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Fully Optimized Health: The World’s First And Only Private Coaching Group For Hormone Optimization

For years, I have received +50 messages about health optimization PER DAY between every form of online communication I maintain.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, email, text messages… there’s only one Jay Campbell in the world to go around for everybody.

My time and energy are limited, but so is yours.

This is why I sought to create an interactive community of dedicated people who take massive action toward improving their health.

You provide the commitment, I provide the intel and the results.

It’s called The Fully Optimized Health Private Coaching Group and it’s already been active for several months.

Keep reading to see what you’ve been missing out on!

What Is The Fully Optimized Health Private Coaching Group?

Fully Optimized Health is a private coaching group where I work with people personally to help them become hormonally optimized as fast as possible.

It’s a safe space where high-conscious super-achievers can discuss anything and everything about physical and spiritual health.

Peptides, hormones, grey market agents, performance enhancement, raising your vibration, cutting-edge research, groundbreaking health news, biotechnology… nothing is off limits.

You’ll learn everything you need to know so you can reclaim your health, lose body fat, gain muscle, and look 7-15 years younger.

Literally, there is no other group on the planet that helps you optimize your hormones and break free from the demonic healthcare system.

A Way to “See” the Future of Medicine

In my multi-decade-long pursuit of mind, body, and soul optimization, I’ve accumulated a staggering number of valuable insights on reaching new levels of physical well-being.

Far more than your average influencer will ever figure out.

And I’ve now developed a sharply-tuned sixth sense where I can easily predict what will happen 6 months, 12 months, and even 3-5 years from now.

While the rest of the world is still unconscious and asleep at the wheel, the knowledge I share with you will put you 25 years in the future.

Getting out of the path of hormonal hell shouldn’t have to be difficult or tedious — all you have to do is work with a real-life expert to help you optimize ALL of your biometrics and hormone levels.

(In addition to using proven medications and properly vetted doctors who actually know what they’re doing)

With my knowledge and insights passed on to you, you will literally be more knowledgeable about hormones than your family doctor.

And instead of desperately stuffing yourself sick with more health information, you’ll be waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.

Personalized Advice Tailored to YOU

This is the “magic sauce” that separates my private group from whatever else is on the market right now.

What works for YOU may very well be different as everyone has their own unique biochemical makeup, comes from a different starting point, and has different goals.

That’s why you have to experiment, measure your results, and adjust your protocol gradually over time.

Some people know exactly what to do and ruthlessly understand where they are right now in terms of their health and where they want to be.

Other people feel and look like shit, are clueless as to why, but they are ready to change their life ASAP.

But both types of people can massively benefit from being in the group.

Not only can you ask me ANYTHING you want, but you also get the value of other people’s questions as well – insights and thoughts you may not even know you had. 

You’ll find everything you need in this group to optimize your hormones and health, so you can finally start feeling like YOU again.

Why Was Fully Optimized Health Created?

I want Fully Optimized Health to be something much bigger than a dorky Telegram channel where “bros” network together.

Those tend to die out within mere months… and often times they’re more of a place to hang out than a place to get shit done.

But two driving forces prompted me to create something much bigger than myself.

#1 – Elite Achievers Value Personalized Advice More Than Free Advice

As of September 1st 2022, I am no longer taking questions and inquiries from the general public.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to access my FREE resources:

  • My email list gives you exclusive access to the world’s best health optimization intel before anybody else finds out about it!
  • My deep-dive articles usually rank on Page 1 on Google and each article contains several thousands of words on the hottest health trends
  • My YouTube channel where I post two videos every week and do sit-down interviews with the world’s top health optimization experts

You can literally transform your life with nothing more than the intel above, pen and paper, and the willingness to succeed.

Sadly, people are far too spoiled and want their hands held throughout every step.

I kid you not when I say I have seen several people get one of my premium courses for free, never lift a finger to use any of them, and then request to be removed.

But there are people who aren’t like this and are willing to show their dedication to hormonal optimization.

Not just through money… but through their time, energy, and attention as well.

At the end of the day, the ONLY way you’re going to get any value out of this group is by participating and being committed to engaging thoughtfully with the material.

I’d rather have 50 alert people who interact and provide feedback than 500 people who just “exist” but do nothing else.

Men who pay will pay attention and take action, which is the only way my personalized guidance will ever materialize into real-world change.

For me to help anyone personally, it has to be a two-way street.

#2 – Doing the “Right Thing” Can (Permanently) Destroy Your Health

Here’s the reality: You are one nasty piece of advice away from fucking up your hormonal system, temporarily or permanently.

I’ve seen tens of thousands of men and women over the past few decades attempt to optimize their hormones… only to come out on the other side with horror stories that will melt your face off.

There are about 6 paths you can take, and none of them end well.

Path #1: “Talk To Your Doctor”

This seems like the right thing to do for the average human being.

You talk to the doctor in the lab coat with a god complex.

