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How to Step Out of Conformity and Into Love w/Mark and Lynna Cummings

For years, religion and politics have taught us that we have to conform to be accepted.

However, divisive and suppressive doctrines only serve to suppress true spirituality.

We are on this planet for one reason: to give and receive love.

We can’t share love until we truly love ourselves, so anything suggesting our true selves aren’t worthy of love is just holding us back from our life’s purpose.

For centuries, we’ve been held back from embracing our happiness in the name of conformity, but it’s time to wake up.

On this episode, hosts of the Transition Radio Show Youtube Channel, Mark and Lynna Cummings share their experiences of stepping out of conformity and into their true selves.

Until you love and trust yourself, you can’t love and trust anyone else.
-Jay Campbell

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  1. Stop allowing external forces to keep us apart Division is a way to keep us all at a low vibration: when we fight amongst ourselves on the basis of politics or religion, we’re unable to connect with one another through energy. Stop allowing this to happen by actively choosing to love instead of hate.
  2. Aim to understand instead of labelling We have to stop judging one another or putting labels on things. Life is not about categorizing one another, it’s about understanding and loving other beings. 
  3. Love is the greatest gift we can give Love is the true answer to everything. Even if we have differences of opinions with others, we have to choose to love and follow the golden rule: treat others the way we want to be treated.

Guest Bio- 

Mark and Lynna Cummings are a married couple and the hosts of the Transition Radio Show Youtube Channel, a show dedicated to discussing real issues and providing real solutions.

As a trans couple, Mark and Lynna have had to overcome more than their fair share of discrimination and judgment, but today, they use their YouTube channel to share their truth and to help others.

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