy of Your Own Home

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is no longer a funny story you talk about In private with your friends.

It is now a worldwide epidemic affecting millions of men around the world regardless of age.

The stats prove that ED is becoming an increasingly common problem:

The “sick care model” of medicine is obviously not doing its job to treat the issue.

So what is really going on?

The MULTIPLE Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

The major problem with ED is the long list of lifestyle factors contributing to its ever-increasing growth (no pun intended).

Research from the Mayo Clinic reveals many variables at play, including:

  • Physical causes such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, sleep disorders, and high cholesterol
  • Psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions
  • Lifestyle factors such as drug use, heavy drinking, smoking, certain medical treatments and injuries that damage the nerves associated with getting an erection.

And that doesn’t include what I know from speaking with numerous doctors on a daily basis is the new #1 cause, blue light addiction. Yes, you heard that right. Video games, porn, social media and other blue light technologies are rewiring dopaminergic signaling pathways in the brain so dopamine highs are instantly gained from the user’s stimuli of choice. This causes significant issue with dopamine and serotonin response patterning in otherwise healthy men.

However, all of these factors  are only contributors to the root cause of ED.

When plaque builds up in the blood vessels of your penis, it becomes “clogged”.

Because blood flow to your penis is restricted, it becomes far more difficult to get erect and maintain it for a satisfactory period of time.

The more plaque you have, the harder it is to get an erection.

Sounds straightforward enough…except it isn’t.

Why Conventional Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction Do Not Work

Normally when patients present symptoms of ED to doctors, they are given one of two choices.

Their first choice is a prescription for drugs like Viagra or Cialis.

While I continue to promote the use of micro dosages of Cialis as an important medication for improving endothelial function, sometimes it’s not strong enough of a solution for severe sufferers of ED.

Many people have issues such as high blood pressure or prostate problems which prevent them from taking these drugs, formally known as PDE5 inhibitors.

Plus, it’s inconvenient to rely on a crutch such as a blue little pill to get into the mood.

The second option is surgery.

Not only is it ludicrously expensive, but complications can always take place in the form of scar tissue, uncontrolled bleeding and infections.

Unless your surgery involves reconstructing the arteries and veins in your penis to enhance blood flow or prevent blood from escaping, you may get equipped with a prosthetic device(penile implant).

And while this may work, it’s awfully inconvenient to keep “pumping” your device just to get hard.

Out of this frustration, medical doctors around the world have focused on developing a non-invasive treatment which removes reliance on drugs and surgery, and fixes the root cause of ED.

How Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy (L.I.S.T.) Is The Superior Solution For Erectile Dysfunction

LIST is a technology used for the past 20 years by European clinics to treat ED.

Through the use of non-damaging acoustic pulse waves, LIST breaks up the plaque within the vessels of your penis.

In doing so, the vasodilator nitric oxide (NO) is released through an inflammatory process, thereby enhancing blood flow to and around your penis.

(NO is what gets released whenever you take Viagara or Cialis)

More blood flow to your penis directly leads to stronger, fuller erections.

The real benefit, however, comes from LIST’s ability to literally grow new blood vessels through a process called angiogenesis.

Not only are you removing the blocks towards blood flow, but you are also creating many more pathways for blood to enter your penis.

In other words, you are fixing the root cause of ED while simultaneously enhancing your penile health.

LIST has been clinically proven to be effective across numerous random-controlled trials and is FDA-cleared for treating ED.

Additionally, it is far safer compared to methods like complicated surgeries, expensive pharmaceuticals, and hard-to-use penis pumps.

As LIST works using mechanical shocks, rather than electrical shocks, there is no penile damage whatsoever.

Patients feel next to no discomfort, only needing a topical numbing cream in extreme castles of penile sensitivity.

LIST’s safety has been verified across thousands of patients and hundreds of peer-reviewed medical studies.

Plus, with various safety parameters in place, it’s virtually impossible to abuse LIST.

It works perfectly for men who want to optimize their sexual performance, treat ED for good and even fix Peyronie’s Disease (when the penis is curved in a way that creates significant discomfort).

Why Don’t More Patients Use Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction?

Despite the positive benefits of LIST technology, there are still barriers which stop patients from using it.

The main barrier is the high cost associated with using LIST.

Sexual performance clinics have been using LIST for the past 20 years, but you end up paying anywhere from $3,000-$10,000 for treatment.

And often times it takes multiple treatments for men with severe issues.

Many patients simply do not have that kind of money and end up resorting to drugs like Viagra and Cialis instead.

Plus, you can only get this treatment from a trained doctor.

Many men are simply not comfortable dropping their pants in front of a medical expert and having them handle their “junk” with a weird-looking device.

