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Limitless Life Nootropics

Limitless Life Nootropics

LimitlessLifeNootropics is the only peptide company I give my official endorsement.
Great Care and Caution is given in their Manufacturing process.
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Trifecta Light

If You are Clinician, Chiropractor or Wellness Light Professional, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND placing the 450 PRO Bed into your practice.



Folitin is a revolutionary, topically-applied serum made from a proprietary blend of active peptides that works to reverse hair loss and improve the overall health of your scalp



A Revolutionary form of EMF protection that produces coherent frequencies within the human responsive range, based on mathematical algorithms that mimic nature.

I defend my home and my family from EMF contamination with Blushield Cube!

Purple Power Carbon 60 (C-60)

Performance Matters! Upgrade all facets of your life with the Carbon 60, the ultimate anti-oxidant!

Jay’s Take: Carbon 60 is an absolutely must have supplement for you and your animals. I’m certain I extended my dog Simba’s life by 2-3 years since we started giving him daily C-60.

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Private MD Labs

Be Proactive About Your Health and use the Lab I’ve been working with for more than a decade!

Jay’s Take: Skip the intrusive Dr Questions and Pick One of my 3 Custom Blood Work Lab Panels Today! Basic, Intermediate or Advanced

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8 Sleep

Eight Sleep features patented technology designed to help you fall asleep faster and remain there.
Jay’s Take: After nearly two years sleeping on a temperature regulated mattress, I AM hooked. It is one of the best sleep aids the world has ever seen for people who are hyper-muscular and high energy (vibration). Being able to monitor your biomarkers and sleep hygiene from your phone every day is Golden Age tech.
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Jay’s Take: These Blue Light blocking glasses are very stylish and comfortable. They are available in non-prescription, prescription, and readers.

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The most comprehensive epigenetic testing platform to assess your body’s biological aging and your aging rate.
Learn the best interventions for YOU in order to live longer and stronger!

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