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GUARANTEED SHREDDED: How To Maximally Reduce Your Body Fat As Fast (And Safely) As Humanly Possible

When it comes to rapid and sustainable fat loss, I already wrote the definitive guide to doing so in The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet (MBTD).

You never purely burn any of the 3 primary macronutrients, while selectively timing your training and carbohydrate intake for a shredded physique with ZERO muscle loss.

Although I published this book in mid-2017, my inbox still gets flooded with testimonials every day from men and women who have made jaw-dropping transformations.

The best part?

It was literally the EASIEST fat loss diet they have ever followed in their life.

They didn’t have to break the bank to afford any of the foods or supplements.

The flexibility of MBTD fits perfectly into their hectic schedules.

Best of all, NO side effects: Hunger pains, loss of libido, low energy, irritable mood, hormonal dysfunction – none of that is present when the MBTD is followed properly.

But some people want more.

They want the optimal program for experiencing the FASTEST, HEALTHIEST fat loss possible.

In other words, they want to push the MBTD to its absolute limit.

Fortunately for you, I’ve come up with the best possible answer.

Guaranteed Shredded is THE Program For Extreme, Long-Lasting Fat Loss

Guaranteed Shredded is the most extreme way in existence for achieving ridiculously fast fat loss while maintaining superior levels of health.

It took me 4 months to find a program that would allow anybody – average workers to A-list fitness competitors – to maintain ultra-low levels of body fat year-round.

I’ve distilled everything I know in my 25+ years in the fat loss game and given you the keys to the kingdom.

Any possible question you could think of in relation to fat loss is thoroughly answered.

Why Should You Use Guaranteed Shredded?

This definitive blueprint for ridiculous fat loss is not some “theory” I came up with after reading 5 studies on PubMed.

Before I gave it to ANYONE, I first tested it on myself.

The first time I did it, I took myself from 10% to 5% in under 10 weeks.

The other 7 times? It worked just as well.

I have followed this approach NUMEROUS TIMES in my life now to get into supremely low, single-digit body fat levels.

I know this approach works and it works well.

I have used it while managing a chaotic family of 3 hyperactive children and running multiple profitable businesses simultaneously, both offline and online.

I also used it whenever I have a vacation coming up.

And every time I do, people are BLOWN AWAY by my transformation.

But more importantly, I know for a fact this works well on other people.

When people follow my instructions to the letter, they are in shock when they see their shirtless mirror pictures just a few weeks later.

I have my personal skin in the game of physique transformation – combined with the results of people from all walks of life – to back up what I’m saying.

I also made this book as easy to implement as humanly possible.

It’s 20 pages short, everything laid out as simply as possible to accelerate your speed of fat loss.

All the FAT has been cut out to give you pure lean meat.

I’m not even kidding when I say this is a plug-and-play system where you input your personal body metrics and immediately run off to the races.

It’s literally the EASIEST, BEST thing you will ever find for achieving single-digit body fat.

What Will I Learn In Guaranteed Shredded?

Here’s a brief rundown of everything I’ve packed into the book:

  • How to schedule all 168 hours of your week so you spend as much time as humanly possible melting stubborn body fat
  • EXACTLY what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat depending on your body type and day-to-day schedule
  • The perfect (LEGAL) supplement stacks for extreme fat loss fine-tuned by myself and world-class fitness professionals to dramatically enhance your body’s natural rate of fat loss
  • A training program I’ve used with my inner circle to retain maximum lean muscle mass while spending a minimal amount of time in the gym
  • Four of my very best and most advanced fat loss hacks for people who want extraordinary results (WARNING: These are NOT for beginners or the faint-hearted – you will take these strategies on at your own risk)
  • My hard-set rules you MUST follow if you are dead serious about losing fat and keeping it off for good

Is Guaranteed Shredded Right For Me?

Unlike my other books designed for the general population, I do have to express a word of caution.

Untrained, poorly conditioned and morbidly obese people would be better suited with MBTD.

I make this recommendation for two reasons…

(1) You cannot expect similar results as myself or other athletes who are highly conditioned and have experience with high-intensity programs.

(2) While you can follow the program and reduce your body fat in extreme fashion, there’s a lot of potential for a nasty biological shock to your system.

Additionally, hormonally optimized people on therapeutic testosterone will have better results as testosterone improves fat burning and allows for increased muscle protein synthesis.

This book is also not for people who cannot consistently follow instructions.

While there is room for adaptation and customization, you MUST follow the rules outlined in the book if you want to be successful.

Your one and ONLY responsibility for guaranteed success is to follow Guaranteed Shredded’s rules and protocols exactly as shown (with minimal variation).

As long as you can do that, you will dramatically reduce your body fat in the fastest way humanly possible!

How Can I Purchase A Copy Of “Guaranteed Shredded?”

“Guaranteed Shredded” can be purchased from this sales page.

It will take you less than 30 minutes to absorb the entire book, and no more than 10 minutes to set the entire system up.

If you’re not ready for Guaranteed Shredded but want to try something more moderate for fat loss, pick up a copy of the Metabolic Blowtorch Diet today.

And if you’re at the stage where you want to fully optimize your hormonal health first, I highly recommend reading The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible.


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