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Fat Loss

The Many Benefits of Staying
LEAN as you Age

(Under 20% Body fat for Women and Under 15% Body fat for Men)

  • Look good shirtless. Easily win the attention of the opposite sex. And what’s the point of a summer vacation if you cannot roam around the beach flaunting abdominal definition and core strength.
  • Feel less stress when moving. Simple movements like walking, climbing stairs, jogging should feel effortless.
  • Less stress on your heart. Being the right weight for your height and age, and having good cardiovascular conditioning means your heart does not struggle to pump blood. It will have “more in the tank” (in case you need that reserve in the future)
  • More time on planet Earth. And you get to spend them with the people you love. People who lived to be 90 and beyond, research shows mixed data on their healthy habits. Many of them drank alcohol and smoked cigars (and continue drinking and smoking). But one thing the data agrees on is that none of them were carrying too much body fat which causes systemic inflammation, disease and death!
  • Complete avoidance of completely avoidable health risks. Type 2 and Type 3 (Neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimers & Dementia) Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, High Blood Pressure, Liver Disease, certain Cancers(!) and Testosterone Deficiency leading to Depression and Metabolic Disorder and Insulin Resistance.
  • Doing MORE with your Life from higher energy levels. Being obese sucks all the Light and desire from your life. Getting and remaining lean will provide ample energy and time to spend on pursuing your mission and purpose in life.

The number one insurance policy to living longer and stronger as you age is by remaining lean.

Becoming obese is guaranteed to shorten your lifespan and increase the pain and suffering that ultimately comes from the disease of aging caused by this condition.

At 51 years young, I make it an emphasis to keep my body fat 10% or below year round.


What started as a passion in my teens to train my body for sports (Basketball, Baseball and Soccer), physique enhancement within the context of health and longevity became a lifestyle for me.

Combined with my desire to live a life of peak achievement, I started diving deep into the world of “optimized living”.

One of the very first things I learned at that time was the supreme importance of being lean and how building and maintaining muscle was the single greatest deterrent to the diseases of aging.

I also learned how it was the golden key to living a physically pain free life as one ages.

Since that time in my early 20’s,  I’ve taken it upon myself to research and experience the deepest truths around the topic of maintaining a lean and muscular physique as one ages.

I AM grateful and blessed to be able to share this information with the world via my books, podcasts, articles, courses and videos through social media.

The articles on this page are hand-picked from a vast list of articles I’ve written over the last two decades on the topic of losing body fat and remaining lean.

These are comprehensive, well-researched and best of all, FREE.

Each article is grouped strategically so you can quickly find relevant answers to specific questions you seek.

If you want to read why Obesity is now the single greatest cause for concern for humanity, then read the articles in the “Obesity Risks and Fat Loss Gains” section.

If you want to know everything about nutrition in relation to obesity and losing fat, then check out the articles in the “Diet and its Direct Impact on Fat Gain, Fat Loss” section.

If you are focused right now on your fitness and intend to workout regularly, then read the “Fat loss and Fitness” section.

It has several articles talking about resistance training and cardio.

If you consider yourself a “biohacker” and willing to do whatever it takes via scientifically proven methods to living a #FullyOptimizedLife  then check out the articles in the “Fat Loss Peptides” section, especially the best peptides for weight loss.

Peptides are simply amazing and I AM considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on their usage (I’ve mastered using them since 2004)

Fasting is a great tool for burning fat and it has several other anti-aging benefits.

Check out the How-To-Fast article and others related in the section “Effective Fasting for Fat Loss”.

There’s also a section on hormones that relate to how they optimize fat loss in the human body.

Learn the basics of how Insulin, Thyroid, Testosterone and HGH help your body.

And finally, there’s the “Jay’s Fat Loss Books” section.

I AM the author of some of the best selling fat loss books in the world (The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet and Guaranteed Shredded which are books teaching Men and Women how to masterfully optimize Intermittent Fasting Protocols to preserve muscle while shredding fat.)

If you want proven methods to lose fat in a healthy and safe way, I highly recommend reading them. MBTD is for newbies and advanced users. Guaranteed Shredded is for hard core dieters and fasters only)

When it comes to losing body fat, my books discuss every effective method, including nutrition, workouts, fasting, drugs, peptides and other supplements.

I’ve tried them all and know what works and what’s safe.

I practice what I preach in my writings here.

This is me (51) and my wife Monica (50) during our vacations in Mexico from May through September 2022.


