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How to Properly and Safely Inject Yourself with Testosterone

Needle phobia is more common than you think. However, given the right reasons and motivation, many people overcome it. Surprisingly, many people defeat the fear of needles when they learn how to select the right-sized syringes and needle gauges to safely inject themselves. Because injectables prove to be one of the most effective ways to receive testosterone, many men on Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) motivate themselves to overcome their needle phobia and learn how to self-administer their TOT. If you think about it, millions of people with diabetes inject themselves with insulin on a daily basis. When you perform your first successful TOT injection, you realize how simple and painless it is. And after a couple of needles, your fear dissipates for good. Eventually and without even realizing it, regular injections that are daily, every other day or twice weekly merely become a part of your existence. At some point, it becomes routine and as natural as brushing your teeth or walking your dog.

Syringe, Needle Gauge, and Withdrawing

Syringes come in lots of sizes. To keep the math of your testosterone dosage simple, we recommend your physician provide you with one-mL syringes; this will help you quickly prepare the correct testosterone dosage every time. The barrel portion of the syringe will have units of measure from ½ – 3 mL in the form of tick marks along the side. Regarding the actual size of the needle, a 26-28-gauge inch-long needle syringe is optimal for intramuscular injections; the higher the gauge, the thinner the needle. When withdrawing the testosterone solution from the vial, it’s much easier to use an 18 gauge 1½” needle because the injectable solution is relatively thick and will flow more comfortably through a larger gauge needle. You then replace the 18-gauge needle attached to the syringe with a thinner 26-28-gauge injection needle while the solution is still in the barrel before injecting yourself. For men who have higher body fat percentages (over 20%), you are likely going to have to inject yourself with a longer needle that’s 1.0-1.5 inches long. You’ll have to penetrate the needle beyond your visceral fat to ensure you inject the testosterone solution into your muscle. It is another reason to focus on losing excess body fat: Being lean makes your injections far easier! Where to Inject the Needle into Yourself Safely It is safest to inject testosterone into the following muscle areas:

  • deltoids
  • gluteus
  • upper/outside quadriceps

We recommend rotating your injection sites to minimize scar tissue formation in one area. With three different areas on each side of the body, you’ll have up to 6 different places where you can routinely inject your testosterone. Many men are also now injecting themselves sub cutaneously with insulin syringes. This can conveniently be done in the lower abdominal area or the upper gluteal fat pocket.

Proper Needle Disposal

Once you’re done injecting; properly dispose of your used syringes after each use. Reusing syringes is unhealthy and could lead to an infection. The most hygienic way to dispose of your used syringes is by purchasing a Sharps Container Biohazard Needle Disposal container. You can also check with your local waste management company as they may have suggestions. Remember, keep your syringes out of the reach of children and pets for obvious reasons. Youtube has excellent videos demonstrating proper testosterone injection procedures and techniques along with safe disposal of needles. Subscribe now to the TRT Revolution Channel today. To learn how to take your mind and body to the ultimate level, purchase The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible.


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