Estrogen In Men: Good, Bad, Indifferent? An Evidence-Based Review for Optimal Health w/Dr. Neal Rouzier Part 1

Jay Campbell

By Jay Campbell

January 1st, 2019

A large population in the medical community(including many prescribing Doctors) believe that estrogen in men should be suppressed, even though the actual science shows that doing this causes only harm. How does confirmation bias play into these views? What does the medical literature actually say about estradiol levels in Men using therapeutic testosterone? On this episode, I’m honored to be joined by optimization medicine legend and expert, Dr. Neal Rouzier, who shares a deeply profound lecture on the real effects of estrogen on men’s health.

The reason people want to block estrogen is because high levels are associated with harm, yet you don’t see that harm when you raise estrogen in real patients. Dr. Neal Rouzier

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At the start of the show, Dr. Neal shared how he got to where he is today, and why so many people struggle to distinguish the important role of estrogen when someone is taking therapeutic levels of hormones versus supra-physiologic levels as in the case with anabolic steroids. Next, Dr. Neal shared his lecture and talked about how confirmation bias and association play a role in the mistaken view many doctors have about estrogen. As he very accurately described, correlation should never equal causation and way too many studies yield these type of outcomes ultimately manipulating the viewpoints of well intended Doctors. Dr. Neal shared on the various studies that prove that raising estrogen is actually beneficial and that suppressing it can actually cause harm. We also covered:

  • Why association does not prove causation when it comes to estrogen
  • How reducing estradiol actually increases body fat
  • The role of the bodybuilding world in the view of estrogen today

Most doctors are hanging their hats on the idea the estrogen in men should be suppressed, based only on confirmation bias and associations that aren’t linked to any causation. High levels of estrogens are associated with harm, even though the studies NEVER SHOW HARM. Nor has it ever been witnessed in nearly 70 years of Medical research with Men being given therapeutic testosterone.  Even though this distorted view came out of the bodybuilding world, it still persists today. The question is: why would we want to block estrogen if, in every study it is given, estrogen has showed great benefit? The point of contention is everyone thinks they’re preventing harm by blocking estrogen when in reality they are actually causing harm, and that’s something we should change. Guest Bio Dr. Rouzier is a world-renowned optimization medicine physician, educator, researcher, clinician, speaker and author. He is the founder of WorldLink Medical. He specializes in bioidentical hormone optimization for men and women.  His passion for literature research has led him to be one of the most credible speakers in the field of bio identical hormone replacement. Go to or for more information. To learn how to fully optimize your health and life, read the Amazon best-seller The TOT Bible. To learn how to optimize IF for maximal fat loss and muscle preservation grab your copy of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet: Now available as an Audio Book!  The-Metabolic-Blowtorch-Diet-3D-Book-Cover If you don’t read books but prefer educational videos, check out my Webinar Series: How to Optimize Intermittent Fasting with Dennis Mangan how to optimize intermittent fasting with dennis mangan webinar How to Understand and Treat Testosterone Resistance Syndrome with Dr Keith Nichols

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