Table of Contents

Jay’s Fat Loss Books

Nearly 500 FIVE STAR ratings, thousands of testimonials and countless lives impacted, the Blowtorch Diet is what I follow and live by day in and day out to stay healthy and super lean at the same time.

Use the powerful methods of fasting, training and supplements in synergy to finally crack fat loss in the healthiest way possible.

Learn the diet and training principles that will teach you to burn body fat at any age.

This is the program my wife and I follow when summer is coming and we need to go from low body fat to stage ready levels so that we look AND feel great during our vacations.

This 10 week program includes a detailed schedule to follow, how to fast effectively for fat loss and muscle preservation, a detailed training program to include weight lifting, cardio and essential supplements.

This program is designed for advanced trainees and fitness competitors who want to lose that last bit of stubborn fat in the healthiest and safest way possible.

This is a 100%-actionable, 0%-bullshit, blueprint guide combining over 35+ years of intel on everything and anything related to optimal health into a 90 minute read and viewing (if one purchases the optional instructional video).

Fat loss is imminent if you follow a fully optimized life as outlined in the book.

Get this bundle if you want every fat loss product I’ve ever created.

It includes Guaranteed Shredded, The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, An Intermittent Fasting webinar with Dennis Mangan from Rogue Health and Fitness, my Calorie Calculator Software designed for the Blowtorch Diet and more!

Spend a weekend listening to these hand-picked podcasts I did with the elites in the fitness world. You’ll come out with the very best knowledge on this topic that even many doctors don’t possess.

Obesity Risks and Fat Loss Gains

While the statistics mentioned in this article is important to understand where the world is heading to, what really matters is the 3 steps I’ve mentioned that Humanity can take to reduce obesity.

One of them has to do with your kids.

Read the article to find out.

This popular, and often referenced article should give you enough reasons why you should get rid of excess body fat.

It’s not just for looking good. Your entire life experience depends a lot on how fat or lean you appear.

Read these 7 reasons and ask yourself if it’s still worth being lazy about losing fat.

A reader writes in about his fat loss journey’s success.

Read to find out what sort of impact such a pursuit can have in your own life too.

Fat Loss and Fitness (Resistance Training, Cardio)

Men do stupid things in the gym. This is the most non-earth-shattering statement imaginable, but to the extent of the stupidity is impressive nonetheless.

The list is not in any particular order, but for some reason “Not training legs” is listed as first.

The longer you wait to make fat loss a priority, the more difficult you’re making the process on your future self when you do pull the trigger.

In this article, learn how to empathize with your future self, how to make personal care a priority. When it comes to health and fitness, it’s best to stop thinking (it burns no fat and builds no muscle) and start acting to see results fast.

Is it possible? This isn’t another clickbait article that goes on to tell it is not possible. Spot targeting belly fat IS possible, and it has to do with increasing blood flow.

The right training strategy can shift calorie burning toward localized areas of fat storage. Read on to find the research based strategies.

The overwhelming majority of people, when thinking about starting their fat loss strategy, will resort to doing a ton of cardio as their primary and only fat loss strategy.

And they are going to lose every single time. Building more muscle and dieting properly (aka the Metabolic Blowtorch Diet) is the safest and healthiest way to lose fat and live a healthy long life.

A 200 pound fat man (30+% body fat) is never healthier than a 200 pound lean and muscular man (12%). Body composition matters. Listen to this 3 minute video to understand how you should and should not interpret the number in the scale.

A 3 minute video explaining Calorie Cycling, which is an eating pattern that will help you stick to your diet and lose weight. Rather than consuming a set number of calories daily, you alternate your intake.

Another 3 minute video, explaining the question: Can specific exercises burn body fat faster? The answer is yes. But your diet should be on point.

A 4 minute video saying why fasted cardio can help accelerate fat loss and how you should do it for maximal effect.

Fat Loss Peptides

I can confirm that you would be doing yourself a MASSIVE dis-service if the Peptide Ipamorelin wasn’t a critical part of your fat loss supplement stack.

It helps you become super-lean.

And because it is a GHRP, it also comes with the many other benefits associated with increasing GH production.

It helps you sleep better at night, improves muscle growth and enhances bone strength.

It’s the GOAT of fat destroying compounds. It simultaneously reduces appetite and increases metabolic fat burn! After a month of experimentation, I’m proud to report Tesofensine as the potential all-in-one fat loss drug we’ve been searching for.

