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My First-Hand Experience With The RASHA Consciousness-Coherence Technology

Today’s blog post is going to be drastically different because I’m going DEEP into a profound and visionary ‘consciousness enhancing technology’ my wife Monica and I just experienced.

Peptides, supplements, workout routines, biohacking… none of these matter, if you are not focused and intentional on CHOOSING to raise your consciousness, aka vibration!

Which is why I am honored to be posting the Internet’s first comprehensive review and summary of The RASHA Consciousness-Coherence Technology created by Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio Ph. D!

Dr Jere is a different breed of human and I highly recommend becoming aware of his backstory in the PC I did with him.

The RASHA is an advanced spiritual (scalar) technology very few humans are yet aware.

Let’s get started…

Why Consciousness Unity MUST Be Achieved by All of Humanity

Before we get into the details behind the RASHA technology, I want to remind you of WHY it is imperative in the 21st century to heal your trauma (of your spirit and ultimately soul).

None of what I do today – managing multiple businesses, consulting with the world’s most elite humans, being personally connected to some of the wealthiest people on planet earth – would be possible WITHOUT my chief focus of complete spiritual integration.

And it all starts from re-programming your words, thoughts and actions to create not only your sensory experience, but the reality we exist in on a day-to-day basis.

It all comes down to you choosing to become a sovereign, empowered and FREE human being.

The type of human being focused on embracing personal responsibilities and attitudes to become fully accountable to your SELF.

A Meta-Human in training, directly responsible for re-wiring negative habits, destructive thoughts, and soul trauma brought on from your current and past life experiences.

Consider the following…

A Fully Conscious Human CANNOT Be Made “Upset”

A truly integrated soul realizes they are 100% responsible for how they interpret the events happening to them.

Yes – being “mad” or “hurt” is a CHOICE when you make the conscious decision to associate certain words and ideas with the interpretation of a given event.

Logically, the only person who can upset you is YOUR OWN SELF.

Dr. Rivera-Dugenio says it best:

“It is YOU who “upsets yourself” by allowing the emotional body to follow misperceptions of the mental body that tell you that your power lies outside of yourself.

Regardless of what others say or do, you are fully entitled to your own interpretation. No one or thing has the power to upset you unless you give this power away.

Self containment comes when one recognizes that the direction of personal energies, whether physical, emotional, mental (ideas, beliefs, labels, interpretations), conscious or subconscious is an attainable level of personal mastery and exists as an implied responsibility that comes with the gift of free will choice.”

Without a full understanding and acknowledgment of this key principle, you will forever remain a victim.

Constantly relying on the outside world to manifest your wishes and desires is a surefire way to find yourself making some extremely poor life choices.

What You RESIST Will Continue to PERSIST!

This is not a feel-happy saying commonly found on a coffee cup: It is the fundamental, universal law upon which all quantum physics is based.

Again. Dr. Rivera-Dugenio does a beautiful job of describing a principle so poorly explained by most ‘gurus’ it’s no wonder most people don’t fully grasp it:

“What you focus your attention upon expands, what you resist persists and what you do not give the energy of appreciation to will eventually de-manifest right out of your experience.

When you approach the world through the chosen filter of genuine GIVING, you are in effect, being an “electrical transmitter,” sending energy out to the world around you.

…This also works in reverse, however, and giving out a bad attitude of ego, arrogance and “garbage” will cause more of the same to flow your way.

Appreciate what you have and LOVE IT.

Find perspectives through which the joy of it can be known, and know that in the act of genuine appreciation itself, you will set loose the powers of manifesting more of what you desire and less of the illusion of lack”

Put another way, nobody owes you anything except for YOU owning yourSELF!

Let go of the need to time every single thing perfectly – trust in and surrender to Source(GOD) to allow to manifest things at the appropriate time.

God is allowing everything to happen perfectly as it is in the confines of love and cosmic light.

