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The Ultimate Guide To Using Therapeutic Testosterone For Optimized Living

Would you believe the best thing that ever happened to me was getting kicked in the balls, hard?
It happened while I was playing basketball.

I had to pull off from the game due to writhing pain. A couple months later I was suffering from severe back pain that left me with daily chronic fatigue.

One Endocrinologist finally found the reason (after bloodwork) and said, “Jay, you are 29 years old and currently have the testosterone levels of an 80-year-old hypogonadal man”

That is when I was introduced to the amazing, life altering powers of Therapeutic Testosterone.

As of February 24th 2023, I’m 52 years old and look like this:

I’ve been using Testosterone in therapeutic doses (unlike the supra-physiologic doses used by Pro-Bodybuilders) for more than 2 decades and I look and feel better than most people in their 20s.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to help teach aging Men the importance of optimizing their hormone levels.

I’ve been blessed to help hundreds of thousands of men reclaim their health and vitality while giving them the ability to live their highest and best life.

All of the articles below are FREE and the most deeply researched articles written about Therapeutic Testosterone over the last decade.

Each article is grouped in a strategic way so you can quickly find the relevant answers to the specific questions you seek.

If you are already on TRT/TOT, many of the articles are must read to ensure your therapy is being done within the context of health and longevity.

If you are not sure about TOT, read the articles under the Low T Symptoms and TOT Benefits section.

If you are considering TOT, but are on the edge due to the chronic misinformation found online, read the “Myths Addressed” section.

Regardless of whether you are newbie or an advanced user, I highly recommend downloading my FREE ebook “Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Therapeutic Testosterone”.

With my decades of hands-on experience using Therapeutic Testosterone, there is no question or answer I don’t already KNOW.

Your most important step in ensuring you are successful long term is finding and working with the right Doctor.

Understanding the top 10 Questions (with answers) to ask a potential Doctor will save you thousands of dollars and untold amounts of aggravation and frustration.

But if you’re like,

“JAY! I don’t HAVE the time to read all these articles/ebook.

I KNOW I want to use Therapeutic Testosterone and I want to ensure I’m doing it in the safest way possible.

The ‘Info’ out there is scary and confusing.

I trust YOU though.

CAN you help me in a FASTER way?”

For those of you seeking instant gratification checkout my 2022 created online course TOT Decoded.

It’s my best work on this subject by far.

My book The TOT Bible (#1 selling book of all time on Testosterone Optimization) was written in 2018 and at over 600 pages, updating it to cover all the new information I’ve received since then was pointless as not enough people would read a book of that scope and depth.

IT IS why I created this online course.

■ It’s easily consumable because it’s video based. Few minutes daily, at your own pace
■  It’s constantly updated based on the latest, proven stuff in the medical world. I AM always in touch with the latest trends on this matter and I AM hands-on as well.
■ It helps you find, connect and work with the right Physician and one that I fully recommend. (Don’t risk your life by trusting people without enough experience on the subject. Do NOT fall for well-designed websites and credentials alone. You need to work with a doctor who has 10 plus years treating patients with Hormonal Optimization strategies)
■ The most effective Testosterone delivery system. Don’t waste money on the wrong approach. Find what’s currently the best way. (Trust me when I say this part is going to get WAY better in the near future 😉. The course will be updated to reflect that).
■ Find your own, proper Minimum Effective Dosage. To each, his own.
■ Learn how to track, measure and optimize for lifelong success on this journey
■ 8 Modules, several bonuses, worksheets, documents and templates etc.

To find out much more about the TOT Decoded course, CLICK HERE!

As promised, here are ALL my FREE articles I’ve published on the subject of Therapeutic Testosterone since 2015. (I’ve actually recently updated all of them to make them as relevant as humanly possible in the summer of 2022).

Every article is organized by specific sections to give you the fullest picture possible.

Reading these free articles alone will put you in the top 1% of humanity in relation to your knowledge regarding using Therapeutic Testosterone safely in the context of health and longevity.

Note that each article heading below, links to a detailed article I wrote on that subject.

If a heading interests you, CLICK THE LINK to read more about it.