This compound induces fat loss (twice the amount compared to existing drugs on market!). It also increases BDNF production which results in higher energy, uplifted mood and enhanced focus. It also suppresses appetite and enhances your metabolic rate.

Extremely effective for fat loss! Something that’s there in my own personal supplement stack and is mentioned in ALL of my books.

Ask any competitive bodybuilder and they’ll say Tesamorelin = abs! Clueless people say you can’t spot burn fat. But Tesamorelin is effective to target visceral fat in the trunk region (i.e. belly fat around the abdominal area) when used along with long intervals of fasting.

It cal also be used to treat poor liver health, might enhance cognition and lowers triglyceride levels.

Best for people who are already at a low fat percentage and are muscular. This combo gets them shredded.

“AOD” stands for Advanced Obesity Drug. It increases fat destruction rate and decreases fat formation rate too. It also does NOT have certain side effects of HGH (doesn’t induce insulin resistance). Besides fat loss, this also helps with cartilage repair.

Fat Loss Drugs

This asthma curing tool is a fat loss agent too? Yes indeed.

It induces fat loss by increasing body metabolism and improves performance in the gym by increasing maximal anaerobic power, regardless of training status.

If you’re a highly advanced individual who wants to get rid of pockets of stubborn fat and reach single digit body fat, do NOT miss out on this.

Nicotine is the one word that stokes images of death, cancer, yellow teeth, and damaged lungs in the mind of the average person.

But if you take a few minutes to dive deeper into the science, you may find something quite unexpected. Learn how Nicotine can be used (indirectly) for fat loss.

Metformin is one of the very few drugs on the planet I will happily bet my life on.

Out of all the supplements and medications I have EVER used, it remains one of my top 3 of all time.

Even in this revolutionary day of biomedical advancement, it still remains one of the most powerful life-extension drugs on the planet. This article is thorough. Read for details on the many things Metformin can help you with, including burning fat faster.

Diet and its Direct Impact on Fat Gain, Fat Loss

There’s the dramatic approach you can take – where you quit cold turkey eating like trash. And then there’s the realistic approach. The article lists 30 tactics that you can use to begin your fat loss in this realistic approach.

The detailed experience of Daniel Kelly, my friend, losing fat using my metabolic blowtorch diet. Read this to know what being on the diet looks like (hint: it’ll be awesome).

This is about the documentary Game Changers that argues that a plant-based diet is superior to strength and longevity than a meat based diet. Read the article to find if there’s any truth in the subject.

Metabolic Flexibility means you eating food relative to your unique energetic demands and level of performance. An example: The jacked bodybuilder needs a LOT of carbs, but not just any carbs. But an obese man, DOES NOT need a lot of carbs. Eating according to YOUR current needs is the best possible diet for you at that point in time.

Read to find out 3 rules that’ll help you arrive at that diet. And also the best books you should read on the subject.

Another take on metabolic flexibility. Learn the 3 body types. And how they relate to insulin sensitivity.

The difference between those who make it (in the pursuit of fat loss) and those who fail, rinse and repeat… Usually comes down to one of 4 things: Information overload, No wiggle room in the diet, finding a proper plan and following it consistently, and finally accountability.

Read the article to find details of the 9 ways that are proven to help you lose fat.

Rather than cycling periods of low calories with periods of maintenance over months, you may be able to get the best of both worlds by simply cycling your calories on a daily basis. One such approach is intermittent fasting. The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet builds on the foundation of IF. Read how fasting helps you with fat loss.

For starters, your brain loves junk food. Junk foods are energy dense (i.e. high in calories). Good news if you’re a hunter-gatherer and nutrients are scarce, but bad news in today’s society of endless food at your fingertips.

Read the article to learn the 3 ways to overcome junk food desire.

Carbs and sugar are different? Say what? Sugar is considered a carbohydrate. But not all carbohydrates are considered sugar. BUT all carbohydrates CONVERT to sugar (glucose) in the body.

Have I confused enough? Read the article to get even more perplexed, and then feel the rush of clarity as the explanations start making sense.

A 4 minute video answering this very important question on ketosis.

Learn how small dietary fluctuations effect the ‘look’ of your physique when dieting. We also discuss how it often plays out psychologically for the dieter.

Learn how to discuss how to diagnose adrenal fatigue when using thermogenics like the ECA stack. 6 minute video.

3 minute video explaining how the timing of when you eat your food can help you get leaner. For example, eating your daily requirement of carbs right after a workout session is great for building a lean physique.

