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Products And Providers I Personally Use, Trust, and Recommend

Limitless Peptides

Limitless Life Nootropics is the only peptide company I give my official endorsement. Great Care and Caution is given in their Manufacturing process. Use Code Jay15 to take 15% OFF your purchase.

Trifecta Light

If You are Clinician, Chiropractor or Wellness Light Professional, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND placing the 450 PRO Bed into your practice.


This all natural supplement suppresses your appetite as well as Tirzepatide, can improve and restore gut health, and is an oral capsule requiring no injection.


A Revolutionary form of EMF protection that produces coherent frequencies within the human responsive range, based on mathematical algorithms that mimic nature.

I defend my home and my family from EMF contamination with Blushield Cube!

BioStack Labs

Get the World’s Best Longevity Supplements shipping direct to your door every month at up to 10% OFF!


Harness the Power of Sound Frequency Medicine to Optimize Your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul!

Nutrition Solutions

For Healthy, Sustainable and Grass Fed Pre Packaged Meals, I use Nutrition Solutions

Purple Power C60

Performance Matters! Upgrade all facets of your life with the Carbon 60, the ultimate anti-oxidant!

Jay’s Take: Carbon 60 is an absolutely must have supplement for you and your animals. I’m certain I extended my dog Simba’s life by 2-3 years since we started giving him daily C-60.

Private MD Labs

Be Proactive About Your Health and use the Lab I’ve been working with for more than a decade!

Jay’s Take: Skip the intrusive Dr Questions and Pick One of my 3 Custom Blood Work Lab Panels Today! Basic, Intermediate or Advanced

Take 15% OFF your order by using code: JayC.

Oxford Healthspan

Oxford Healthspan is my go-to recommendation for people looking to supplement with spermidine.

Spermidine has been proven to slow the aging process at the molecular level, and Oxford’s Primeadine product is unmatched.

Save 15% on your order by using the code JAY15 during checkout.

N1O1 and NO2U

Nitric Oxide is a cellular signaling molecule that controls nearly every aspect of our health, from immunity to cardiovascular performance and cognitive function.

N.O. production naturally decreases with age, so I recommend using products from N1O1 and NO2U to restore your body to optimal levels.

Save 10% on any product when you use code JAYC during checkout.

LVLUP Health

LVLUP Health provides practitioner-grade peptide supplements that are safe, effective, and deliver outstanding results!

They’ve combined therapeutic peptides with herbal extracts to produce a catalog of bio-available oral supplements that actually WORK.  

Save 10% on any product when you use code JAYC during checkout.

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