Table of Contents

Introduction to Testosterone aka TRT or what I coined TOT (Testosterone Optimization Therapy)

If you need a full blown Testosterone Primer, a 101 Guide on understanding this master hormone, then there’s no other place better than reading my best selling book “The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible” (aka TOT Bible). You Can Get The TOT Bible in both written and Audio Format FREE by signing up here. That book has these chapters (over 600 pages and 1000 Scientific Studies):
  • Why are Men Losing Their Masculinity In The 21st Century?
  • Why Optimizing Your Blood Testosterone Levels Will Transform your Physique
  • The Power of Testosterone to Transform Your Life
  • The Natural Testosterone Boosting Myth
  • Testosterone 101: Understanding the Biological Role of Testosterone
  • Choosing When to Optimize Your Testosterone Levels
  • Testosterone Optimization Therapy – Non Injectable Options
  • The Optimal TOT Protocol: Injectable Testosterone
  • How To Properly and Safely Inject Yourself for Life
  • Potential Side Effects, Their Likelihood, and How to Alleviate Them
  • Eliminating Gynecomastia Permanently (“man boobs”)
  • Monitoring TOT for Optimum Health
  • The Critical Role of Nutrition in TOT
  • What is Insulin-Controlled Living, and Why Is it Essential?
  • Agents Of Change
  • TOT and Fitness
  • The State of the Science in Male Hormonal Optimization: Interview with Dr. Rob Kominiarek
  • Hormonal Optimization Therapy (HOT) for Women: Doing it the Right Way
  • The Stone Cold Truth about Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids (AAS)
  • TOT and US Military Veterans: The Problem and Solution
Each one of them is elaborate and will teach you more about Testosterone than any resource on the internet. The paperback version of this massive book is $39.95 Join my list to get TOT Bible ebook for free.

This article reveals my updated “God stack” of Golden Age agents I’m using in 2022 for molecularly altering my body, mind, heart, and soul.

Note that Therapeutic Testosterone is Number One on the list.

When you see the number of items in the  “Benefits” section in this page, you’ll know why.

Hand-curated list of the best podcasts I did on this subject, a lot of which talk about the master hormone Testosterone.

The Risks from Not Addressing Low Testosterone

If you are a man (or women for that matter) and your testosterone is suboptimal and/or hypogonadal, you often will experience low energy, lethargy, and depression like symptoms. Often times, getting your T-levels checked and taking action to optimize deficient levels will dramatically improve your mood and alleviate depression for good.

Few reasons come to mind, chief of which are: They don’t know their T is low and Family Doctors and PCP’s have no clue either. Read the post to find out the underpinning thinking behind some of these reasons.

Whether we’re prepared to acknowledge it or not, the modern environments we live in have catastrophic effects on our endocrine systems. Living in cities, we work all day under fluorescent lights. We eat manufactured GMO foods that are slowly but surely destroying our bodies. I could go on and on.

But ultimately, they all lower our Testosterone levels. Read the post to see the full impact of these dangers.

We are currently at an all-time high use of antidepressants due to the debilitating conditions brought about by the ongoing lockdowns.

Read this detailed article to learn what SSRIs are, and how they work, whey they lead to sexual dysfunction. You’ll also learn better ways to tread depression.

Do You Have Low Testosterone?

This is the unsettling story of a 39 year old (otherwise normal and healthy) male who suffered with low testosterone for 8 years before finally reaching out to me for help.

Hesitancy, Decrease in Strength or Endurance, Decreased Sex Drive, Mental Fog, Anxiety, Lack of Energy. If you noted to any of these, you MUST  check your Testosterone levels! The point is, with an optimal T dose, all are fixable.

When working with a TOT specialist, it starts with having him order your blood test. Make sure to inform your doctor about your long-term goal of using TOT productively. Some doctors are more flexible in their criteria for justifying blood tests and will work with you to ensure that everything is evaluated carefully.

The “normal range” for T levels as suggested by the current standard mean deviation ranges are laughable. It’s as if telling you to set lower expectations and never aspire to raise it.

Simple 5 step process. Eliminate Alcohol, Lift Weights, Do your Cardio, Get regular Sleep and Eat Clean.

When you consider the health risks and costs associated with low T, a man is potentially facing tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care cost over the middle and later years of his life. Is it really worth it?

When a man’s body does not produce enough testosterone, hypogonadism may occur, impairing the ability to produce sperm, sex hormones, or both. Learn about the 2 forms of hypogonadism and choose when to optimize your T-levels.

