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Know Your Testosterone Levels, Understand Your Test Results

Know Your Testosterone Levels, Understand Your Test Results

Are you ready to transform your life with the power of testosterone? Using Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) productively is a lifelong strategy. Before you consider starting therapy, think about your financial stability. Being able to pay for your treatment and any additional medications (when necessary) must be factored into your daily living expenses. And once you’ve decided to explore whether testosterone optimization is right for you, ask yourself: Do I know my testosterone levels? Do I understand my test results? Do I meet a minimum of two of the three vital life markers necessary for TOT?

Vital Life Markers Necessary for TOT

1) Are you 30 years old or older? It is apparent that testosterone deficiency is affecting younger men at a higher rate than ever before. If you’re in your 20’s, proceed with caution. Do your homework and attempt to maximize natural production through improving your lifestyle first. If that fails, make sure you’re financially able to afford TOT. You must also find and work with a progressive TOT-prescribing physician who is willing to work with you, should your presenting symptoms and blood levels warrant a clinical diagnosis of low testosterone.

2) Are your testosterone levels lower than 600 ng/dL on a verifiable blood test? If you have blood testosterone levels in the normal to high range (usually above 600 ng/dL), then you’re likely not a candidate for TOT. There are always exceptions to the rule, but under normal circumstances, it is not enough for a patient to merely possess low normal blood testosterone levels. They must also demonstrate 4-5 of the accepted low testosterone symptoms before obtaining a prescription for TOT. Different labs will each define whether results are “normal” differently. It means that a physician can’t rely entirely on blood levels alone as an indicator of whether somebody qualifies for TOT, presenting a problem for doctors who might assume that there is a specific testosterone level below which the symptoms appear and go on to believe that this threshold is the same for everybody. The reality is there is too much variance from person to person. In other words, your body is different from mine and is also different from someone else’s. Therefore, you need to work closely with your doctor to look at the whole picture of your health, rather than rely on a generalized standard. The most crucial objective consideration for TOT is if your measurement of “free” and “total serum” testosterone levels are low, or out of range. Optimally, a man should exhibit testosterone levels at the highest end of the normal range (depending on the total testosterone measuring scale).

3) Are you experiencing symptoms associated with sub-optimal levels of testosterone? Symptoms are the MOST IMPORTANT determinant of whether a man should begin a TOT regimen. And physicians should ALWAYS treat the patient’s symptoms first before anything else. These symptoms can be any of the following:

  • Mental fog or loss of focus
  • Lack of energy
  • Indecisiveness or hesitancy
  • Noticeable change in behavior
  • A decrease in strength or endurance
  • Decreased “enjoyment of life.”
  • Decreased work performance
  • A decrease in sex drive or ability to reach orgasm

Ultimately, your physician is evaluating your clinical symptoms as their final determinant for diagnosis. Do all these apply to you? Are you considering Testosterone Optimization Therapy but want to know more? To read much more about how Testosterone can transform your life, purchase The TOT Bible.


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