And speaking of love…

NOTHING Positive Will Ever Happen In Your Life Without Love and Trust of Self

Lack of personal self-love is by far the #1 reason why humanity engages in damaging self-destructive behaviors and robs themselves of what could be an extraordinary lifetime of experiences.

Love of SELF is the most powerful energetic vibration existing in the 3D realm and yet it cannot be handed to you by any external thing or person.

Once more, Dr. Rivera-Dugenio explains how loving YOURSELF is different from relying on other people to love you.

“[Seeking love on the outside] is not “LOVE.” It is “NEED.” This implies the “LACK” of something essential, which in turn implies a limited personal connection to Source Consciousness Field.

Such lack cannot be filled by external “love.” It can only be filled by recognizing the SOURCE within you, and thus recognizing that you are a living embodiment of absolute love.

Once this is recognized, you will HAVE the greatest love of all, Source Love. And from this Position of Divine Power, you can go into the world seeking those to whom you can give this love, rather than seeking those from whom you can “get” love.”

Through self-love, we naturally find ourselves selflessly expressing kindness, gratitude, and appreciation towards other fellow human beings.

More importantly, we escape the “hamster wheel” trap of constantly comparing our material accomplishments and possessions to those of others.

The natural joy of living life is more than enough to help us manifest what we want without imposing our expectations and demands on the world at large.

What is the Ultimate Goal of Spiritual Enlightenment?

No matter which way you spin it, everything comes down to solidifying and strengthening your connection with Source or better defined as the connection to the soul spark (GOD particle)found inside your higherSELF.

One of Yeshua’s greatest (if not THE greatest teaching) was the following:

The Kingdom of God is within you

Meditation, grounding, introspection, contemplation and prayer… all of these spiritual activities end up converging towards one final goal.

A goal which doesn’t have numbers or figures attached to it, yet is never truly “reached” because every single soul can always find a way to become more connected.

Dr. Rivera-Dugenio explains why this should be the ULTIMATE desire of all of humanity:

“Desire is a natural aspect of Source Consciousness Field, for without it, there would be no “creation” at all.

When you make your ultimate desire to consciously integrate and embody AT-ONE-MENT with Source Consciousness Field, all lesser desires can be met via the ultimate desire.

Without that ultimate desire, one will have a challenge fighting with polarity energies in the lower dimensional sphere we currently reside in.

So, the ultimate desire is saying to Source Consciousness Field, I desire to be AT-ONE-MENT now, nothing else matters without that.

It really does not because without that Ultimate Desire, you end up with a finite-life with no purpose.”

If you truly embrace and KNOW (not beLIEve) these four foundational principles of consciousness, what you’re about to discover will accelerate your soul’s conscious evolution like nothing else in existence.

What is RASHA?

No more delay – let’s dive deep into this medical and spiritual breakthrough:

“The RASHA is the world’s only consciousness enhancement, brain optimization, psycho-emotional release & relaxation technology.

The RASHA is a true scalar plasma energy device with the most advanced frequency generating software that protects, enhances and harmonizes the autonomic nervous system (ANS) by relieving stressors, transmuting negative habitual patterns, supporting relaxation, cellular detoxification, brain hemisphere synchronization, emotional/trauma release, systematic chakra alignment, and healing from electro-smog and geopathic stress.”

In other words… This is Golden Age scalar plasma energy technology you will NOT see anywhere outside of the deepest trenches of The Secret Space Program and the closely-guarded Military-Industrial Complex.

The only way you would even be able to SEE something like this is if you were a part of DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

Through various mechanisms such as systematic chakra realignment, emotional trauma release, brain hemisphere synchronization (Hemi-Sync), and autonomic nervous system harmonization… it exponentially improves the body’s ability to self-heal every single cell, organ, and biological system.

You wouldn’t expect anything less from something inspired by Nikola Tesla’s “Quantum Access Technology,” alongside the groundbreaking discoveries of Dr. Royal Rife and Antoine Priorie:

“James Clark Maxwell and then Tesla were the first ones to discover scalar energy. Scalar waves transmit energy and information, and they occupy space. Patented Tesla coils, used in the Rasha are able to generate scalar energy.