Today we live in a victim society, where everyone is to blame but themselves. Nobody wants to take responsibility. Instead of taking action in their own lives, we have grown men crying about being victims of the government,

In reality, they’re victims of low testosterone. Don’t let the society fool you into thinking your low T levels are fine and in fact normal. It’s not going to serve you well.

No doubt you’ve heard of so-called testosterone boosters such as Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA), Fenugreek, and D-Aspartic Acid. You could use Tongkat Ali and at best, increase your total testosterone from 250 ng/dL to 330 ng/dL – a 32% increase. The problem is that you would still suffer from suboptimal levels of testosterone.

With a TOT prescription, you can take your total testosterone from 250 ng/dL to the top of the range at 1000 ng/dL – an impressive 233% increase. Choose your path wisely.

TRT/TOT Benefits

To regulate the distribution of body fat (eg: belly and chest fat), For a healthy heart, To improve Brain function, To get stronger bones, To perform well sexually, For fertility and to improve the overall quality of the life.

Reassess and optimized your testosterone if you want to stay a high-value man well beyond your 40s.

Optimal Testosterone leads to your most powerful and enlightened Self. It allows you to become the best and strongest version of yourself with your ability to be supremely confident in your decisions and take decisive action increases exponentially. If you want that for yourself, read the article to find out what else it can do for you.

Inflammation on a cellular level is the core component of many aging-related diseases, making it the chief culprit of erectile dysfunction, vascular disease, autoimmune disease, and some cancers. All these mentioned conditions have an association with low levels of testosterone. Learn how Testosterone can help reduce inflammation.

Can Testosterone help with immunity too? Of course it can. Hence why I call it the master hormone. Read this article to dive into the deep connection between the two. Learn also about low T’s relation with getting Covid19.

TOT will help a depressed man who takes no action become more assertive, empowering and giving him character traits that invoke his latent confident spirit. Optimizing your testosterone levels will pump high octane fuel in your tank so you can serve and do more for your community, your friends, and your loved ones – unlocking the true hero inside of you. Get some.

“If it increases my libido, surely it increases testosterone!”

Not necessarily. Research shows that testosterone is not always a decisive factor in libido, and indeed estrogen also plays a vital role in male sexual function. Click to read more about this surprising connection.

Did you know that low Testosterone can also cause hair thinning or loss? Your body compensates for low T by producing high amounts of dihydrotestosterone (or DHT) which prevents hair growth. Read to find the details.

From the standpoint of evolutionary biology, women can sense higher testosterone levels in men. They enjoy communication with males who give off this aura of high testosterone, making them more naturally attracted to them. Read the article to know the direct relation of Testosterone with your libido.

Testosterone is responsible for the masculine need for competition, and victory. One study even shows that a man’s testosterone levels may predict whether he will persevere through defeat or give in when confronted with a challenge. If you like to win in life, then make sure your T-levels are optimized.

Testosterone exerts significant biological effects on brain development and function throughout male life. It modulates the response of the amygdala, a key brain structure that generates and processes emotions, and the prefrontal cortex which is a region of the brain involved in regulating emotional responses and reactions.

Studies indicate that higher testosterone levels are associated with higher risk-taking which could lead to greater reward in both business and life. Click to read to find how to maintain brain health.

TRT/TOT has been observed to help prevent osteoporosis and frailty in aging men and women which are usually the number 1 cause of death for the elderly.

Working memory is the basis for nearly everything needed for proper brain function, and many studies have shown that testosterone improves working memory in men.

The brain fog exhibited by men suffering from testosterone deficiency (also known by the clinical diagnosis acronym TD) is often eliminated when men start TOT. Click to find how Testosterone combats Alzheimer’s disease and improves cognition.

There is even data proving the population wide decline in testosterone over the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. Many scientists are stuck trying to figure out a biological riddle akin to the “chicken vs. the egg”: does low testosterone cause depression, or does depression cause low testosterone?

Despite this confusion, research now demonstrates that men undergoing Testosterone Optimization Therapy for suboptimal levels of testosterone report improvements in mood and other issues related to depression.

Testosterone is essential to the regulation of insulin, glucose, and fat storage. Managing your body’s insulin production is the key to reducing inflammation as one ages. As testosterone levels plummet, so does your body’s ability to process insulin, glucose, and fat.

