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Revealing The Truth About Hormone Optimization For Women with Pearl and Serene

In this episode, Jay interviews Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison, the authors of a New York Times bestselling book called "Trim Healthy Mama." Pearl and Serene help us dispel some common myths and misconceptions around estrogen, and share their best practical and sustainable hormone optimization practices for women.

In this episode, Jay interviews Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison, the authors of a New York Times bestselling book called Trim Healthy Mama.

They discuss a broad range of topics around hormonal optimization for women, with special attention given to the role of estrogen.

The trio begins by addressing the common misconceptions and fears that surround estrogen, and highlights the challenges women face in finding doctors who are actually knowledgeable in the field of hormone optimization.

Pearl and Serene also share their personal journey of exploring various dietary approaches until they found a balanced and sustainable way of eating that also supports hormonal health. 

Tune in if you want to hear the truth about the important role estrogen plays in women’s health, better understand the impact dietary choices have on hormonal balance, and learn how to enhance your overall well-being through hormone optimization and balanced nutrition.

“They were doing all the right things. They were ticking all the right boxes. They had exercise dialed in, they ate clean and beautifully…and they were still thickening around the middle. They’d feel like their body was betraying them.”
– Pearl and Serene


What You’ll Learn From This Episode


  • Hormone Optimization for Women – Learn about the importance of optimizing hormones for women’s health and well-being.
  • Impact of Estrogen on Health – Straighten out the misconceptions and fear surrounding estrogen, so you can make informed health decisions.
  • Dangers of Extreme Diets – Hear personal experiences of following extreme diets and the detrimental impact it had on physical health.
  • Misunderstandings About Hormone Levels – Correct common inaccuracies and false beliefs around estrogen levels and hormonal optimization. 
  • Fear and Shortcomings Of Modern Medicine – Understand where our health system falls short in terms of knowledge and practical applications for hormone optimization.


Key Moments In This Conversation


  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:06:09 – Government Regulations & Hormones
  • 00:10:36 – The Impact of Estrogen and the Fight Against Estrophobia
  • 00:12:54 – Hormone Optimization & Women’s Health
  • 00:17:29 – The Relationship Between Testosterone and Estrogen
  • 00:24:28 – Discussion On Hormone Optimization Protocols
  • 00:29:13 – Impact Of Toxic Chemicals On Hormone Levels
  • 00:35:50 – Pearl and Serene’s Personal Health Journeys
  • 00:43:48 – Innovations in Health: Peptides, GLP-1, and Beyond
  • 00:52:13 – Closing Thoughts & Guest Resources

Guest Bio


Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison are bestselling authors, podcast hosts, and leaders of a thriving community of over a million members who are all seeking to optimize their health.

Publicly sharing their personal experience finding a balanced and sustainable lifestyle has made them experts in the field of hormonal health.

Pearl and Serene packaged their learnings into a book called Trim Healthy Mama, which went on to become a New York Times bestseller and made them two of the most notable voices in the discussion around women’s health.

Learn more about Pearl and Serene and follow their work at


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