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Jay Campbell’s Positive Muscle Failure Video Training Program



For 12 years people have asked me to create a Video Training Program that would demonstrate how to build muscle in the most clear and efficient way possible for Men and Women.

Positive Muscle Failure Training (PMF) is that program.

What is Positive Muscle Failure Training?

Blasting a muscle to total and complete exhaustion is what we call “positive muscular failure” (PMF).

Better defined, PMF is training a muscle or body part to a point where you cannot lift another rep without help from a spotter, some form of machine assistance or rest.

If you don’t know how to maximally contract your muscle fibers by blasting the targeted muscle to complete and total exhaustion, you will NEVER BUILD MUSCLE and ultimately change your physique.

In these Video Workout Programs you will learn the following:

■  The perfect form, technique and cadence necessary to build muscle and look great naked. 90% of trainees have no idea how to train or what they are doing when lifting in the gym. Maximal muscle fiber contraction via perfectly controlled reps executed with perfect technique is the secret to looking great naked. If you learn how to consistently train in this fashion, you can train the targeted muscle for two sets to complete and total exhaustion. Yes, two work sets is all you need.

■  Why training to positive muscle failure teaches you the training intensity required to get real results. The truth is that most trainees don’t know how to train hard enough to change their physiques.

■  Why your training must be designed relative to your age and goals. Older trainees can’t recover as well as younger trainees and must design programs around this awareness.

■  Why removing ego and momentum from your training is CRITICAL to forging an amazing physique. Most trainees train with ego and use momentum to ‘jerk the weight around’. They are not maximally recruiting muscle fibers and are not working their muscles to their fullest extent. In other words, they are not developing their physique to its maximum capacity. Rather than take the time to focus on forcibly contracting their muscle fibers, they rush through every rep and set in the hope of being able to lift heavier weight through the force of momentum. The greatest enemy to your progress in the gym is allowing momentum to dictate the flow and speed of your intended muscular contractions.

■  Why building muscle as you age is the greatest deterrent to resist disease. The more muscle you possess, the better your insulin sensitivity, mitochondrial function, and the better your metabolism ie basal metabolic rate (BMR) will be at rest. Why maximum fiber contractions allows the brain to recruit a greater percentage of muscle fibers to complete the task. Done consistently over time, your body adapts by building the most amount of muscle genetically possible.

■  Why Time Under Tension” (TUT) matters. TUT is defined as the amount of time under which your muscles are maximally contracting. Increased TUT adds to the overall volume (work performed) of the workout, ultimately leading to greater training adaptations and better muscle building results.

■  Why watching training videos online will not get you the body of your dreams if you lack experience. If you are un-athletic, uncoordinated, untrained and have never trained with weights before, ideally, aim to work one-on-one in-person with someone who has mastered resistance training. Someone who can teach you proper form, correct eccentric and concentric movement, optimal anatomical alignment, maximal neurological functioning, and all the tiny little things that make more of a difference than you can possibly realize.

Whether you are a 20 year old Man or Woman looking to build a world class physique, or a 50 year old + aging trainee looking to improve functional strength, and alter your body composition to create more muscle and less fat, Positive Muscle Fiber Training is the perfect program.

Testimonials for Jay Campbell’s Positive Muscle Failure Video Training Program

I’ve purchased your Positive Muscle Failure Video program to launch me back into the gym and would appreciate the opportunity to know which Peptides will support my body the best given my age and goals.

I credit you for opening my eyes to the dark places I never knew existed but also to the light that IS all in all.

—— Judy Bucholz

Jay is definitely a contrarian with regards to his philosophy on building muscle. But I’ve come to expect that from him as I’ve used his advice every step of the way to optimize my life. After 4 weeks using this program, all I can say is WOW!

If you’re looking to shorten the time you’re in the gym while increasing your gains, buy it ASAP.

—— Timmy T

The PMF video training program is insane for building muscle as an aging Man or Woman. My wife and I are still training together in our mid-50’s… since changing to these higher rep ranges we’ve not missed a beat and are in and out of the gym in less than 45 minutes. Jay has done it again! He is a true revolutionary when it comes to optimizing one’s health!

—— Jim and Nancy S

2 PMF Video Workout Programs (3 Day Full Body and 3 Day Split), PDF of PMF Systems Overview along Workout Images with Substitute Exercises, Video Analysis & Insights on PMF & CardioVascular Training from Jay

Due to the nature of the product, there are NO REFUNDS for this purchase unless you experience an ACT OF GOD that requires me in good conscience to refund you. You also need to show proof that you’ve done the workouts for at least 2 months if you’re going to claim you didn’t get any results. Any good program takes at least that period of time to give results.

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