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The Peptide Revolution in Modern Medicine w/Dr. William Seeds

When it comes to life extension and optimization, peptides are a game changer.

How do peptides work, and why are they crucial to healing and cell regeneration?

How can we reconcile what we know now about cell biology and how we attack disease and aging?

What are the best peptides to use and how can we optimize our peptide use?

On this episode, I’m honored to be joined by orthopedic surgeon, leading sports medicine physician, and game-changing performance optimizing master-mind, Dr. William Seeds. He shares powerful insights on the peptide revolution and how they are changing the face of medicine.

Peptides are not about enhancement. They are about repair, restoration, and protection. -Dr. William Seeds

Listen to the full episode:

Listen to the Episode on YouTube:

At the start of the show, Dr. Seeds shares on the use of peptides in professional sport, and how peptides actually work. Next, we talked about how long it will take for medical system to actually benefit people. Dr. Seeds also shared on his favorite peptides, how he uses them and the health issues they solve. We also discussed: 

  • The best peptides for improved brain function
  • Melanotan and conscious expansion
  • Why Dr. Seeds combines GHRHs with GHRPs

Thanks to the advancement of optimization medicine, we finally have the biotechnology to extend our lives and use biotechnology to reverse or control the effects of aging. Through peptides, we give the body the ability to do what it did well when we were younger, and give it that chance to do it well as we age. Peptides aren’t about cheating the health code or enhancing performance, they are about repairing and restoring our bodies. Every aspect of our bodies and our health can be completely changed by peptides. Guest Bio: Dr. Seeds is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and physician specializing in all aspects of sports medicine and total joint treatments. With over 22 years of experience, Dr. Seeds is focused on providing the most innovative results to those seeking to maximize their performance, relieve injuries, and live a healthy lifestyle. Go to for more information.  To Join the World’s #1 Premium Access Group For Optimizing Your Hormones and Long Term Health, Click Here! 

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