You pour your heart out and tell them everything wrong with your health.

You get assured “this is perfectly normal and it happens to every man as they grow older”.

You get prescribed a statin, an SSRI, Viagra, and possibly Finasteride if you’re balding.

It’s the orders they receive from their overlords in the pharmaceutical industry and no further questions are asked.

And don’t think they’re particularly open-minded people either: It literally took an entire generation of doctors dying out before the new practice of “hand washing before surgery” caught on.

People refused to wash their hands before doing surgery, even AFTER being presented with evidence they were killing a huge percentage of their patients with infections.

Path #2: The Telehealth Subscription Model

If you’ve seen companies like Roman and Hims pop up recently, then you already know how this game works.

A telehealth company offers a monthly subscription plan where certain prescription medications are regularly shipped to your home after a “consultation” with a doctor.

The conditions usually being treated are some combination of erectile dysfunction, hair loss, premature ejaculation, and most recently testosterone therapy.

These companies take generic, sometimes ineffective (and sometimes downright dangerous) pharmaceuticals and throw a trendy new label on them… and promise to make all your problems go away.

It’s the latest move from filthy-rich venture capitalists who see an insane opportunity to make an exponential return on investment.

But the testosterone therapies they recommend (creams and supplements) are literally worthless.

Not to mention they’re STILL prescribing drugs like Finasteride and Minoxidil to treat hair loss.

Don’t fall for snake oil just because it’s coming off a new trendy movement.

Path #3: Worthless “Testosterone-Boosting Supplements”

A lot of people succumb to this marketing and waste YEARS of their lives and hundreds of thousands of their hard-earned dollars (that they can never get back) trying to optimize their hormones with these pills.

Yet it’s the same scam as the recent viral trend of sunning your testicles.

Not only will your testosterone levels not be raised significantly to optimized levels, but any boost you experience is transient and short-lived at best.

I’ve already talked about them at length in The TOT Bible and a deeper read of their “studies” proves them to be useless.

There is nothing in the entire market that even comes close in comparison to Bioidentical, Therapeutic Testosterone.

That’s it — anybody saying otherwise is a scammer who wants to drain your wallet dry.

You’ll still be in the exact same place you were when you started on this quest, if not a few years older with nothing to show for it.

Path #4: Seek Out A Hormone Optimization Doctor/Clinic

While this may seem like a better step in the right direction, it’s no different from asking a fox to guard a hen house.

Having talked to almost every hormone replacement therapy physician over the past few years…

… I can assure you at least 75% of them do not follow best practices.

Most of them STILL prescribe aromatase inhibitors to their patients, despite all the medical literature definitively proving this is a dangerous practice.

(In case you’ve forgotten: Estrogen is what allows testosterone to confer protection to all of your biological systems)

They either do not know any better or flat-out do not care.

They don’t read medical studies on it… and if they do, they only read the flawed ones.

They have ZERO true interest in it because it is far too complex and few if any of them EVER are using it themselves.

This very same practice is what kills bodybuilders and ultimately shortens your lifespan.

Do yourself a favor and don’t roll the dice with doctors who aren’t fully vetted.

Path #5: Anonymous Forums And “Research Chemical Companies”

Taking your hormonal health into your own hands sounds like the right move, which is what I did when I started off.

But unless you have hard-won experience and a deep understanding of how certain compounds work, you are playing a nasty gain of Russian roulette.

This is what many online forum veterans continually fail to understand.

Not only are they dangerously misinformed on basic human biology, but they’ll actively promote grey market compounds to fix your problems.

Plus you can’t even see their faces or talk to them… so how will you ever know if you’re just talking to a LARPer?

In the same way you wouldn’t climb Mount Everest without a guide, you shouldn’t attempt to optimize and tweak your endocrine system blindfolded.

Path #6: Follow Your Favorite Biohacking Guru

Let me tell you a dirty insider secret about your favorite biohacking influencers you see on Instagram, Twitter YouTube, and TikTok…

When it comes to anything related to hormone optimization, especially when they hit a dead end, I’m their top contact.

Unlike them, I don’t toe the line and say the right things at the right time to pander to legacy media consensus and Big Tech algorithms.

I NEVER sell my audience short by providing you with elementary-level info.

It is the reason I AM heavily shadow-banned and suppressed across all social media platforms.

On the other hand…

I’m the one with definitive books and courses on testosterone that are international best-sellers.

I have decades of publicly using and documenting my therapeutic testosterone treatment, far longer than any other public figure or medical professional.

Not to mention I’m directly connected with the smartest doctors and hormonal optimization thought leaders on the planet are my close friends.

Many of them rely on MY influence to grow and build their practices, not the other way around. 😉

What Do You Get With Fully Optimized Health?

Fully Optimized Health comes with intel that not even the smartest and most successful people in the world have access to.

High-level tech CEOS and entrepreneurs are only STARTING to see the light when it comes to this stuff.

