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The Divine Paranormal: What Source Is Trying to Tell Us w/Chris Bledsoe

When it comes to our understanding of the paranormal, we’re only just cracking the door open to a mysterious world that doesn’t give up its secrets easily.

One thing is very clear though – we are high conscious beings who communicate wirelessly with Source.

Some people experience this communication in profound and powerful ways – they actually see light orbs and even beings.

What are these messengers trying to tell us?

How close are we to the complete undoing of this dimension?

In this episode, UFO experiencer and author, Chris Bledsoe shares what the paranormal tells us about our reality.

Nothing’s comfortable about becoming spiritually evolved, you have to make tough choices. -Jay Campbell

Three Things We Learned

  1. The veil is thinning
    Why are so many people starting to awaken to the intense battle between dark and light?
  2. How our souls evolve on the path to consciousness
    We all have a truth switch within us, but why are so many people blind and deaf to it?
  3. Suffering invites the paranormal
    What do people who see and experience orbs have in common?

Guest Bio

Chris is a UFO experiencer and a strong believer in God.

His life, now that his children are grown, is centered around telling his story and understanding why his experiences are increasing.

He is passionate about keeping an open mind and engaging those who question who we are and why we are here.

Most importantly he’s working to understand the consciousness connection with UFOs and how it impacts his faith.

Like most of us, he is driven to know the answer to the age-old question, “Are we alone?”

For more information, head to and buy the book here.

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