This has always been the case…until now.

The Rocket: A 3 Patent Pending New Device For Upgrading Your Sex Life And Eliminating Erectile Dysfunction With No Drugs, No Side Effects And No Downtime

Dustin Wolff is a Regenerative Medicine practitioner who runs one of the largest and most successful sexual performance clinics in North America.

Out of his frustration with the barriers associated with LIST, he along with his partner created The Rocket.

It’s a LIST-powered device you can use at home all by yourself to fix and reverse ED.

It clears any blood flow blockage in your penis’ blood vessels while promoting the growth of new blood vessels at the same time with absolutely no side effects.

And to be clear, it gives off the exact same energy signature as the super-expensive Swedish LIST-powered devices used by professional ED clinics.

It has also been tested in a small clinical trial, where every patient noticed a dramatic improvement in their sexual performance.

Which means that right now, you can get your sex life back on track in an affordable and highly effective way.

Better yet, you can be sexually active right after a treatment.

You don’t have to wait for hours to experience a mind-blowing orgasm with your partner (and even give them a few while you’re at it)!

Paul Thompson is the Chief Medical Officer for The Rocket and has been using LIST technology in his prestigious Thompson Clinic for more than a decade. He is now using the Rocket on his own patients and has this to say when comparing The Rocket to the ultra exotic $40k + LIST devices:

The Rocket delivers the exact same energy as the super expensive Doctor owned devices.

With the step by step fool proof instructions the results are equivalent

If it’s not already obvious, here are all the benefits you’ll experience – both immediately and in the near future – when you use The Rocket:

  • Firmer and longer-lasting erections
  • A BIG boost in your self-confidence, helping you stand up taller and combat issues with sexual performance
  • A permanent reversal and prevention of ED
  • Lasting longer in bed
  • Stronger orgasms
  • Saving thousands of dollars in ineffective, expensive ED treatments
  • HARD morning wood like you used to have in your teens and 20s
  • Improved relations with your partner
  • No more suffering through painful side effects

This isn’t just a one-off treatment that lasts for one session in the sack.

You will have the positive benefits of The Rocket manifest immediately, and you can expect continuous improvement for up to 90 days.

Some patients even report not needing additional treatment for up to a year!

As an aside, some patients report a small increase in penis size following treatment, due to the increase in tissue growth and new blood vessel formation.

Consider this as a “bonus” benefit, since the LIST is not primarily created for this purpose.

What Is Like To Use The Rocket For Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

The Rocket has been specifically designed for self-administration with great ease and confidence.

One treatment with The Rocket takes 20-25 minutes, and you can use it up to twice a week for optimal results (a normal protocol involves a total of six treatments).

The Rocket is designed for a total of 24 treatments and will need to be renewed as LIST generates extreme levels of energy that can wear the components.

(If this bothers you, know that even $40,000 devices used in the world’s best clinics also require replacement after some use).

While The Rocket can be safely used alongside drugs like Viagara or Cialis, know that most patients who use The Rocket find they no longer need to use the drugs.

An Important Note For Men Who Use The Rocket To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

The Rocket is MOST effective and successful in people who are already healthy and live a fully optimized lifestyle.

Given the right environment and appropriate use of The Rocket, ED can be reversed.

But make no mistake: LIST is only a COMPONENT of a comprehensive routine for optimizing male sexual health.

It is equally important to live a fully optimized life in the form of balancing your hormones, training intelligently, eating a clean diet, and lowering your body fat.

If you do more for yourself in terms of optimizing your health, your sexual performance will be far more enhanced when you use The Rocket.

Dustin Wolf said it best on a recent podcast he did with me talking about The Rocket:

“If you don’t take care of yourself, it’s harder for the shockwave therapy treatment to work. The better you take care of yourself, the better your results are going to be.”

How Can I Get My Hands On The Rocket And Start Treating Erectile Dysfunction Immediately?

Units will begin shipping out on January 2020 at the retail price of $740.

But for a very limited time, pre-orders will be available for interested patients at a significant discount of $350.

This is a fraction of the cost you would have to pay for expensive technology unavailable anywhere else except from the world’s top sexual performance clinics.

I highly suggest you lock in your pre-order discount ASAP, which you can do by clicking here.

You’ll also have access to the following bonuses:

  • Online video tutorials and professional medical staff available for any questions
  • Exclusive videos, audios, and sex tips for upgrading your mind, body and sex life
  • Lifetime discounts on future products, access to all published events and trainings, and secret interviews with industry leaders in male sexual health

If you’re looking for the world’s safest, effective and most affordable at-home treatment for permanently reversing ED, The Rocket is for you.

And if you want more information on The Rocket, watch this podcast I did with Dustin Wolff.


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