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Doing Weight Loss Like A King: Getting Started On Your Journey Towards A Better Life w/Mitch Calvert

Obesity is now a widespread global epidemic. How do you take the first steps towards weight loss? What are the main things to consider when you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle? Does having kids really mean you can never diet? In this episode, weight loss coach Mitch Calvert answers all these questions, share his own story, and gives professional tried-and-tested advice and much more.

I eat now to fuel my body, which is a good thing – it has created a much better person in the end. – Mitch Calvert

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We started off the episode with the story of Mitch’s own weight loss journey, and what set him on the path towards a healthier life. We then briefly talked about the connections between an obsession with video games and an unhealthy lifestyle. Mitch then went over his top tips about getting into shape and keeping the weight off. Afterwards, we briefly discussed the difficulty of keeping healthy testosterone levels in a busy city environment and how doctors are sometimes unhelpful when it comes to testosterone-related issues. Finally, we discussed some of the benefits of fasting and how joining a group can make dieting and/or exercise a lot easier. In this episode, we also talked about;

  • Blackmailing yourself into weight loss
  • The importance of finding the right motivation
  • Dieting like a king
  • The benefits of grass-fed beef
  • What Mitch misses about being fat
  • Embracing your hunger

Weight loss is never an easy journey to set yourself on. Finding the right motivator is key in a successful transition to a healthier lifestyle. Your family and friends can help with that, however the change needs to come within YOU. Trick yourself into dieting and exercise, don’t fall into temptation and the results will come soon enough. A good physician will know how to advise you on this, especially if your hormone levels are off. Mood-enhancing medicine isn’t the answer – whereas therapeutic testosterone might fix your problems. Educate yourself and realize the need for a better, healthier lifestyle. It will help not just your body but your mind, too. Guest Bio Mitch Calvert is a certified personal trainer with a B.A. in Communications, based in Winnipeg. He has been featured on T-Nation, and His blog was also ranked as one of the top 10 fitness blogs by With an inspiring weight loss journey of his own, Mitch helps busy professionals look and feel their best without strict diets or long workouts. He provides an online coaching program that aims to get his clients to look, feel and perform their best as soon as possible. Find out more about Mitch at To Get Your FREE COPY of the Amazon Best Seller: The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual, Click Here! The TRT MANual has helped hundreds of thousands of men around the world reclaim their health and vitality. Don’t suffer in silence a moment longer! Get the TRT MANual FREE PS. Ready to Feel the focus of the World’s Most Powerful OTC Nootropic-EMF? Energy-Memory-Focus-Most-Powerful-OTC-Nootropic

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