Plasma (formed by using high voltage to ionize noble gases, unreactive elements, such as Xenon or Argon to create charged elements) is also able to generate scalar waves. Antoine Prioré constructed an apparatus that is able to do just that. The scalar energy produced by plasma has the ability to “time reverse” a deviation of a physical dysfunction.

Dr. Royal Rife had extensively studied frequencies and discovered that various pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites) and physical dysfunctions have specific frequencies. Matter vibrates at a specific frequency. When a body is in a state of disease, it vibrates at a frequency different than a healthy body does. The frequencies generated in the Rasha software are transmitted to the Tesla coils and Priore’s plasma to generate scalar waves.”

By harnessing the power of scalar energy, RASHA allows you to re-discover your natural yet dormant power of consciousness expansion leading to deeper and more meaningful spiritual integration.

And through surrounding the body in coherent yet highly dense energy fields, what you are left with is a transcendental healing experience.

Not to mention RASHA is based entirely on frequencies connected to Base-12 Mathematics:

“The RASHA offers 4,000 different pathology related frequencies, though, unlike every other resonant frequency device or technology out there right now, we have re-engineered our mathematics to Base-12, rather than Base-10.

This allows the emotional and mental aspect of your being to alleviate all negative energies/entities within your energy field and body regardless if it was proposed from this incarnate or a past one.”

And if you have never heard of the term before, this webpage brilliantly describes how most math and science has been corrupted by “Base-10” mathematics:

“…Base-12 also reveals itself in the underlying structure and cycles of nature. After all, nature is all about expressing itself in the most diverse, balanced and efficient way possible, making base-12 the natural choice.”

“…In quantum physics, for example, there are twelve subatomic particles from which all physical matter in the universe is made. These particles are further classified in two groups of six based on electrical charge (quarks and leptons) and three groups of four based on mass (generations).”

“So, even the human body is naturally tuned to the base-12 cycle”

And as Dr. Rivera-Dugenio has told me in person:

“The 12 Sphere grid is the primary mathematical-geometrical organization of units of consciousness upon which source particle(Boson-Higgs aka the God Particle) units group to form morphogenetic field scalar grids. In Eternal Life Matrices, everything is base 12!”

Having used this technology myself 3x times recently, allow me to describe what the experience is like…

Jay Campbells’s Personal Account of Using RASHA Technology

The RASHA is truly incredible.

A 3 coil Scalar Technology device, you have to experience it to sense or feel its unique energy signature.

I’ve now used The RASHA on 3 separate occasions and each time was better than the last.

It’s hard to put into words the immediate noticeable effects but l can say it centers and balances you emotionally in ways that are truly profound.

At Dr Jere’s headquarters in Reno, there is the option of laying down in a floating water bed or sitting back in a fully reclining leather chair.

Both come with high end Audio-Technica wired headphones hooked up to the RASHA.

Upon my first experience (60 minute session), I experienced a very real and noticeable time dilation.

I was listening to the sound of the various frequencies encoded in the software and then boom, I was blasted into hyperspace (warped into the source field?) and completely lost track of 30 minutes.

What seemingly brought me back was the need to urinate.

Initially I thought I was dreaming but then the machine shut off and Monica also came to and said “Is it over”?

It was then I knew I was back in my physical body but definitely attempting to figure out what just happened to me.

I made this video within minutes upon coming back to the Matrix and after going to the bathroom.

That night was very interesting to say the least as I was waking up on the hour to go to the bathroom.

I felt like the vibrational frequency of The RASHA cleansed my physical body in ways I never thought possible.

At one point, I felt like I was feeling all my blood pulsing through my veins and vascular pathways.

It was truly surreal and all I could think about was what possibly awaited me at further sessions.

