Why We Need to Change the Way We Think About Estrogen w/Russ Scala

June 5, 2020

Many men are under the impression that high levels of estrogen are a bad thing, and they’ve started taking AI’s as a result.

Where does this assumption come from? Is there any truth to it at all? On this episode, medical research pioneer Russ Scala is back to talk about the problem with prevailing views of estrogen.

An entire industry has been created by a belief that doesn’t even exist: that you can have too much estrogen. -Jay Campbell

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At the start of the episode, Russ and I discussed how paying attention to hormones could help doctors cure multiple ailments. We discussed that the reason doctors don’t pay attention to hormones is because basic biology doesn’t suit pharmaceutical companies’ business models. Both of us agreed that the sheer amount of disinformation online is further affecting the way we value estrogen. We also discussed;

  • Why estrogen is important for your body’s functioning
  • That testosterone is not just linked to sex- it’s a life-giving hormone essential for both men and women
  • Why you have to educate yourself, rather than relying on doctors to have your best interest at heart

So much of what we’ve come to accept as “normal” comes from completely inaccurate theories. The popularity of online groups, frequented by bodybuilders taking AI’s, means that those genuinely seeking advice are likely to be given false information. This is further complicated by the fact that a lot of doctors, backed up by pharmaceutical companies, are sharing disinformation for their financial gain. At the end of the day, we’ve got to be educated so that we can take care of ourselves.  Guest Bio: Russ is the founder of Scala Precision Health. Coming from a family with a strong history in the medical industry, Russ became involved on the business during his teen years. After serving as a paramedic in the fire department in Central Florida, and the Orlando SWAT team, Russ has gone on to research health in athletes and now, everyday people. With access to testing facilities, research labs and more, Russ is now widely regarded as a medical research pioneer. To find out more about Russ, head to: www.scalaprecisionhealth.com   To Join the World’s #1 Premium Access Group For Optimizing Your Hormones and Long Term Health, Click Here! 

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