Simply put, a decrease in testosterone levels is directly correlated with an increase in fat storage. Read more scary stuff in the article.

As the most essential muscle building hormone, testosterone improves muscle protein synthesis and therefore leads to more muscle growth. And remember: Muscle mass is the single greatest deterrent to the diseases of aging.

So take advantage of increased muscle mass resulting from TOT. Learn more about the relation between these 2 from the article.

There is now an overwhelming amount of recently published data which shows that maintaining optimal testosterone levels can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

As an aging man, you have days that are just slow. Maybe you didn’t drink any coffee before work? Or you skip your morning walk for an earlier meeting? Maybe fatigue is starting to dominate your life? You literally feel your body slowing down its metabolism and production of hormones.

Could the culprit be low Testosterone? Highly likely. Read to find out.

TRT/TOT Myths Addressed

  • Is Testosterone Therapy illegal?
  • Will TRT have me running around randy?
  • Will TRT replace my bad diet and movement “unfriendly” life?
  • “I heard TOT will cause heart attack and prostate cancer!”
  • Will I go bald after starting TRT?
  • Will I die prematurely?

I’m sure these are on your mind right now. Go read the article to find the answers.

(Even More) Testosterone Optimization Therapy Myths

Part 1 and Part 2.

  • ‘Take some time out and your testosterone will return to normal’
  • ‘If you take testosterone, your body loses its ability to make testosterone’
  • ‘You need a doctor to regulate your hormones for the rest of your life and it’s expensive’
  • ‘Taking testosterone is taking steroids’
  • ‘Building muscle uses up testosterone, meaning you have none leftover for libido’
  • “You’ll lose your hair”
  • “You can’t get or maintain strong erections”
  • “You will get ‘Roid Rage”
  • “Testosterone replacement therapy increases cardiovascular risk”

All addressed in these 2 part “Myth Buster” articles.

Reality check: Almost every single “testosterone boosting” supplement sold today is a scam. The cold hard truth is that there’s little to NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE supporting the claims made by supplement companies about their testosterone boosters actually raising testosterone levels. Direct administration of Testosterone is the proven way. Read to find out more.

Is It Cheating To Use Testosterone (TOT/TRT)?

Part 1 (VIDEO) and Part 2

You know my answer. I’m going to be biased obviously. But watch the video and read the article to know my reasons. I’m sure you’ll agree.

Context matters. Using it to gain an advantage in a sports where it is explicitly banned, versus using it for total body optimization, focused on healthy longevity.

2 minute video telling you “No, it does NOT shrink your penis. And it actually does something you’ll be glad it did”.

3 minute video of me telling you the difference between the dosage the bodybuilders use to win competition and risk health, versus what I recommend for optimal health use (it’s a microdosage).

Over the years, people have laid false claims about the adverse side effects of TOT therapy. Ad companies, flawed studies, and fake experts have all attested to testosterone can raise blood pressure, cause heart and cardiovascular problems, and induce sleep apnea. These claims are all wrong. Read to find out why.

People still believe that elevated Test levels may lead to liver toxicity. Not true. Their detrimental lifestyle habits is more likely to harm the liver. And the most strong research data on TOT and prostate cancer destroys the long-held belief that greater total testosterone concentrations lead to cancer growth. Read the article to find out how to keep your liver and prostate healthy.

Already on TRT/TOT? Read these

Then ensure you’ve read these.

With great power comes great responsibilities. TRT gives you new strength and vitality. But they are just potentials. You need to realize them through proper efforts. Be it training or diet, you need to set clear goals and objectives for the year. And work back from there to create action plan and follow through.

Me? I set a goal to gain 10lbs of lean muscle and with consistent but minimal training achieved that within a year.

Listen to this 5 minute video (with Jim Brown and special guest Bryan Krahn) to find if using Anavar while also on TRT is ‘worth it’ from an anti-aging, risk/reward, longevity standpoint.

Monitor Your Health

Self-monitoring and professional monitoring are essential to determine biomarkers, and track the progress of the therapy among men using non-injectable testosterone and injectable options. One of the most important ways to achieve this is by doing regular bloodwork tests.

Learn from these posts what to measure and how to do them.

Short 7 minute video I did with Jim Brown.

