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Compounding Pharmacies Are More Critical Than Ever Before…Here’s Why w/Peter Koshland

For anyone who’s concerned with optimization, there’s no doubt about the impact of high-quality compounded medicine.

The challenge is the space is being faced with massive mainstream contention, and an alarming issue with standards and quality. 

How can the end user trust the label claims on compounded medications?

Why is there so much resistance to the use of hormones even when we know their life-enhancing and life-extending abilities? 

In this episode, we’re joined by compounding pharmacy founder, Peter Koshland.

We’re creating a new paradigm about how to age healthfully, and hormones have to be part of that picture because once hormone levels drop, the body starts to fall apart. -Peter Koshland


Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. Why optimization is so necessary to us aging well
    It’s one thing to live longer, but are people also living stronger?
  2. Why there are forces against optimization
    Why is the FDA so against compounding pharmacies and physicians prescribing peptides when they know that they save lives?
  3. The truth about a lot of functional health startups
    Can machine learning and algorithms solve the hormone problem?


Guest Bio

Peter Koshland, PharmD, opened his compounding pharmacy, Koshland Pharm, in 2009 in San Francisco and works with doctors and patients on individualized, integrative therapies that make a difference in the quality of patients’ day-to-day lives.

Peter has seen the profound impact high-quality compounded medicine can have, so producing the absolute best patient outcomes is what drives his decisions as CEO of Koshland Pharm.

When he is not in the pharmacy, Peter spends his time consulting with and educating doctors about the multiple applications of compounded medicine in their respective fields. 

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