Diets are created to be cheated. But if you learn how to cheat in a specific way, then you don’t have to worry about fat gain! 4 minute video.

Effective Fasting for Fat Loss

Written in 2017, but still the best intro on Fasting. It covers everything you need to know to get started.

Do not miss out on this powerful fat loss and anti-aging agent!

Can you not eat anything for that long?

This is Daniel Kelly’s experience of doing it the first time.

But this 36 hour fast, during travel, was something.

Read this if you want to know what to expect during such a long fasting session.

Simple, straight-forward truth that you need to imprint in your brain to understand how fat loss truly works.

Learn about this heuristic on your journey to lose the extra weight and use it!

Understanding Your Hormones

Just enough info about INSULIN to make you fat free ➜

Part One and Part Two.

Reading these 2 articles will put you head and shoulders above 99% people on the planet who don’t know anything about Insulin, and are thus destined for a terrible health as they age.

Consider these posts as Insulin 101 and 201 knowledge.

An over production of insulin will cause you to become fat eventually and also lead to type 2 Diabetes which is a guarantee of pain and suffering as one ages.

Read these to learn how to combat this and how to manage insulin.

Just enough info about THYROID to make you fat free ➜

Part One and Part Two

“Thyroid imbalance will cause turkey neck!”

If this is all you know about this important hormone, then drop everything and read these 2 short, but life-changing articles.

They’ll get you up on speed on what this hormone does, and how to read blood work reports and also how to manage your thyroid levels with lifestyle changes so you don’t get fat.

HGH is literally responsible for bodily growth from the moment you are born.

In their peptides form, hGH IS BY FAR THE MOST effective fat loss agent for aging Men and Women.

Get all the latest details about how to use and acquire hGH for yourself.

On checking your cholestrol levels, if your Doctor is jumping to put you on *Statins*, I would recommend you pull your pants up, grab your articles and start HEADING OUT THE DOOR.

These *statin* drugs block HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme that makes cholesterol.

Read the article to find out why the doctor should focus on lowering your insulin levels instead.

An 8-minute video showing how to go about fixing your thyroid to your needs, with the help of a Physician.

An 8-minute video discussing how to diagnose adrenal fatigue when using thermogenic’s like the ECA stack.

Amazingly, there are still weight loss centers still hyping the hCG diet as a viable diet for fat loss in women.

Watch this video to get the real truth.

Testosterone and Fat Loss

Testosterone levels are lower in men with obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.

Recent studies reveal that TRT/TOT in men with type 2 diabetes is beneficial to decreasing insulin resistance and lowering visceral body fat, both of which play a crucial role in cardiovascular disease.

TOT has also been proven to increase lean body mass (LBM), reduce fat mass, waist circumference and the body mass index (BMI) which causes sustained and significant weight loss.

That’s why TOT in obese men with low levels of testosterone is a unique and effective therapeutic approach to managing obesity.

When you are on TRT/TOT, you’re showing dedication to maintaining your body and mind in prime shape.

However, those that use Testosterone Optimization Therapy also benefit from using “agents of change” — substances that help with altering your physique in the most amazing ways.

Learn how these substances can help with fat loss: Albuterol, Desiccated Thyroid, Ipamorelin, Nicotine.

Other Fat Loss Musings

This will be several orders of magnitude better than any $69 fat loss course you purchased online.

Even if you are a “veteran” fat-loser (no pun intended), I’m sure you’ll find a handful of unique methods here.

Sleep, Insulin Sensitivity, Fasting, Walking (NEAT), Training faster, Dieting slower, Breathing out the fat, Training the Legs, Getting some Sun and Optimizing your Hormones.

Get the full details and read the article.

Want to retain your fitness while still wanting to have fun?

Do these: Earn your calories. Eat lean leading up to the big event. And set some limits on the alcohol.

This is all about not being a dick to your future self, and maybe doing some deeds that’ll genuinely help them.

Learn the 4 mindset traps of dieting and how to overcome them.

If you follow what popular media has to say about diet, you are likely continuously confused about what is healthy and not healthy.

It’s your health, take it seriously and educate yourself everything you need about how to care for it.

5 less common, but effective strategies to use to achieve your dream fat loss.

Being fat (either properly obese or skinny fat), and man boobs often go hand in hand.

In most cases, the only fix is to remove it surgically.

Read the article for a complete overview.

The Best Fat Loss & Fitness Podcasts

Hand-picked list of the best podcasts and interviews I ever did on the subject of fat loss and nutrition.
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