To prevent potential health side-effects, the first thing you need to do is visit a TOT-prescribing physician. He’ll run some tests and check your current levels at various body chemicals. Read the article to find the potential list of things to run the test.

There is a noticeable correlation between high testosterone levels and high hemoglobin (the protein inside red blood cells). It could cause adverse reaction to TOT usage occurring in up to 40% of users. Learn about how to treat high levels of Erythrocytosis and also monitor Ferritin.

Prolactin is a hormone found in your bloodstream that can interfere with testicular function, ultimately lowering your testosterone levels and interfering with your sex life. Excessively high prolactin levels are also associated with gynecomastia or what is commonly referred to as “man boobs.” Learn how to control Prolactin in this article.

TOT And Fitness

Testosterone is cardioprotective, but still, injectable testosterone increases red blood cell (RBC) count, thus oxygenating the blood and increasing blood viscosity as a result.

Lack of doing cardio, being too fat, and having bad aerobic conditioning causes higher heart rate.

So, doing cardio will reduce the thickening of the blood that comes from therapeutic testosterone use. Read the article for details on what cardio to do and how to do them.

TOT enhances protein synthesis, it’s perfect for building lean muscle tissue and reducing your body fat. The good thing is that you will be more motivated to hit the gym as soon as you begin TOT.

But there are other reasons as to why you should lift and also do cardio while on TOT. Read the article to find out.


Learn why you can supplement with Proviron, Melanotan (I and II), Ashwagandha and Creatine while on TOT.

Learn why Alcohol (even occasional), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar and Soy Protein will undoubtedly lessen the effects of TOT.

TOT Side Effects And How To Fix Them

How to Alleviate the Potential Side Effects of Testosterone Optimization Therapy

Part 1 and Part 2

TOT does come with potential side effects, but fear not! All of which are minimal and typically easy to spot and treat.

The main goal is to achieve the balance between your levels of testosterone and estrogen (E2) to feel good without side effects. These 2 articles explain how to balance your estrogen and testosterone correctly.

Nothing cripples men’s confidence more than a gyno, aka man boobs. I co-authored this article with world-renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Cruise. It’s extremely detailed and teaches you how to get rid of gyno permanently. The article shows you what works, what does not, what to do post-surgery and doctor recommendation.

Miscellaneous Testosterone Articles

There are no advantages to having low testosterone. and Testosterone is crucial for men’s health. Reading and following these 50 tactics alone should give you life altering results. The tips are classified into Dietary, Physical and Lifestyle sections.

An emphatic yes if you are the average unhealthy person. That is, if you eat unhealthy foods, never have time to exercise, and are constantly exposed to chemicals that mess with your hormone levels.

This post details 4 routines to follow for 90 days. You will see dramatic difference in your T levels.

Read this article to learn about the absolute basics of Testosterone.

DHT is a modified, more active form of testosterone. Even though the principal androgen (hormone) secreted by the testes is testosterone, the main testosterone signal comes from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is responsible for sending signals to your brain, central nervous system, skin and the genitals – practically everything in your body but your muscles.

Read the article to find out why it’s critical to monitor your DHT levels.

A lot of insulin will cause you to become overweight eventually. So how do you combat this? How do you manage your insulin? Using an “Insulin-Controlled Diet”. Before you jump into concluding that it’s about antogonizing carbs, read the article first to learn about the 2 types of carbs and also how exercise plays a role in managing insulin.

I started TRT at the age of 28. While it was a big decision to make, it was also straightforward. I had blood work going back 2 years showing the dramatic decline in my testosterone. Therefore, I knew I was doing the right thing.

Read the article to find out how to establish your own baseline and decide from there.

If you have a headache, do you think twice about taking Aspirin to stop your head from pounding? Do you wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee so you can start the day with a little caffeine?

There are dozens of ways in which society accepts the use of drugs for the sake of our health and well being on a daily basis. Why would Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) be any different? Read to find out some considerations.


I’ve saved the very best for the end.

Reading fully the TOT Bible, and then reading all the above articles and then defining a plan of action for yourself for your TOT journey is… tedious. It’s time and energy consuming.

Let my decades of hands-on experience and research on this subject serve as a beacon for you.

The video-based online course is the condensed, up to date and no-fluff version of all the above. There really is no other course like this out there.

Read the article and make an informed purchase.

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