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How To Receive Fully Optimized Health Care During The Coronavirus Pandemic

With stay-at-home lockdowns being ruthlessly enforced across the world, many patients are left wondering if they can receive the healthcare they need.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so straightforward.

Many doctors are forced to provide telemedicine options to patients in an effort to keep themselves safe:

“Starting this week, most doctors will talk to patients on the phone, by video conference or through email as a first-step to determine who needs to come to the office for an in-person appointment.”

“…some patients will be told upcoming, non-urgent appointments will be postponed for weeks or months.”

All of this is being done to minimize the amount of contact between healthy people and potential COVID-19 carriers.

And frankly, I foresee this going on for the next 4-6 months at least.

Why Hospital Visits Are A TERRIBLE Idea Right Now

Here’s the truth: EVEN if you were fully capable of seeing your physicians in-person, this could lead to dire consequences for your health.

Healthcare workers all across the country are getting infected with COVID-19 due to their frequent exposure to sick patients:

“The coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 30,000 people in New York City, is beginning to take a toll on those who are most needed to combat it: the doctors, nurses and other workers at hospitals and clinics.

In emergency rooms and intensive care units, typically dispassionate medical professionals are feeling panicked as increasing numbers of colleagues get sick.”

This is not a “hoax” – I recently hosted a tell-all interview with an emergency medical responder in his prime who got knocked out by COVID-19 for 7 days straight.

Even people who have minor symptoms and injuries are refusing to go near a hospital, and rightly so.

The absolute best thing anybody can do is to NOT GET THE VIRUS!

But this doesn’t change the fact that millions of people still need access to competent medical professionals who can help them optimize their health.

And if you’re a hormone optimization patient who requires access to your treatment, the situation becomes darker.

So what’s the solution to this?

Why Telemedicine Is The Future Of Healthcare In The 21st Century

Without question, the $40 billion telehealth market is going to exponentially increase after we survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just take a look at some of these surprising statistics about telemedicine:

  • 76% of hospitals partially or fully use teleheath, compared to 61% in 2015
  • 39.5% of radiologists use telemedicine to interact with other patients
  • 38.8% of emergency medicine physicians use telemedicine to interact with other providers

And it’s not hard to see why.

There are an endless number of advantages tele-health has over the traditional “sick care” model:

  • Patients can get a response from physicians rapidly, compared to the 18.5 days they would have to wait for an in-clinic visit
  • For every $1 spent on implementing tele-health, the estimated ROI is $3.30
  • Introducing telemedicine into employee wellness programs could save up to $6 billion annually
  • Over 36 million Americans are already using tele-health services

Put another way, tele-health is the future of “done-for-you” healthcare that’s much faster to implement and easier to execute:

“Automatic appointment reminders, stress-free in-app scheduling tools, and remote physician consultations help patients keep up with their healthcare needs over time.

Patients no longer have to cross physical barriers to speak with a healthcare provider, changing the way the average person interacts with and thinks about the healthcare system.”

But what exactly should you be looking for in a tele-health provider?

How can you choose the right one and avoid getting locked into an expensive scam operation?

Use the following questions to vet any telemedicine provider you come across:

  1. Will I have full access to my blood work after it is completed?
  2. How will my blood work be taken (As I explained in The TOT Bible, RUN the opposite direction if they use salivary tests), and how often will it be taken?
  3. How long have you been managing patients on hormone optimization therapy, and how much of your total practice do these patients represent?
  4. Will I be allowed to self-administer my own hormone injections upon receiving a prescription?
  5. What is your cost for an initial consultation, and is there a monthly patient care fee?
  6. Will any of my treatments be covered by my insurance provider?
  7. Can my problems be described to me in a way that is simple and easy to understand?

Fortunately for you, I’ve already done the leg work of finding the best telemedicine provider in the United States.

Why Peak Should Be The ONLY Telemedicine Provider You Work With

Peak is the the easiest and fastest way to receive hormone optimization therapy from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

It was founded by Saad Alam out of his frustrations with the inadequate care he received from mainstream medicine.