And aside from exceptional cases like Jeff Bezos and Greg Norman, many are keeping their hormone use private (some are even consulting with me on the down-low).

This is the type of stuff where I charge people $699/hour for a single consultation or +$10,000/year for direct access to me.

Here’s what you get when you sign up today…

Weekly “Ask Me Anything” Coaching Calls

Every Tuesday, I give people an opportunity to face time me directly and answer any question (yes, literally any question) so you can get the help and support you need.

All calls are live-streamed and recorded, so you can tune in when the call starts or watch it later at your own convenience.

Some of the BEST conversations we’ve had so far include:

  • A serious warning for people who purchase therapeutic peptides directly from doctors
  • ​The Kauffman Protocol — the ultimate life extension supplements, how to use them, and what dosages to take
  • Why 99% of people are NOT intermittent fasting the right way
  • The myths and facts behind those individuals who are “non-responders” to therapeutic testosterone
  • How inflammation is majorly involved in every single cause of hair loss, directly or indirectly

An Extensive Library of Premium Webinars

Many of my long-time followers already know that I’ve offered premium live streams priced at $99 each:

There are many more webinars I’ve done not featured publicly on my website, including:

  • Living a Fully Optimized Life, with Daniel Kelly
  • ​”Testosterone Resistance Syndrome” webinar, with Dr. Keith Nichols
  • ​”Optimized Mind”, with Rebecca Taylor Shaw (One of the world’s leading Trauma Therapists)
  • “How to Optimize Intermittent Fasting”, with PD Mangan

Expect to see many more premium courses added over time as the library expands.

And if you happen to ask for a highly-request topic, I may very well do a training on it!

A Powerful Community of Biohackers

I understand first-hand how embarrassing it can be to talk about this kind of stuff with people outside of the Internet.

People will judge you, think you’ve gone off the deep end, and even dissociate from you.

But thanks to the Fully Optimized Health Private Coaching Group, you have now found your home away from home.

You can privately message me and other members of the group anytime you want.

You can extract hard-won lessons from people who are a few steps ahead.

If you’re into biohacking and hormone optimization, we’re excited to accept you into the group with open arms.

Additional Life-Changing Bonuses

I want to make this community an offer you cannot refuse, so here’s what I’m throwing in on top of everything described above…

Bonus #1 – The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible

The world’s #1 selling book of all time on the subject of using therapeutic testosterone for lifelong health and happiness; +600 pages and more than 1000 scientific studies proving the transformative benefits of testosterone optimization.

Bonus #2 – “The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Decoded” Fast Start Bundle

A nearly 2-hour video webinar with Daniel Kelly (one of Europe’s leading men’s health coaches) on how to optimize your hormones.

Included is a 33-page PDF with the latest and greatest on therapeutic testosterone protocols.

Bonus #3 – Estrogenic-Free Product Vault

All my webinars with Dr. Anthony Jay on how to arm yourself in the war on your endocrine system, including the first steps to take right now to offset the contamination taking place in your environment.

Bonus #4 – The TOT “Black Book”

My “black book” is Rolodex of recommended hormone optimization doctors in North America and Europe. I will personally introduce you to these doctors and make sure you are handled with kid gloves.

You will be given the maximum VIP Treatment in order to make your therapy as precise and seamless as possible.

Bonus #5 – Access To The “God Stack”

A private video I did for members detailing all the medications, supplements, and grey market agents I personally use in their precise dosages daily to achieve 6-pack abs and single-digit body fat year round at nearly 52 years old.

How To Sign Up For The Fully Optimized Health Private Coaching Group

You can join The Fully Optimized Health Private Coaching Group today by clicking here.

After writing numerous best-selling books and privately coaching thousands of clients, I have decided to give the average person the chance to work with me.

I’ve pulled together every single resource I’ve ever created on the topic of total body optimization to help you look and feel your best.

The ONLY way you’re not going to get a result is if you stick your fingers in your ears and close your eyes and REFUSE to take action on the stuff I tell you to do each month.

In other words… if you are living in VICTIMHOOD and not ready to take personal responsibility for your own health, this is not for you.

If you do nothing and keep doing what you’re doing now, there is a 100% chance you will end up sick, overweight, or unhealthy… and your health will get progressively worse each and every day until daily life seems like a challenge.

But whether you’re a busy executive or an average Joe, you can work directly with me to master your hormonal health.

You CAN show up with abundant energy every day to experience an incredible life full of health, wealth, and joy!

You CAN feel proud of yourself and stop hating the reflection you see in the mirror every morning.

You CAN have the six-pack again (or for the first time) and pleasure your significant other

You CAN have your mojo back and feel like a superhuman.

All that stands in your way is $3/day… to me, it’s a no-brainer once-in-a-lifetime investment that pays back dividends forever.

Once more — sign up for Fully Optimized Health and escape the clutches of hormonal hell.

As always…

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