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Rapamycin, Autophagy, and the Future of Anti-Aging with Dr. Ross Pelton

You’ve been told to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly for optimal health and longevity.

But what if I told you there’s much more to it than that? 

In this episode of The Jay Campbell Show, Dr. Ross Pelton discusses the powerful effects of rapamycin, a natural substance that has been shown to extend lifespan by up to 60%. Rapamycin works by partially inhibiting an enzyme called mTOR, which activates a process called autophagy, responsible for detoxification and cellular renewal. 

Dr. Pelton emphasizes that the modern diet is leading to an imbalance of mTOR and autophagy in the vast majority of people.

He highlights the importance of proper nutrition, regular fasting, and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome if you’re looking to not only optimize your current well-being, but also set yourself up for a long, healthy, youthful existence.

To learn more about the fascinating world of rapamycin, autophagy, gut health, and other strategies for extending your healthspan, give this episode a listen.

“Taking rapamycin can significantly slow down biological aging and increase your health span. It’s safer than Tylenol and ibuprofen and should be just as accessible to consumers.”
– Dr. Ross Pelton

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • The benefits of rapamycin for increasing lifespan and extending healthspan
  • The importance of autophagy for maintaining cellular health and promoting longevity
  • How regular fasting can enhance autophagy and improve your overall well-being
  • How rapamycin, mTOR, and autophagy work together to slow down the aging process
  • The critical role that your gut microbiome plays in overall health and longevity
  • The supplementation, behavior change, and monitoring you need to do to see results

Key Moments In This Conversation

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:03:08 – The nutritional and medicinal challenges of modern society and how you can be proactive about managing your health and longevity
  • 00:14:55 – The epidemic of health problems and how rapamycin, fasting, and autophagy can be used to treat or prevent a number of modern ailments
  • 00:28:33 – Details about how the body uses rapamycin, its effects, and what types of people are most likely to experience benefits from using it
  • 00:31:09 – The benefits of fasting for biological function and cellular recovery – and how to start incorporating fasting into your lifestyle
  • 00:43:39 – The critical importance of having both balance and diversity in your gut microbiome
  • 00:48:24 – Recap of key ideas and sharing resources for continued learning

Guest Bio

Dr. Ross Pelton is an esteemed expert in the field of health and longevity.

With a background as a pharmacist, he offers a unique perspective on the topic, challenging the practices of Big Pharma.

With decades of experience, Dr. Pelton has authored informative books such as “The Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook” and “The Pill Problem,” which delve into the effects of medications on our health and provide practical solutions.

Dr. Pelton’s extensive knowledge and emphasis on personal responsibility make him a trusted authority for individuals seeking to take control of their own health and maximize their longevity.

Learn more about Dr. Pelton and follow his work at

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