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The Benefits & Best Practices of Gynecomastia Surgery w/Dr. Joseph Cruise

Gynecomastia is a global epidemic, and some men go for decades suffering with the issue. What are the variations of the condition, what are the intricacies of gynecomastia surgery? How does it help people get their lives back? On this episode, Dr. Joseph Cruise goes deep on treating gynecomastia, and his aim to help more men overcome it.

There’s a symbiosis between fat and skin. If you don’t get it right you leave a patient with irregularities. – Dr. Joseph Cruise

Listen to the full episode: At the start of the show, Dr. Joseph Cruise talked about his background and work in gynecomastia. He also shared why the surgery is so powerful, and instrumental in changing the lives of patients. Next, we talked about whether anti-estrogens are the right solution for the condition. Dr. Cruise also gave a guide for finding a surgeon with the right skills, and knowledge of the anatomy of the area. Towards the end of the show, we discussed the regenerative capabilities of TRT, and why more men will likely end up needing the treatment.

Listen to the Highlight Clip on YouTube:

Dr. Cruise also shared on:

  • The aesthetic and emotional concerns of gynecomastia
  • The effects of using AI’s and why surgery is the best solution for gynecomastia
  • Why you need a progressive physician and not grey market steroids if you want to do TRT
  • Hypogonadism in young men and their struggle to get treatment
  • How gynecomastia differs from decade to decade as men age

Gynecomastia is the only procedure in surgery that combines intense emotional concerns with aesthetic ones. The surgical procedure that takes care of it has no side-effects, making it a far better solution over Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs). The wrong surgeon will leave you with irregularities. The key is putting yourself in the hands of a surgeon who knows how to get enough tissue out of the capsule, and has the aesthetic skills to rebuild the breast well. If you have the issue, your best bet is finding a surgeon with many of these procedures under their belt. Guest Bio Dr. Cruise is a fully trained, board-certified, plastic surgeon who has been specializing in gynecomastia correction surgery in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Orange County for 15 years. He is now regarded as one of the top gynecomastia doctors in the world,  and has men from across the globe seeking out his surgical expertise. Dr. Cruise has become a top gynecomastia doctor by dedicating his practice solely to the art of cosmetic surgery and male breast reduction surgery. He was one of the first plastic surgeons to largely focus his efforts on helping men suffering with gynecomastia. Go to for more information.

Watch Dr Cruise’s latest commercial on solving the riddle of gynecomastia

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