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Dr. Anthony G. Beck On The Drawbacks Of the Digital Age & How to Escape the Matrix

For all the good technology has achieved for humanity, it has also made a negative impact on our society. For many people, gadgets and devices block consciousness and critical thought. How is the digital age contributing to more noise and confusion, instead of it being a way for us to achieve optimal health? What is the balance protocol and how can we use it to make better decisions in the face of so much information? On this episode, I’m joined by functional medicine physician and creator of the Balance Protocol, Dr. Anthony G. Beck. We discuss the perils of the digital age and how to separate the helpful information from the noise.

Technology makes us lazy, it gets us away from critical thinking and we lose track of our identity. -Dr. Anthony G. Beck

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At the start of the show, Dr. Anthony discussed his journey, and how the digital age is bringing a lot of low integrity people to the forefront. Next, we talked about how to tell the difference between good information we can apply to our lives, and unhelpful noise. We also talked about how to avoid getting caught up in the Matrix. We also discussed; 

  • How to leverage tech without letting it rule us
  • Overcoming dark nights of the soul
  • The downsides of the digital age

In a world where we are inundated and flooded with so much information, conflicting messages and even lies, we need to become filters in our own right. We need to develop the ability to figure out what applies to us, and recognize that the context of environment, lifestyle and mindset, matter as much as the information itself. Dr. Anthony’s insights remind us that no matter how much technology there is out there, our humanity, hearts and souls will always transcend the noise if we plug into that and not the devices and gadgets we own. Guest Bio: Dr. Anthony G. Beck is a functional medicine physician with over 25 years of experience. He is on a mission to educate, inspire and motivate patients to achieve their highest levels of wellbeing. He is an expert in clinical nutrition, systems biology, epigenetics and nutrigenomics. For more information, go to

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