My next two sessions only got better as I changed up the frequencies to ‘source and planetary tones’ (amongst others) which relaxed me even further, deepening my feeling and sensing of pure silence or what the ancient sages refer to as ‘stillness.’

My sleep since the sessions continues to get better and noticeably restorative and deeper.

My dreaming has exploded (previously I was a guy who rarely if ever dreamed and if I did, I wasn’t remembering them at all)as I’m recalling them frequently and in vivid detail.

It is my opinion, regular use of the device would dramatically enhance one’s mindfulness capabilities and strengthen their connection to their higherSELF.

Both allowing for greater connection and communion with the source frequency, aka GOD, aka the Creator of All.

I can say this with absolute certainty about The RASHA.

It will greatly facilitate you in finding your life’s purpose and strengthen your mission to raise your own consciousness.

The RASHA ultimately serves you on your own ascensional path, which in my opinion, is the true reason we are all here.

Regular usage of The RASHA will allow you to better harmonize your internal thoughts and feelings ultimately raising you to a state of cosmic awareness, aka unconditional love for everyone whom you come into contact.

The RASHA can help humanity inherit the abilities we had pre-Atlantis when we were TRUE beings of source.

The RASHA is truly an integrative quantum self-healthcare system which can help us achieve all of the following benefits, and so much more:

  • Rapid clearing of Chakras
  • Accelerated healing and regeneration
  • Deep relaxation and thorough stress-relief
  • A much stronger immune system
  • Cellular detoxification
  • TRUE anti-aging (think reverse aging leading to greater longevity)
  • Addressing common problems such as depression, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, and muscle/joint pain

All in all, you can “reach multidimensional levels of consciousness to further develop higher sensory perceptions such as materialization” (in Dr. Rivera-Dugenio’s words).

This tech can help you heal your mind and body as a direct result of improving your ability to materialize what you consciously desire to manifest.

And if you’ve been reading this article from the very start, you already know what MUST be manifested to create my forecasted Golden Age!

How Can I Expand My Consciousness With the RASHA Today?

As of right now, The RASHA Consciousness-Coherence Technology is only available in a few locations worldwide:

Some of these locations are listed below:

  • Let Go Stress – Coral Gables, Florida
  • Q360 – Malibu, California
  • Cuixmala – Jalisco, Mexico
  • The Farm at San Benito – Bantangas, Phillippines
  • RASHA Japan Headquarters – Tokyo, Japan
  • Paloma Blanca Boutique Hotel – Marbella, Spain
  • RASHA USA Headquarters – Reno, Nevada
  • EW Villa Medica – Edenkoben, Germany
  • EW Villa Medica – Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • EW/Villa Medica – Bangkok, Thailand

RASHA treatments currently are not cheap – but as the technology improves and more people become aware of its profound capabilities in enhancing human vibration and awareness, it is sure to become much more available and affordable.

My ultimate goal is to have clinicians, and functional and holistic medicine practitioners implement RASHA in their clinics and promote it as a Golden Age product to raise consciousness across the planet.

After all… reaching a new age where the vibrations of duality (victimhood, trauma and hatred) no longer exist and humans are all connected via their love for one another is the end game.

If you are a clinician, researcher or anyone interested in helping the planet by enabling more people to use The RASHA, here is what I ask you to do.

Opt-in by filling out the email form at the official RASHA website (it is perfectly safe to do so, and prevents various agencies from peeking in with prying eyes):

Once you are on the homepage, click ‘Contact Us‘ and in the ‘How Did You Find Us Section‘, write ‘Jay Campbell sent me‘ for exclusive discounts for individuals and clinicians:

On top of reviewing the earth-shattering science behind the RASHA, I also recommend digging into the following resources:

My recent podcast with Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio himself, where we get to learn about his soul-altering life story that led to the creation of the RASHA.

Luke Storey’s interview with Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, which dives far deeper into the technology powering the RASHA.

And as always…

Raise Your Vibration To Oscillation, To Optimize Your Love Creation!



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