Having watched several of his friends contract COVID-19 and end up attached to ventilators, he’s doubled down on his efforts to rapidly expand his telemedicine practice across the USA.

Patients need care RIGHT NOW when it matters most, and that care should not be compromised in the slightest bit when it comes to quality.

Here’s what you get when you sign up with Peak today:

Accessible Healthcare, 365 Days A Year

Have a question for your peak doctor?

They’ll make sure every concern gets answered promptly and with full clarification.

Individualized Treatment From Experiential-Based Physicians

Every Peak physician will take the time to understand:

  • Your health goals
  • Why you are seeking to fully optimize your health
  • How aggressive you want to be with your route of treatment
  • Any side effects you are worried about

Your physician will address different routes of treatment available to you, while also exercising full transparency about their advantages and disadvantages.

You are in the driver’s seat and the doctor is your partner to help create an optimization plan together.

Automatic Shipping Of All Necessary Medicines And Equipment To Your Doorstep

With a plan fully set in motion, you will receive everything you need to fully optimize your health.

Needles, disposal containers, alcohol wipes, blood tests, ancillary medications…it’s all included in the package.

Should you need additional blood work or an in-person consultation, a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner will be sent directly to your house.

Frequent Follow-Ups To Help You Achieve Extraordinary Health

Peak will automatically send you a testing kit to repeat your blood work every 90 days.

This will ensure you are on track towards better health and vitality.

And if you have any questions or concerns, no problem!

You can schedule an additional consultation with your doctor to answer all of your concerns and adjust your treatment plan where necessary.

The Patient Onboarding Process At Peak

So how does the patient experience with Peak play out, from start to finish?

I’ll reveal how the process works when it comes to your blood work, as this is arguably the most crucial part of hormone optimization therapy…

1) Purchase a test kit from the official Peak website.

2) Once you receive the kit, take the blood test.

It will all be laid out with easy-to-follow instructions.

After fasting for 12 hours, wash your hands in warm water and jump around a little bit.

Wipe your finger with an alcohol wipe and inject yourself with one of the lancets provided in your toolkit.

Allow four drops of blood to be transferred onto a dry blood card from the finger receiving the injection.

3) Send the dry blood card to a certified lab.

Put the dry blood card into a bag, and mail it to the address provided in your test kit.

All laboratories used to give Peak the results of your blood test are CLIA and CAP certified, which means they are fully accredited by official government bodies.

4) Wait for Peak to process the results of your blood test.

Eight specific hormones will be examined in your blood sample:

  • Total testosterone
  • Free testosterone
  • Luteinizing hormone (LSH)
  • Estradiol (E2)
  • Liver function enzymes
  • SHBG
  • Albumin

Anyone who uses therapeutic testosterone knows how essential these 8 biomarkers are for assessing the results of their treatment protocol.

5) Review the results with a board-certified doctor from Peak

You will receive an email notification to schedule a consultation with your physician.

Every doctor who works for Peak has years of experience in working with men to fully optimize their hormone levels.

Using your lab results, you will be recommended the best treatment for your circumstances.

Needle-free applications for therapeutic testosterone are available, including my highly-recommended scrotal testosterone cream.

At every single step of the process, Peak serves a much-needed guide on your health optimization journey.

They will dial your treatment down until you are at your physical and mental peak.

An Exclusive Peak “Special” For My Loyal Readers

In the age of surviving the coronavirus, Peak is fulfilling an essential public service sorely needed by the general public.

A seamless and fully automated process, an at-home blood kit, knowledgeable physicians, comprehensive customer service, medication shipped direct to your door…what’s not to love?

And since you’re reading this article right now, I want to offer you a VERY special deal:

1) Comprehensive Lab Testing & One-Time Physician Consult for $30 (original value of $200)

2) Comprehensive Hormone Optimization Therapy For $149/month (original value of $199/month)

Click this link and you can start taking advantage of one of the world’s most convenient healthcare services in existence.

You will be very hard-pressed to find the highest-quality of healthcare optimization at such low prices anywhere else.

And as always…

If you want access to the world’s best intel on full-spectrum health optimization before it becomes mainstream, join my email list today!


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